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Apraxia: Symptoms, Causes, Tests, Treatments. Learn To Write Paper? Apraxia is prompts a poorly understood neurological condition. People who have it find it difficult or impossible to make certain motor movements, even though their muscles are normal. Learn? Milder forms of apraxia are known as dyspraxia. Apraxia can occur in a number of different forms. One form is orofacial apraxia. People with orofacial apraxia are unable to voluntarily perform certain movements involving facial muscles. Essay Prompts? For instance, they may not be able to to write, lick their lips or wink. Another form of apraxia affects a person's ability to intentionally move arms and legs. With apraxia of speech a person finds it difficult or impossible to move his or her mouth and tongue to speak.

This happens, even though the person has the desire to speak and the mouth and tongue muscles are physically able to form words. Are There Different Types of Apraxia of Speech? There are two forms of apraxia of urgent speech -- acquired apraxia and developmental apraxia. To Write Paper? Acquired apraxia can occur in people of all ages. Typically, though, it is found in adults. Unit Plan? This condition causes people to lose the learn to write, speech-making abilities they once possessed. Developmental apraxia of thinking essay speech is also known as childhood apraxia of speech. This condition is present from birth, and it affects a child's ability to paper, form sounds and geography thesis paper words. Paper? Children with speech apraxia often have far greater abilities to understand speech than to express themselves with spoken words.

The majority of children with developmental apraxia will experience significant improvement, if not complete recovery, with the correct treatment. Custom Review? What Is the Difference Between Apraxia of Speech and Aphasia? Apraxia is sometimes confused with aphasia, another communication disorder. That confusion can be complicated by learn, the fact that the two conditions can occur together. People with apraxia and aphasia might both have difficulty expressing themselves with words. There are, though, distinct differences between the two. Aphasia describes a problem in a person's ability to understand or use words in and of themselves. This may make it hard for someone with the condition to speak, read, or write. But apraxia does not describe a problem with language comprehension.

Apraxia refers to unit plan, the difficulty someone has initiating and performing the learn to write paper, movements needed to make speech. This difficulty arises despite the fact that there is no weakness in the necessary muscles. What Are the Symptoms of Apraxia of Speech? There are a variety of speech-related symptoms that can be associated with apraxia, including: Difficulty stringing syllables together in the appropriate order to make words, or inability to do so Minimal babbling during infancy Difficulty saying long or complex words Repeated attempts at pronunciation of words Speech inconsistencies, such as being able to say a sound or word properly at certain times but not others Incorrect inflections or stresses on certain sounds or words Excessive use of nonverbal forms of communication Distorting of vowel sounds Omitting consonants at cooking essay the beginnings and ends of words Seeming to grope or struggle to make words. Childhood apraxia of speech rarely occurs alone. It is to write often accompanied by other language or cognitive deficits, which may cause: Limited vocabulary Grammatical problems Problems with coordination and fine motor skills Difficulties chewing and swallowing Clumsiness.

Acquired apraxia results from brain damage to those areas of the brain that control the ability to speak. Conditions that may produce acquired apraxia include head trauma, stroke, or a brain tumor. Experts do not yet understand what causes childhood apraxia of speech. Some scientists believe that it results from signaling problems between the brain and the muscles used for essay unit plan speaking. Ongoing research is learn to write paper focusing on whether brain abnormalities that cause apraxia of begin an essay speech can be identified. Other research is learn to write paper looking for genetic causes of descriptive unit plan apraxia. Some studies are trying to learn to write paper, determine exactly which parts of the brain are linked to the condition.

Are There Tests to Diagnose Apraxia of begin an essay Speech? There is not a single test or procedure that is used to diagnose apraxia of speech. Learn Paper? Diagnosis is complicated by the fact that speech-language pathologists have different opinions about which symptoms indicate developmental apraxia. Most experts, though, look for the presence of essay multiple, common apraxia symptoms. They may assess a patient's ability to repeat a word multiple times. Or they may assess whether a person can recite a list of words that are increasingly more difficult, such as play, playful, playfully. A speech-language pathologist may interact with a child to learn to write, assess which sounds, syllables, and words the begin an essay, child is able to make and learn paper understand. The pathologist will also examine the child's mouth, tongue, and face for any structural problems that might be causing apraxia symptoms. When diagnosing apraxia, experts may look for the presence of passion essay other symptoms. For instance, they may look for weakness or difficulties with language comprehension.

Both of these are indicative of other conditions and their presence would help rule out apraxia. For people with possible acquired apraxia, an MRI of the brain may be useful to determine the extent and location of any brain damage. Typically, a diagnosis of childhood apraxia of speech cannot be made before a child's second birthday. Learn To Write? Before this time, most children are unable to understand or perform the tasks needed to critical thinking essay, determine the presence of apraxia. Learn To Write? Are There Treatments for common essay prompts 2013 Apraxia of Speech? In some cases of acquired apraxia, the condition resolves spontaneously. This is not the case with developmental apraxia of speech, which does not go away without treatment. There are various treatment approaches used for apraxia. How effective they are can vary from person to to write paper, person. For the best results, apraxia treatment must be developed to meet a given individual's needs.

Most children with apraxia of speech benefit from meeting one on one with a speech-language pathologist three to five times a week. They may also need to work with their parents or guardians to practice the cooking, skills they are developing. Therapy for childhood apraxia of speech aims to improve speech coordination. Learn To Write Paper? Exercises may include: Repeatedly practicing the formation and pronunciation of sounds and descriptive essay plan words Practicing stringing together sounds to make speech Working with rhythms or melodies Using multisensory approaches, such as watching in a mirror while trying to learn to write, form words or touching the face while talking. Essay? Many therapists believe that sign language is beneficial for children who have difficulty being understood. They often recommend that children attempt to to write paper, say the words they are signing to essays, practice making the necessary movements with their mouths.

People with more extreme cases of acquired apraxia may also benefit from sign language. Or they may use assistive electronic devices, including computers that can be used to produce words and sentences. Very few studies have been done to determine the relative effectiveness of various treatment approaches for childhood apraxia of speech. This may be due, in part, to ongoing debate among experts as to which symptoms and characteristics merit a diagnosis of apraxia. The Childhood Apraxia of Speech Association of North America. National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders: Apraxia of speech. American Speech-Language-Hearing Association: Childhood Apraxia of Speech. National Institute of Neurological Disorders: NINDS Apraxia Information Page. American Stroke Association: Aphasia vs.

Apraxia. Learn how this disease affects the nervous system. Know the early warning signs. Tips to stay smart, sharp, and focused. What is it used for? How Head Injuries Hurt Your Brain.

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Free Windows Developer Resume Samples. Samples represent that of an learn paper, actual working technical professional found on the WEB and critical thinking styles essay modified to protect the learn to write, privacy of these professionals. Human names, company names, colleges, software product names are intentionally made up. A responsible and challenging position in application software development/QA. Over 6 years of software development and Quality Assurance experience Streaming Multimedia Content Encoding, Hosting, Caching Delivery Live Video On Demand VOD streaming Network Bandwidth, Delay/Packet Loss measurements, Packet Sniffing Win32 programming C/C++ with emphasis on object-oriented programming Interprocess communication using Window s IPC, sockets Winsock2 Microsoft Windows SDK, MFC, Visual C++, Active-X, Multithreading and Synchronization Unix/Linux software build/testing socket programming GUI development on Windows Software Development Life Cycle SDLC , SQA, Test strategy, Test plan, Test environment, Execution, Result Analysis Reporting GUI, Blackbox/Whitebox, Unit, System, Integration, Load, Performance Benchmark testing Cookie testing SDK/Library testing Algorithms Developing test tools driver programs for testing Software project management Web design, Development, GIF, 3D-Animation StudioMax, 3D Canvas. I have proven ability to thesis take a project from paper concept through design and implementation to deployment. I am a quick learner, a self-starter and an excellent team player. Windows XP/2000/NT/ME/98/95, Sun OS 5.7/5.8, Linux RH 6.2/7.1 , Mac OS 9.2, MS-DOS Palm OS. C/C++, MFC, HTML, Perl, SQL Java Javascript.

Oracle 9i/8i, Sybase MS Access. UDP, TCP and geography paper HTTP, RTSP/RTP, MMS. Windows Media, Real, QuickTime Darwin , Apache 1.2 IIS 4.0. Windows Media Real SDK. Content Encoding Tool Real and Windows Media , Astra Quick Test, Packet Sniffer, Benthic SQL tool for paper Oracle , Windows Media and essay Real load simulators, Bugzilla, CVS, Test Case Manager and Dummynet. Live Channel Pro, Sorenson video Broadcaster.

General Media, Inc., San Jose, CA. Dec 2001 June 2002. GMPS 2.5.1 GMPS 3.0. The General Media Publishing Service GMPS is to write paper, a world-class hosted solution that drastically reduces the resource expenditures associated with streaming media content. Paper. By automating the process of encoding and learn delivering digital content in multiple media formats, the begin an essay, General Media Publishing Service enables publishers to reach the widest possible audience immediately, reliably and economically. I was responsible for testing of complete project, developing test tools and learn quality assurance. Analyzed MRD Marketing Requirement Document and essay developed test strategy for GMPS 3.0 Developed various test tools in to write paper VC++, mainly to load test GMPS and media servers, accuracy of network speed measurements by GMDM General Media Delivery Manager and GM cache testing Developed test plan based on IEEE standard for testing various GMPS features Test cases to test functionality of various GMPS features manually and using Astra Quick Test after analyzing the passion, engineering and functional specifications Worked with NetOps to set up test environment for various testing Conducted Functionality, System, Load, Acceptance testing during various testing phases of the application Cross platform testing on Windows-98/2000/XP and Mac OS 9.2 with different versions browsers Netscape and IE and learn paper media players Windows media, Real and critical styles QuickTime Developed Base line scripts for testing the future releases of the application using Astra Quick Test Executed the test scripts using Astra Quick Test and analyzed results Performed backend testing of GMDB General Media Database GUI testing GMPS GMAM General Media Account Manager Bug reporting and tracking using bugzillla, helped developers in debugging Involved in Unit testing of various features. Software Test Reports.

Digital Center, Inc., Arlington, NJ. April 1999 Dec 2001. InCompass Streaming Software. Member of Architecture Development Team for the company s core product InCompass Streaming software, a system that consists of learn to write multiple distributed components, designed to enhance the transmission reception of video/audio content streamed to a user s PC, while providing real-time feedback on the quality of the content being viewed. Begin An Essay. The InCompass Client module was developed in C/C++ using VC++ and the Server module was developed in C/C++ to support Linux RH 6.2/7.1 and Solaris Sun OS 5.7/5.8 platforms.

Involved in Design, Development and Testing of InCompass client side module to run on learn paper, Windows 95/98/ME/2000 PCs, using RTSP, RTP proxy streaming protocols, while maintaining compatibility with existing content players Real Player, Quick Time and Windows Media Player. The client software uses UDP, TCP, HTTP, RTSP/RDT and MMS protocols and includes HTTP RTSP proxy functionality. Descriptive Plan. The client module implementation mainly involved Socket Communication, Multithreading and Synchronization. Congestion Management Algorithm /library testing. Automated Test Control System. Designed, Developed, Tested Deployed the Automated Test Control System. This system is used to validate the InCompass streaming software as experienced through various major ISP s, and learn to write also to gather network information for statistical analysis. ATC consists of a remote agent running on 100+ Windows 98 clients located throughout the thesis, United States and an agent manager running on Linux RH 6.2/7.1 and learn interfaced to an Oracle database, which provided test suites and store the results of thesis each test performed.

To date it has collected over a tera-byte of information regarding the state of the Internet and behavior like network delay, packet loss under various conditions. Automated Test Suite for Streaming Software. Designed and developed an Automated Test Suite to test the core streaming software. Learn To Write. This test suite consists of streaming software and automated test tool developed using C/C++ running on Windows 95/98/NT/ME/2000. The server side streaming software running on Linux RH 6.2/7.1 / Solaris Sun OS 5.7/5.8 and interfaced to an Oracle database to store the results of each test performed.

This test suite was developed to conduct acceptance, integration and stability test for passion cooking essay the core streaming software. Also performs automatic test analysis. Zyrox Software, Bangalore. June 1998 March 1999. Visual Inspection System. Designed and developed Visual Inspection System software. The main objective of this project is to inspect bare board Printed Circuit Boards. Learn. The main features include GUI for loading and selecting ROI Region Of Interest , Socket communication between client and server module using Winsock. Developing image-processing objects as Active-X controls.

Frame grabber interface with PC for capturing images, Matrox Imaging library for begin an essay image processing. Learn Paper. Dividing images in to frames and processing frames in multiple threads. Thread Synchronization with Mutex semaphore. Passion Cooking. The development was in C/C++ using VC++ 5.0 and Visual Basic and to run on paper, Windows 95/98/NT platform. Onkana Mould Designs Software Div, Bangalore. Feb 1996 - June 1998. Auto Insert / Eject Controller Software.

As a member of this project involved in design and testing of the geography, control software. Auto Insert/ Eject machine developed by to write TI, Japan. Thinking Styles Essay. The main objective of learn to write paper this project is to control the IC pick and place robot. Passion Cooking Essay. Most of the development was in C/C++/MFC using VC++. Controlling the different parts of the system implemented through Multithreading and Synchronization.

Mold Press Controller Software. As a member of this project involved in to write development and testing of controller software for the IC fabrication machine developed by Texas Instruments, Hiji plant, Japan. Development includes controlling the mold press controller from the PC, Graphical screens for viewing the data stored in the database, graphs and other details for viewing the current data / configuration parameters. For most of the features MFC is used. Passion Essay. The Windows-NT feature of Multithreading and Synchronization is learn to write, used. Common Essay. This software was developed in C/C++, using VC++ 5.0 to support Windows NT. PLC-PC Communication Software. As a member of this project involved in development and testing of the software. To Write Paper. The software enables the user to monitor the status of the PLC, using a PC running Windows NT.

The screen provided will help the user in monitoring the common essay, current status of the PLC. The communication between PC and PLC uses an RS-232C Serial interface through the serial port. Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics. Banglore University, Bangalore. India. Will be furnished upon request. Windows Developer Resume Sample 2.

Samples represent that of an learn to write paper, actual working technical professional found on 2013, the WEB and modified to to write paper protect the privacy of these professionals. Common Essay Prompts. Human names, company names, colleges, software product names are intentionally made up. A challenging position that can utilize my strong programming expertise and learn to write paper broad knowledge of Microsoft technologies to produce state-of-the-art solutions for essay Windows platform. 7 solid years of C++ programming experience using object-oriented methodologies Expert-level knowledge of Visual C++, MFC and learn to write paper Win32 API Over a year total experience with C#, .NET Framework libraries and Visual Studio .NET Exceptional GUI design and development skills Good, working knowledge of ATL, COM and begin an essay ActiveX 3 years 4 years of paper RDBMS work experience, including ODBC, ADO, DAO, OLEDB, SQL Server 2000, Crystal Report, MS Access, Visual FoxPro and dBase. C/C++, C#, Java, Java Script, VB Script, SQL, Assembler. Visual C++, Visual Studio .NET, Borland C++, Visual Basic. MFC, Win32, .NET, OLE, COM, DCOM, ActiveX, ATL, WTL, STL, Objective Toolkit. HTML, DHTML, XML, ADO.NET, ASP.NET, XML Web Services, Front Page. Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows NT, Windows 9x.

NuMega BoundsChecker, NuMega TrueTime. Optical Soft Corp., Ottawa, ON, Canada. Software Design Engineer. Designed and common essay prompts 2013 developed software for the world leading company in the development of innovative software for the design, simulation and optimization of components and systems for the dynamic fiber optics telecom industry and other photonic applications. Worked closely with other team members to understand their needs and expectations in order to develop the high quality software components that make the complex applications easier to paper use, more intuitive and user-friendly. Designed and implemented a complex GUI for urgent essays review user-defined waveguides Designed and to write paper developed a GUI layer for Profile Designer, a part of OptiBPM suite Developed a number of begin an essay reusable, sophisticated custom controls Maintained and improved the paper, existing code base Ported existing GUI components to common essay prompts 2013 Windows XP correct usage of XP themes compatible with older Windows versions Participated in to write code reviews and essay plan design guidelines. Microsoft Corp.

Redwood, WA, USA via agency. Software Design Engineer contract. Worked as a tools developer in .NET SDK Documentation Team. Was responsible for designing and developing tools that assisted UE User Education writing, production, and localization teams in creating online and print documentation. This position worked closely with UE team members to understand their tools needs and documentation processes and to learn develop tools to streamline these processes. Primary focus was on designing and building tools that make the User Education teams more productive.

Designed and implemented a complex tool that employed the .NET reflection mechanism to create the begin an essay, actual help files from various sources .NET assemblies, source comments, misc. Learn Paper. XML and database files Improved the overall performance of the build process Contributed a number of ideas how to make the .NET documentation better Created an essay plan, application that maintained the database of .NET code samples Developed a portion of an internal Web site using C# and ASP.NET. Budotex Ltd., Opole, Poland. Designed and implemented various database and financial applications for one of the most respectable local software companies. The company s customers were mainly local government and administration institutions as well as some privately owned corporations.

Was responsible for analysis, design and to write paper implementation of several large projects Ported to C++ an unit, old financial application originally written in Clipper Provided team leadership and learn mentoring for junior developers Worked independently on medium-size projects up to 30 000 lines of code in C++ Maintained and improved the common framework library Was responsible for customer support occasionally. Freelance Developer-Consultant Opole, Poland. Designed and developed independently a number of Windows applications using DAO SDK, MFC and geography Crystal Report for to write Polish and passion American customers. Wrote the FrameLayout add-on for Corel Ventura that facilitated creating a complex catalog pages from given database commissioned by Shannon Design Inc, Baltimore, USA Created the database application for Driving Schools Designed and developed the Polish-English dictionary commercially available once Programmed real-time systems based on Intel 8051 microcontrollers family assembly language . Master of to write paper Science degree in Electrical Engineering from Technical University of begin an essay Opole, Poland, December 1995. Thesis: A Logical State Analyzer for Microcomputer Systems. Windows Developer Resume Sample 3.

Samples represent that of an actual working technical professional found on the WEB and learn to write paper modified to protect the privacy of these professionals. Human names, company names, colleges, software product names are intentionally made up. C++/Visual C++, eMbedded Visual C++, ATL, WTL, COM, ActiveX, MFC, Win32, Winsock, TCP/IP, UDP/IP, HTML, MSHTML, XML, XSL, MSXML, JavaScript, Multithreaded Applications, GDI, Visual Basic, Stingray Objective Grid Toolkit. SQL Server, ObjectStore, MS Access, ODBC, OLEDB, Database Normalization, Data Models. Object Modeling Skills: Rational Rose, UML.

Windows NT/2000, Windows 9x, Linux. United Industries - Amaretta, GA. I am currently developing a data collection and display component for an existing wireless network management application. This component formats data from the network into XML and begin an essay display the data in a graphical format using latitude/longitude data collected from the network. The graphical display is based on MapInfo s MapX geographic mapping software. This component is being developed with Visual C++ and MSXML 4.0. Developed the software for an industrial communications controller for learn paper the Windows CE platform. The core software for this project is prompts 2013, implemented as an ActiveX object which routes packets between an Ethernet connection and up to four wireless network radios connected via RS-232.

This device will serve as a gateway between the IP protocol and the proprietary protocol used by the wireless network radios. Paper. Microsoft eMbedded Visual C++, MFC, Winsock, and thesis paper STL are the tools being used for this project. Served as the primary architect and developer for paper two Windows based applications used for the configuration and management of a network of wireless radios. The applications were developed with Visual C++ and use Microsoft s ATL and WTL template libraries. HTML was used extensively in the representation of network data. SQL Server and OLEDB were used in the persistence of data. Geography Thesis. Both applications make use of a proprietary protocol in order to transmit and receive data on learn, a network of begin an essay wireless radios.

I was also responsible for the development of an ActiveX middleware component designed to paper allow customers to develop their own custom wireless network applications. Alpha Buildings Company - Euless, AL. Served as the sole developer for geography thesis paper the networked portion of to write paper a large engineering system. The purpose of this software is to allow multi-user access to project files located on an ObjectStore server and to track the status of all existing project files. Essay. Visual C++, MFC, and ObjectStore were the tools used to develop this. Developed COM component used in transferring project files via FTP. To Write. Visual C++, MFC, and COM were the tools used to develop this portion of the application.

Developed client/server database used to keep track of project files on an enterprise wide basis. ObjectStore and thinking Visual C++ were the tools used to learn to write paper develop this portion of our application. Served as engineering system/ERP system data exchange technical leader where our primary responsibility was to extract pertinent data from an engineering system and convert this into a form that could then be transferred to 2013 an ERP System. Learn To Write Paper. Visual C++ was the tool used to develop this portion of our application. Assumed responsibility of essay user interface technical leader where I was in charge of learn paper four other Windows developers. As a team we developed several new wizards, implemented user preferences, and customized the AutoCAD OEM menu and toolbar system to suit our application. Urgent Essays. Visual C++, MFC, COM, Stingray Objective Grid, and learn to write Stingray Objective Toolkit were the descriptive unit plan, tools used to develop these portions of our application. During this time I also played a key role in core system design and development. Served as interim core logic technical leader where our primary responsibility was to analyze, design, and implement core persistent classes used in learn paper the creation of virtual pre-engineered metal buildings. Essay. Visual C++ and learn to write paper ObjectStore were the tools used to develop this portion of our application. Developed main data entry component for large AutoCAD OEM based engineering system using Visual C++, MFC, Stingray Objective Grid, and Stingray Objective Toolkit.

Also, developed tree control using the geography paper, same tools as above and integrated them both into learn paper our application to thinking essay allow navigation and learn to write paper data entry to critical thinking styles any object in the database quickly and easily. Zsoft Inc. Paper. - Atlanta, GA. Developed marketing system used to collect data while out in the field. Urgent Custom Essays. Access, SQL Server, MFC and Visual C++ were the tools used to develop this application. BS in Computer Information Systems - Troy State University. Minors: Mathematics/Physical Science. Awarded Chancellor s Scholarship.

Windows Developer Resume Sample 4. Samples represent that of an actual working technical professional found on learn to write paper, the WEB and modified to protect the privacy of essay prompts 2013 these professionals. Human names, company names, colleges, software product names are intentionally made up. Languages: C, C++, Java, Fortran, Basic, Bourne Shell, C Shell, Perl, UML, COM, SQL, Matlab, Patran PCL, Nastran DMAP, Assembly. Operating Systems: Unix, Windows, VAX/VMS. Development Tools: Visual C++, Forte for learn paper Java, Visual Basic, Visual Studio. CASE Tools: Purify, Quantify, PureCoverage, ClearCase, VSS, RCS, Scopus. Grand Analytical Services - San Jose, CA. January 1995 - Present. Independent Consultant; Clients: Boeing, Hughes Aircraft, and ABC Software.

Principal Provider of Custom Software For Over 100 Engineers at urgent custom review Boeing Satellite Systems: Designed, developed, and supported a suite of 30 programs totaling 130,000 lines implementing complex original algorithms using C++, C, Java, Fortran, shell scripts, Visual Basic and other languages. Provided a test plan with unit tests and regression test scripts for each program. Ported entire suite from to write Unix to geography Windows NT. Wrote all documentation, provided direct user support, and paper taught classes on software use. Boeing engineers found that I was much more effective than their own I.T. department. Essay Prompts. Designed and learn to write developed a C++ object-oriented database representing finite element models.

This tool was used as a framework for developing 4 other applications. Designed and developed a programming language, using C, lex, and yacc, for engineers to use in synthesizing and reducing structural dynamics test data. Designed and developed a Java Swing GUI program for integrating structural dynamics test environment with analysis tools across a network using FTP protocol. Integrated Nastran and descriptive essay unit plan Patran commercial engineering software tools into an Oracle-based, Motif GUI-controlled corporate workflow management software system using C, Sherpa HLI/Link database utilities, and Bourne/C Shell scripts. Designed and learn paper developed a DLL add-in for begin an essay Pro/Engineer commercial CAD program. This DLL provided a custom GUI for to write paper defining a model sub-system for thermal conductivity computations. Thesis. Designed, developed, and supported an learn to write paper, RCS toolkit for software configuration management using Bourne Shell.

ABC Software, Costa Brava, CA. May 1993 - September 1994. Created multidisciplinary graphical engineering application for U.S. Air Force using Motif GUI, C, and Patran PCL in a UNIX X-Windows environment. Created and customized Bourne shell scripts to manage inter-process communications. Designed and developed a commercial graphical engineering module for computing and urgent custom displaying inertia tensors. This module, which used a Motif GUI, was released developed for, and released simultaneously on, Solaris, IRIX, HP-UX, AIX, and Alpha Unix platforms. Wrote documentation, test plan, 22 unit tests, and regression test script.

Smart Engineering, Costa Brava, CA. July 1984 - April 1993. Senior Engineering Software Specialist; Designed and developed engineering application modules using C, SQL, Fortran, and Patran PCL for industry-dominant Patran commercial graphical modeling software. All application modules used a Motif GUI in a UNIX X-Windows environment. To Write Paper. Designed, developed, and maintained P/Composite commercial Fortran finite element software system on VAX/VMS. Urgent Essays Review. Created VAX DCL programs to manage multi-user software development environment. Performed regular builds to to write merge work of passion entire development team. Created QA test plan and regression test suite.

Wrote regression test scripts using DCL and Bourne Shell. Wrote user manual. Learn Paper. Ported P/Composite to begin an essay UNIX platforms. Taught classes on software use and underlying theory, provided telephone customer support, and made sales presentations. To Write Paper. Developed and implemented original nonlinear programming algorithms for P/Composite. Published original algorithms in peer-reviewed journal. 1988 Ph.D. Engineering UCLA, Los Angeles, CA.

1984 M.S. Engineering UCLA, Los Angeles, CA. 1980 B.S. Mechanical Engineering University of Rochester, Rochester, NY. 1978 B.S. Mathematics Hobart College, Geneva, NY. Windows Developer Resume Sample 5. Samples represent that of an actual working technical professional found on the WEB and begin an essay modified to protect the privacy of these professionals. Human names, company names, colleges, software product names are intentionally made up. Extensive software development experience, including as an learn to write, architect and technical leader.

Strong object oriented architecture, design and programming skills. Has experience developing very large commercial software products for sale. Involved in full project development cycle from working with customers to develop system requirements to software support. Able to create flexible products, that can be easily enhanced to meet user requirements and ported to different platforms. Begin An Essay. Work well in a team situation as well as individually.

Self-starter, able to work without supervision, easily adapts to different work environments and can quickly learn new systems and to write paper software. Able to deliver product in limited time with high quality. MFC, Visual Studio .NET, C, C++, Visual C++, Win32, STL, ADO, SQL-OLE, SQL-DMO, Rogue Wave Software, Dundas Software, FarPoint, PVCS, SourceSafe, Borland C++, SQL Server 6/7.0/2000, ODBC, MAPI, Install Shield, Windows XP/2000/NT, UNIX, COM, DCOM, ActiveX, ATL, XML, Clear Case, Rational Rose, UML, NuMega Bounds Checker, Raima, DOS. Some experience with Internet Browser Control, Crystal Reports, Java, TCP/IP, RPC, serial communications, internationalization. 2001 Sept. till date. Medvante Solutions, Inc. Provided technical expertise during system analysis and requirement definition stage of software development. 2000 Dec. 2001 July. Enhanced existing GUI software and developed new embedded instrumentation software for DNA scanners and spotters. Took ownership of a new key software component geometry generator for a new DNA spotter instrument that was behind the schedule and delivered it in descriptive essay time for release Windows 2000, MFC, C++, STL, COM, DCOM, ATL, XML, Clear Case, Rational Rose, UML . 2000 June 2000 Oct.

UI architect and senior MFC programmer for Synaflex video editing product- sophisticated 3D graphics workstation designed to add special effects during postproduction of film and video. Designed and developed overall application framework, interfaces, base classes and other UI components for use by other developers on the team MFC, OLE Drag and Drop . 1994 Feb. - 2000 June. Denzel Diagnostics, Inc. One of learn to write paper two leading developers for essay prompts very large 300 000 LOC. client-server data management system, with remote patient data collection and learn to write real time remote status monitoring and management of medical instruments in a multi-hospital network with connection to thesis hospital information systems. MFC, Visual Studio, C, C++, Win32, SQL-OLE, SQL-DMO, Rogue Wave Software, Dundas Software, FarPoint, SQL Server 6.5 and learn to write 7.0, PVCS, Pinnacle Graphical Server, DCOM, Win32, TCP/IP, RPC, serial communications, internationalization . Developed original product Windows 3.1, Borland C++ and all releases leading to re-architecture and product upgrade to multi-tier, multithreaded client server architecture, Windows NT, MFC, Win32, Visual Studio, SQL Server, DCOM. Solely responsible for UI, database and custom essays review major parts of data-collection software development.

When necessary participated in learn to write development and support of other parts of the project including communications with instruments and installation. Provided management with technical analyses and proposals for 12 24 month future development cycle. Rapidlink product currently is one industry leading and best selling international software product. Participated in ISO-9001 and FDA certification process. 1993 Nov. - 1994 Feb. Solely developed image processing and scanning software for Powerbuilder based document management system. Powerbuilder, Visual C++, Win32, Kofax, DLL . 1993 Aug. Common Essay Prompts 2013. 1993 Nov. Atrium Software, Inc. Ported new object oriented source control system from UNIX X-Motif to Windows NT.

1993 Feb. 1993 Aug. Bradstreet Software Services, Inc. Senior developer for learn paper Query and Reporter tool for a very large international client-server financial product. Passion Cooking Essay. MS Access, Access Basic, Sybase, SQL, ODBC, C, DLL, MAPI . Developed interface to learn to write Sybase server and Microsoft mail. Involved in design and development UNIX job scheduler to run unattended Query and Reporter jobs on local or remote computer. Ding Medical Computing, Inc. Software Project Leader. Lead porting and enhancement of existing software from urgent essays MS DOS to Windows Windows NT, Windows 3.1, C++, Win16, Visual Basic, DDE, DLL, LAN Manager, SQL . Solely developed WYSIWYG medical forms builder for handheld clinical data collection during operation, including interface to medical equipment GO PENPOINT, OOP . Enhanced current company product to include information scanning, OCR and multi-user database on Novell server HP ScanJet, Galera, Apex, Dbase . Developed flexible data integration system to paper integrate multiple applications data over LANs and MIS systems. Provided technical expertise to programmers in design and development of paper medical equipment serial port interface DOS TSR, Code Runner, SQL, OS/2 PM . Victor Servicies, Inc.

Senior Software Engineer/Project Leader. Designed and to write developed GUI for Nestor hardware and software based neural networks Windows 3.1, C, C++, Win16 . The product accommodated wide range of neural networks and was open to add new ones without additional programming. Developed pen-centric user-friendly Handwriting Collector and Recognition Evaluation program for Nestor character recognition driver Pen-Windows, C, DLL, Win16 . Tang Laboratories, Inc. Senior Software Engineer. Developed multi-platform international software toolkit MS-DOS, Windows, UNIX, OS/2, Wang/VS, C, Win16 , international API package for 17 countries, 8 languages Sort, Search, Date and Time , Memory management API. Involved in the full project development cycle for the Wang OFFICE/Voice mail and text to speech application software and programmers tools. Geography. Implemented a real time embedded event driven asynchronous inter-task communications for learn to write paper Wang Office and geography paper Message Center and Automated Attendant. Systems Development Corp., Vilnius, Lithuania.

Principal Systems Engineer. Involved in learn paper the full product development cycle as individual contributor as well as project leader for passion a group of three engineers for UNIX system and application software porting to UNIX. Energy and Electrification Corporation, Vilnius, Lithuania. Programmer/Analyst, Senior Programmer/Analyst. Project leader for learn to write paper an electrical power distribution network system 34,000 miles, 44 districts . Provided system analyses, functional specifications, design, testing, documentation, implementation and support of whole system. Implementation of statistical and probability algorithms and reports for network analyses and perspective maintenance planning. MS in Computer Science and Mathematics.

1977. BS in Business. 1979-1983. Vilnius University, Vilnius, Lithuania. Windows Developer Resume Sample 6. Samples represent that of an begin an essay, actual working technical professional found on the WEB and modified to paper protect the privacy of these professionals. Human names, company names, colleges, software product names are intentionally made up. Lead and descriptive essay involve in conceptualization, design, and development of innovative software applications to its complete life cycle. 16 Years of to write experience as a software professional. C++, Visual C++, MFC , ATL, Object Oriented programming, Active X, COM, XML, Rational Rose UML, Java, JavaScript, CGI, perl, and embedded Visual C++, Diab C++. Client/Server programming using HTTP, and TCP/IP protocols.

Multithreaded programming, System programming, Embedded programming, Web based programming, pluggins. Windows98, NT, Solaris, Unix, Linux, PocketPC, WindowsCE, PSOS, Compaq IPAQ, Philips Pronto, Infrared devices, Handheld devices. Apache, SQL 2000, MySQL, Microsoft IIS. 3 patents issued, 6 Patents filed, 11 invention disclosures. Exposure to .NET and programming languages C#. Guttaca Research Labs, Saratoga, NY.

Sep 1995 - June 2002. Member Research Staff. Handheld Embedded Application Development Research. SmartSurfer: Lead Developer for Handheld based TV program guide viewer/smart-tuner with selective EPG program download from a WEB server. Nearly 2 million Philips DirectTV receivers have been sold with the SmartSurfer feature. Handheld Karaoke Developed handheld application and specifications to download and styles display text lyrics with synchronized playing of music. Very Remote Control Developed Client-server based internet TV software with remote control interface. To Write Paper. Hierarchical Medical Patient Report on PDA Developed application and data specifications for downloading and browsing medical patient report on a handheld. TV remote click collector Clinet-server software implemented on a Pronto to collect remote clicks and upload it to a server that can study TV user s viewing history and provide matching service.

DTV Application Research. Developed Ecommerce server software for essay unit plan validating product purchase using a credit card in learn paper a Digital TV. Begin An Essay. Worked in learn XML for urgent Internet devices project to to write completely re implement the Ecommerce server project XMLalising the protocol and data structure. Developed an algorithm to locate the nearest Home Depot location for any US zipcode input. This algorithm was implemented as a DTV interactive java application for buying products through DTV. Designed a Content Creation Tool to author and generate ATSC streams with ease.

A key concept was used to build C++ objects that can adapt to any future ATSC sub data stream specification. Designed and developed a C++ memory heap management and cooking debugging tool for Embedded application debugging for PSOS OS. Paper. Designed and developed a COM Component based client-server user interface for the Video Content Analyzer module, for the video surveillance EITS project. Research/development of TV Transport Multiplexer/Demultiplexer program using OOAD and C++. Participated in ATSC Standards runtime objects specification of DSM-CC/IP protocol. Passion Essay. ChatterBot - Complete conversion of a PC based AI text Robot program to C++. Developed user interface for the ChatterBot and in addition to a Text To Speech interface.

Designed and learn developed a web based program to deliver interactive greetings in various multimedia formats. The program is designed to work with both Netscape and Internet Explorer browser. Collabrative Multimedia Toolkit. Researched and developed an object oriented collaborative toolkit aimed at developing platform independent network collaboration. The toolkit can be used to develop videoconference applications, researcher-to-researcher collaboration. Doctor to Doctor consultations. The project involved extensive development on Solaris, NT and windows 95 using C++,Tcl/Tk, Mpeg, Jpeg, bmp, mulaw, video/audio capture and begin an essay playback techniques. Product Transfers, Demonstrations, Exibitions, and Trade Shows. SmartSurfer 1.0 research prototype with technical document transferred to Philips RCS, Emerging Electronics Solution during 03/01. The Smart surfer Demonstrated at learn to write paper Western Cable Show Nov 28- Dec 1, 2001 at prompts Los Angeles, CA. Smart Surfer enhanced to work with AOL set top box and various other tuning devices.

This version was demonstrated in NAB April 2001. Smart Surfer enhanced to work in learn paper various time zones was demonstrated by Philips Digital Networks at Marbella, Spain in May 2001. Passion Essay. Smart Surfer was demonstrated in NCTA exhibition in Chicago 2001 by Emerging Electronics Solutions. To Write. Smart Surfer, Lyrix, and Very Remote, demonstrated at CRE May 2001. Smart Surfer improved with multiple user definable screens, demonstrated and Consumer screened, by Philips design. DTV Ecommerce Server demonstrated at NAB, April 1999. Java DTV demonstrated in essay CRE, May 1999. Learn Paper. SmartSurfer is now a standard feature in all Philips DirectTV receivers. A prototype HTML TV remote software with SmartSurfer application was transferred to Philips RCS, Remote Control Systems, Leuven, Belgium. Huron Communications Research, Morristown, NJ.

Jan 1994 - Sep 1995. Sr. Software Consultant. DEMON - Delivery of critical thinking essay Electronic Multimedia Over Networks. Designed and learn developed the Enscriptor for a Multimedia Authoring System. The Enscriptor takes as input Macromedia s Authorware application .app file and generates a parsed network node object output suitable to be resolved and delivered across a network. The product was developed using Visual C++. The product was demonstrated to work over an ISDN network. The project received the 100RD AWARD, and BELLCORE President s AWARD for the year 1994. STREAMS - A Multimedia conferencing system: Designed and developed STREAMS, a video conferencing system.

The work involved developing TCP/IP client interface for geography paper Audio-Video playback, and paper soft board data streaming to a PC using Visual C++/MFC and Video for Windows. A prototype Geographical Mapping system using Microsoft OLE2 and Component model was developed. The Mapping Control object at the PC Set Top box interfaces with various server objects using Distributed OLE2 techniques. PSI Data Systems Ltd Subsidiary of BULL SA, France. Jan 1990 - Dec 1993. Consultancy at descriptive Phoenix-AZ ,Paris-France, and Bangalore-India. Developed Virtual Memory Programmatic Service Extensions, which are low-level service libraries used with Virtual C, and other High Level Languages. Enhanced the FORTRAN77 debugger FDS - A Symbolic debugger to make it work on multisegment, extended instruction mode of the DPS9000 processor. Acquainted with BULL HN s propriety Software Engineering procedures. An efficient network model connecting PC-XT s, UNIX machine, and DPS7 mainframe was implemented using communication protocols TCP/IP, UUCP, and Novell s IPX protocol. A UNIX server daemon program was developed to allow mail routing, remote printing and resource sharing with GCOS7.

Porting a compress and Decompress utility from OPEN7 UNIX to GCOS7 Mainframe It involved changes to the utility with respect to file organization as supported by GCOS7 known as UFAS . Learn. Developed and tested the Device Management Module to provide disk mirroring under the GCOS7 operating system. Languages: C, C++, HPL, GMAPV, PL/1. Renata Software - Division of I.O.C.L, Bangalore, India. Dec 1986 - Dec 1989. Senior Systems Analyst. Software Developmentat San Francisco, and Bangalore-India. Project conception and Development of begin an essay a Graphics package, which enables easy development of to write paper AutoCAD vector blocks. Project conception and descriptive unit Design of the product de_LISP debugger for paper AutoLISP . The package comprised of a Quick Debugger to Debug AutoLISP programs outside AutoCAD, and a Step Debugger, which works within the AutoCAD drawing environment.

Developed AutoPrint a Lisp program formatter and passion beautifier. Co-ordinated the development of the various CAD Tools. Languages: C, LISP, 8088 Assembly. Microtense Computers Ltd, Secunderabad, India. Sep 1984 - Dec 1986. Hardware and Firmware Development. Developed a CRT card using WD2672 CRT controller, signetics 8002 character generator for Z80 computer working under CP/M operating system. To Write. Implemented the firmware and new BIOS for essay the console I/O. Project conception and Design of the product de_LISP debugger for AutoLISP . The package comprised of paper a Quick Debugger to Debug AutoLISP programs outside AutoCAD, and a Step Debugger, which works within the AutoCAD drawing environment. Developed AutoPrint a Lisp program formatter and beautifier. Co-ordinated the development of the various CAD Tools.

Languages: C, LISP, 8088 Assembly. Madras Institute Of Technology, Madras, TN, India, Degree:B.Tech Electronics Engineering, Completion:1984. P.S.G College of Technology, Coimbatore, TN, India, Degree: B.Sc Applied Sciences, Completion 1981. Object Oriented Analysis Design with ROSE certification Learning Tree s Java Programming Certification Walter Oney s Windows Vxd Seminar Certification. Will produce on request. Windows Developer Resume Sample 7. Samples represent that of an actual working technical professional found on the WEB and modified to protect the thesis paper, privacy of these professionals. Human names, company names, colleges, software product names are intentionally made up. Desire a responsible position as part of learn to write a system development team. Strong IT experience in developing engineering softwares for geography thesis major oil and power companies like Halliburton, Schlumberger, Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Ltd., Maharashtra State electricity board. 6 years experience in IT Industry with Skills on:

VC++ Release 6.0/5.0/4.0/2.0, C++, C. Component Object Model COM , DCOM Using MTS, COM+, ActiveX Controls, MTS Programming. Learn. MFC, ATL, STL, Dynamic-link library DLL , Multi- threading Programming, Socket Programming, Win 32 API. Essay. ADO, DAO, OLE DB, ODBC Database Programming. Stingray Objective Chart 6.0, Stingray Objective Grid 6.0, Microsoft Transaction Server 1.1 MTS , Install Shield 6.0, Erwin / ERX 3.5.2, Visual Source Safe 6.0. Oracle 7.3, SQL Server 7.0, Microsoft Access Release 2000. Microsoft Windows Xp,Microsoft Windows 2000, Windows NT 4.0, Windows 95/98. B.E Bachelors Degree in Computer Engineering . May 2000 to PRESENT. Landtrace Graphics Corporation, Houston, TX, USA. ALAMO / Digital Soft System DSS.

Digital Soft System is a user-friendly, state-of-the-art software system designed to help production and reservoir engineers quickly monitor and analyze project performance. To Write Paper. The flexibility of DSS allows you to create and display projects specific to your needs. DSS uses two different databases. The Main database contains your project data and will be used by multiple users that are the thinking styles, wells defined by your project. Main databases for learn to write multi-user access to the wells.

The private database stores entire user defined settings as well as any data that is to be utilized by the user only. e.g. colors, format for map, curve etc. Common Prompts. The major modules are Report , Map, Curve, Wellbore, Formula, Calculation Engine and Database Engine. Responsible for learn to write paper project schedule tracking Maintained the defect tracking list. Implemented the Report Module similar to Ms-Access. Developed and tested the symbol ActiveX Control. Cooking. Developed and to write tested the different charts in the project. Developed the begin an essay, map module. May 1999 to April 2000.

WTS, Schlumberger, France. Well Testing Software WTS. The well testing software provides components for learn to write paper entering and thinking essay displaying common data required by learn paper the well testing design, acquisition and reporting applications. This project contains the Multi-tier architecture. There is no data access code in the ActiveX controls. It contains only human interface code. COM objects that encapsulates the data access code. COM Objects used the ActiveX Data Objects ADO commands to access the data source. COM components also supports the MTS and allow multiple clients.

It contains the appropriate MTS commands to support the transactions. Responsible for communication with the essay, client Responsible for project schedule tracking Maintained the defect tracking list. Implemented the learn to write, ADO in the database COM. Designed and passion developed the ActiveX and COM Controls. Learn Paper. Executed the essay prompts 2013, DCOM for the developed COM components using MTS. Executed the developed COM components with the learn, related ActiveX controls in the MTS environment.

Responsible for complete deliverables. September 1997 to June 1998. Maharashtra State Electricity Board, INDIA. 210 MW Thermal Power Plant Generation Simulator. The project is providing a training simulator for the trainee power plant engineers, to operate the power plant and a training simulator for generation of 210 MW power from cold start condition. The system architecture consists of a simulation computer server , instructor computer and the operator computer.

The instructor computer and the operator computer acts as a clients to the simulation computer. Descriptive Essay. The simulation computer invokes the mathematical models/simulation equations for to write processing of the custom essays review, power plant. The instructor computer, which controls the session freeze and to write run the descriptive essay unit plan, power plant is a teaching tool for the students. Features like Mimics, Bargraphs, Trends, Alarms summary, MW meter, Capability Curve, Connectivity, On line screen printing etc. Paper. are incorporated both in the instructor Computer and the operator computer to observe the instruments behavior. Additional features like Freeze and essay Run the powerplant, Exercise Loading and deleting and Saving, Student and Instructor Action Login, Instructor Malfunctions are incorporated in the instructor computer only. Responsible for communication with the client Responsible for learn paper project schedule tracking Maintained the defect tracking list. Designed the various modules like mimic. Bar-graph etc. Coded the given modules. 2013. Tested the designed and developed modules. Implemented the socket program for the project.

Developed the learn to write paper, DLL for the model of the simulator. Implemented the database program using DAO. Implemented multi-threading. Responsible for complete deliverables. September 1998 to April 1999. Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Ltd., INDIA. The project is similar to urgent custom the Power Plant Simulator Project. Learn To Write. But the Mathematical Equations model/ DLL and the database are different for the refineries. Begin An Essay. There are Five Fuel refinery models DLLs for HPCL Fuel refinery plant. Additional features like Freeze and Run the refinery plant, Exercise Loading and Deleting and Saving, Student and Instructor Action Login, Instructor Malfunctions, Delays, Backtrack, Ramping are incorporated in instructor computer only.

Responsible for learn to write paper communication with the client Responsible for project schedule tracking Maintained the defect tracking list. Urgent Custom Essays Review. Designed the various modules like mimic. Paper. bargraph etc. Geography Thesis Paper. Coded the given modules. Tested the designed and developed modules. Implemented the socket program for the project. Used multi-threading concepts Developed the to write paper, DLL for the model of the simulator. Implemented the database program using DAO. Responsible for complete deliverables. January 1998 to May 1998. Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Ltd., INDIA. The project is used to develop the mimics plant diagrams for the MSEB and passion essay HPCL simulator projects.

Mimic Editor gives the following features : Add, Delete, Modify and Rotate change directions Instruments symbols on each mimics. Different symbols are used for various Instruments like Controllers, Indicators, Switches, Pumps etc. Learn To Write. Windows Metafile WMF is used for each mimics. Maintained the defect tracking list. Designed the modules. Passion Essay. Coded the given modules. Tested the learn to write paper, designed and developed modules. Responsible for complete deliverables.

June 1998 to common essay 2013 November 1998. Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Ltd., INDIA. The project is develop to display or observe the various process data of the plant on the debugger screen to debug the different plant conditions model program . Learn To Write. Simulation Debugger is very useful to begin an essay the developers plant experts during the model development of the particular plant. To Write. The developer can observe and modify the process data plant data during run time and test the various plant conditions and unit plan make the necessary changes in paper the model program mathematical equations to improve the passion cooking, plant accuracy. The values of the process data are changed depending on the mathematical equations written in the model program by the developers. The shared memory concept is used in model and debugger programs. Learn To Write Paper. So that Common process data are shared between the model and debugger programs.

The values changed by any program model, debugger are reflected in the other program. Maintained the defect-tracking list. Designed the various modules. Coded the given modules. Passion Cooking Essay. Tested the designed and learn paper developed modules. Implemented the shared memory for the project. Developed the DLL for the model of the cooking essay, simulator.

Responsible for paper complete deliverables. September 1996 to August 1997. Arya Computers, India. Investment Detail System. The Investment Detail System is used to urgent essays store and maintain the required information for the investment in various areas like banks, shares, UTI etc. for each clients. It gives the paper, information about the current status, Feature status, different type of taxes related to the investment.

The normalized database for the investment detail system is stored in MS-ACCESS 2.0 In .MDB file used as a back-end . The program is written in Visual C++ 2.0 used as a front-end to fetch, add, delete or modify the records of the investment database through ODBC. Maintained the defect-tracking list. Data collection, Database designing, coding, testing. Designed and developed the modules for major investment areas like banks, shares, UTI etc. Descriptive Essay Unit. Implemented the database program using ODBC. Responsible for complete deliverables. June 95 to August 96.

Arya Computers, India. Inventory Management System. Developed the Inventory Management system using VC++ 2.0 and MS Access as the database. The main features developed are: Store and to write maintain the inventory detail in various areas for every item. Area-wise inventory Detail using Reports and Charts. Date-wise and passion cooking essay month-wise important notes for the inventory. Learn Paper. Printing and on essay, line help facility. Maintained the defect-tracking list.

Data collection, Database designing, coding, testing. Designed and developed the modules for major investment areas like banks, shares, UTI etc. Implemented the learn to write paper, database program using ODBC. Responsible for complete deliverables. Personal and professional references available upon request. Windows Developer Resume Sample 8. Samples represent that of an actual working technical professional found on the WEB and modified to urgent custom review protect the to write paper, privacy of common essay these professionals.

Human names, company names, colleges, software product names are intentionally made up. To enter business relationships that allow me to learn use my expertise in client/server, GUI and web server development to thesis paper work independently, involving work in such areas as C++, SQL many varieties , and server-side technologies. Work Experience/Accomplishment Highlights from Resume. Actual resume available on learn to write, request. Created Internet server using winsock for allowing any number of clients to listen to data coming in from a communication port COM port . Also created two GUI clients which listened to two different kinds of urgent custom essays review data coming in from the port. Utilized Winsock 2. Creating communication port controller application for custom device. Involved GUI, threading issues, call and response simulation, more. Creating barcode reader and printer application. Included GUI, threading issues, print scaling for arbitrary devices from special-purpose label printers to paper inkjets. Prompts. Creating data-specification Win32 database and UI application for smart chips.

Required dynamic, runtime creation of database schema, SQL writing to to write paper both create and present current database to the user and UI programming. UI mainly includes a complex, multi-step, multi-path wizard, which was done to the Wizard 97 specification. UI includes Tree Views, List Views and passion cooking essay many other Common Controls, used with icon presentation similar in feel to the MS. Writing server- and client-side Perl code to learn enable what had been a server-side process to be converted into a client-server process. Data communication was done using XML, with all code written by me, including code to convert any perl variable into XML recursively . Creating a new Win32 application to passion essay present the user-interface for maintaining process settings as well as seeing viewing run status of the client/server process. To Write. This ran as a system tray application in a very similar way to thesis paper the way Instant Messenger runs. In addition to new code mentioned above, made modifications to existing Perl and SQL Server database code on server as needed to create client/server process. Wrote COM object to create bitmaps of learn paper web pages from URLs, utilizing the IE page rendering engine.

Required among other things creation of custom OLE Control container written entirely by essays me. Paper. Project used ATL for basic COM support but did not use ATL control containment. Urgent Custom. Other programming areas involved: offscreen device contexts, generation of image files from device contexts, etc. Designed and implemented method by which news story feed in XML format was integrated with company s web site. Created conforming XML parser and wrote ODBC code to store data into database. Done in learn to write paper C++, with ODBC Win32 API used directly, not through MFC or similar. Designed and paper implemented SQL database and wrote the stored procedures that comprised database interface for story data retrieval process. Performed treatment of web site to add delayed quote data to home page quote data on learn to write, page at

Required: writing an NT service to do the reliable periodic retrieval of quote data from the quote provider all parameters of the retrieval - interval, etc. - were customizable ; writing JavaScript support code to access data retrieved by the NT service. System has been up and geography thesis paper running since June 2000 and has required no maintenance or support by me since initial implementation. Created scriptable trade import adapter. Also created COM object allowing users to write trade import routines in any ActiveX scripting language on the machine e.g. VBScript, JScript, etc. Wrote from the ground up support for Excel-style print scaling in all grids in the company s main application Perspective: Risk . Support included not only all Excel-like features fit to x by y pages, or scale to z percent but also additional features to allow even more control over output. Learn. Required direct utilization of descriptive essay plan Win32 device context scaling mechanisms.

Wrote COM Price Adapters for to write paper accessing quote data. Critical Thinking. These were multithreading intensive in several cases and all had multiple configuration dialogs, a variety of learn which used not only urgent custom, regular dialog controls but also Win32 Common Controls for an up-to-date, modern and learn to write very usable GUIs. Data sources: PC Quote, Bloomberg, Interquote, Trading Technology and Townsend Analytics. Begin An Essay. Created reusable, templated ATL-oriented class for reusing common COM Price Adapter code. Learn Paper. Created a class templated on the concrete class of the using code among other things, and in passion cooking essay other ways as well behaving similarly to an ATL base class.

Eliminated virtually all repetitive coding that had been necessary in the creation of price adapters. Paper. Created reusable ODBC Open Database Connectivity wrapper classes which were used in multiple projects. These objects wrapped the descriptive essay plan, native Win32 API and included serialization support. Wrote a Visual Basic for paper Applications Analysis Template for viewing risk exposure as market conditions change. This was about 50 pages of VBA code involving many aspects of VB/VBA, including forms, use of ActiveX controls, use of common controls, many other user interface issues, general VB programming. Development of html-based web trading server. Server app allows customers to trade, see account balances, view holdings, get quotes, view order status and order history. Application is a multithreaded COM server accessed from an cooking, ISAPI DLL. Learn. System allowed easy co-marketing of products due to page-based nature and review custom html parser allowing page creation in a syntax resembling ASP in a generic thread-safe framework for development of learn to write paper similar html-based applications. Urgent Custom Essays Review. Flexible caching allows dynamic editing of custom html pages while not compromising production performance at all. Creation of a single code layer that allowed all of the learn to write, company s primary products to be either ActiveX controls or previously existing DLL-based windows.

Non-trivial use of MFC s OLE control framework. Allowed products to common 2013 be sold to to write web browser-based IE customers. Full code sharing achieved in creation of new framework that could be applied to all existing products/components. Creation of ASP pages used in automated client registration and security mechanism over the internet. Creation of a mechanism whereby automation interfaces for the ActiveX controls were inheritable. Custom implementation allows common OLE automation properties and methods to be available to all controls, while allowing each to have its own custom properties and methods, but the custom essays review, entire thing becomes visible as one unified default automation interface to learn the client. Development of web-based installer created for installing complex ActiveX controls. Custom Review. Allows just- in-time and learn to write paper only as needed downloading of components from the internet and control of descriptive essay install via scripts. Scripting language is completely general for to write installation tasks and could be used anywhere. Development of thesis paper company s integrated web browser.

This was a complete, functional web browser, with a few configuration dialogs, that ran inside the company s main product. To Write Paper. It included drag and drop behavior customizations, a complete and very functional GUI including state-based greying of buttons as page loaded stop button only available while page loading, etc. Geography Thesis Paper. Module of course used embedded IE ActiveX control. Development of thread-safe wrapper for asynchronous use of Wininet library. Used by all ActiveX controls for retrieving URL properties as well as for net installer described above. Note that async use of Wininet is mostly undocumented. Heavily used most areas of commonly needed COM and OLE automation including dual interfaces, enumerations, optional arguments, as well as development of learn to write custom COM interfaces i.e. non-OLE automation and use of IDataObject for common essay prompts inter-ActiveX control tick data communication. Conformed to Townsend permissioning process by making the ActiveX framework embrace permissioning state, and learn paper make UI changes based on thesis paper, that state. Required massive revision of learn to write paper basic model since previously each DLL was not handling permissioning, yet this was done in such a way that still allowed full sharing of pre-existing code.

Utilized Perl to automate generation of files needed for proprietary download described above . Miscellaneous other Win32 projects, some using MFC, some not, including writing of various command-line utilities. Gained experience with winsock. Data recovery software for Macintosh HFS volumes completed. The software recovers data from media having software corruption too severe for products like Norton Utilities to handle. Urgent Custom Review. 97 data recovery rate for recoveries attempted through present. Covers all software corruption scenarios. Restores files in Finder-aware manner. All C++, 87 classes, 15,419 lines of source. BA University of Chicago. Windows Developer Resume Sample 9.

Samples represent that of an learn to write, actual working technical professional found on the WEB and modified to protect the privacy of essay these professionals. Human names, company names, colleges, software product names are intentionally made up. A highly motivated, creative software developer who is learn to write, both a self-starter and a team player. Mentor for junior engineers. Experience with the successful delivery of high quality software projects from design stages through beta testing and delivery. C++, C, ATL, STL, COM/DCOM, ActiveX, MFC, ODBC, SQL Server, Oracle, Windows NT4.0, Visual Studio, SourceSafe, UNIX/AIX, MTOS, OpenVMS, OOD, Proc*C, Multithreading, Stored Procedures, Triggers, TAP Protocol, MAPI, ClearQuest, ClearCase. Claret Corporation, Oakwood City, CA. Senior Software Engineer.

Designed and passion cooking essay implemented a traffic simulator to test multithreaded client/server Connect 2.1, an IP product that allows different telephony vendor networks to exchange traffic, to verify an to write, increase to 8000 concurrent calls from 1000. Designed and implemented a data synchronization scheme to allow Claret client applications to be alerted of changes in the database Oracle and SQL Server and subsequently to be automatically updated. The scheme also allowed the next generation Gateway to operate more intelligently in common routing calls. Developed features for Claret VoIP Gateway per customers requirements: grace period in IVR, wild card processing of learn incoming telephone numbers for routing, route calls based on incoming port and automatic ingress dial rule. Urgent Essays. Supported the learn to write, existing Claret H.323 Gatekeeper: troubleshooting call control, billing details and geography paper interaction with the Command Center. Paper. Provided leadership/consulting for Solaris/NT builds and releases of Claret DataCombase library and styles essay release verification tests. Supported the Command Center product, responsible for to write paper fixing complex bugs especially in the area of the threaded database access. Tools: Visual C++, Win32, STL, MFC, NT4.0, Multithread, Stored Procedures, Triggers, SQL Server, Oracle 8.1.5, SourceSafe, ClearQuest, InstallShield. Professional Automation Inc., Wickridge, OH. Senior Software Engineer.

Developed COM/DCOM Historian to handle the begin an essay, acquisition, storage and learn retrieval of real time process data in the power generation, chemical and oil industry. The multithreaded Historian server provided BCBS compression and statistical methods for storage. Designed and implemented an ActiveX component to access data from Historian, was the essay unit plan, lead developer. Learn Paper. Assisted the 2013, development of the OLE DB Data Provider resulting in added flexibility for the Historian. Research and employed new Microsoft technology to create a new process control solution. Tools: Visual C++, Win32, ATL, ActiveX, MFC, DLLs, HTML, SourceSafe, NT4.0, Threading, PL/SQL, SQL Server, ODBC, COM/DCOM, Bug Tracker. Infosoft Inc., Euclid, OH. Senior Software Engineer. Developed E-Mail paging software and integration with PIM, which resulted in the introduction of two new products for learn to write paper Infosoft. Thinking Essay. Supported MAPI, VIM and learn paper POP3. Passion Cooking Essay. Features included: filters to select emails by to write paper active periods, select by sender and fields selection to be sent to your pager.

Coordinated and completed the essay, internationalization of our PIM E-Mail Connect product for France Telecom, utilizing resource DLL s to support English and French. Designed and developed an AIX client/server alphanumeric paging product utilizing Oracle database. The product was sold as a standalone AIX alphanumeric paging utility. Led the learn to write, effort to diversify the AlphaPage Windows alphanumeric paging product. Developed and supported installation script for E-Mail software using Wise and shell scripts with tar utility for the AIX Unix product. Mentored and trained junior team members. Tools: Visual C/C++, Visual Basic, Win32, DLLs, MFC, Oracle 7 Pro*C , Win3.1, Win95, NT, ODBC, AIX 3.2.5 UNIX , TAP protocol, Wise Install. Elton Bailey Inc., Wickridge, OH.

Designed a new real-time alarm display on essay, our process control console, achieving a 250 reduction in CPU usage by the application. Developed new process control faceplates to support new functionality. Designed and developed a Pinyin keyboard entry system for learn paper the Chinese market, employing MBCS I18n . Supported the Regulus Unix Application Processor product, an add-on to passion cooking essay allowed company access to real time data. Incorporated ISO9001 guidelines into our development process. Updated console firmware for new graphics boards. Assisted in the administration of OpenVMS VAX cluster. Tools used: C, MTOS, OpenVMS, 68000 Assembly and Regulus Unix . Cleveland State University, Cleveland, Ohio. M.S. Computer and Information Science. Cleveland State University, Cleveland, Ohio. B.S.

Computer and to write paper Information Science. Foothill College, Los Altos, California. Java For Programmer, XML. Windows Developer Resume Sample 10. Samples represent that of an actual working technical professional found on the WEB and modified to protect the privacy of these professionals. Human names, company names, colleges, software product names are intentionally made up. Principal software engineer with experience in urgent custom review all phases of learn paper product development; conception, implementation, debug, manufacturing introduction, customer support. Experienced with client/server applications, multi-tiered architectures, embedded software, cross platform development and hardware design. C, C++, VC++, Win32 SDK, MFC, ATL, COM, STL, eMbedded VC++, Winsock, HTML, JavaScript, Perl, X11, OpenGL, Intel i860 microcode. Visual Studio, Microsoft Platform Builder, emacs/dbx, Perforce, VSS, ODE. Windows 2000/NT/W9x, Windows CE, UNIX, Linux.

Aretto Corporation, Maynard, MA. Principal Software Engineer. Aretto is a software consulting company providing solutions and integration for set-top boxes and other embedded platforms. Worked at geography all levels of software development including applications, scripting, middleware and device drives. Projects included:

Microsoft TV Advanced and Windows CE: developed programs to acquire and display electronic program information, generated applications and learn paper scripts in the MS TV environment, identified and resolved issues with Winsock communication problems. UltimateTV set-top box: created a file explorer program using HTML, JavaScript and urgent ATL COM. This provided developers with the paper, ability to navigate the styles essay, embedded file system, move/copy/delete files and view files in hex format. eWorkbench test harness product: a script driven client-server application that allows a single workstation to control multiple target systems. Programming in MFC, expanded the functionality of the server side GUI; including the ability to resize dialog boxes and the controls within, color to enhance the conveyance of target status and drag-n-drop of learn test scripts. Modified the communication protocol and paper Winsock programming to prevent deadlock conditions and improve user responsiveness. Learn To Write Paper. Developed a Browser Helper Object, an ActiveX control loaded by Internet Explorer at startup, enabling the eWorkbench server to remotely drive Internet Explorer. Developed a Windows CE agent which included support for remotely controlling program execution and driving keyboard input. Designed an inter-processor command/data queue for urgent custom review a multiprocessor system.

This allowed the learn to write paper, primary processor MIPS4300 to offload work to the secondary graphics process uSparc through shared memory. Code was written in geography thesis paper C++ without the use of synchronization functions. NetObject Incorporated, Peabody, MA. Principal Software Engineer. Redesigned a networked-based window server supporting the X11 protocol, allowing UNIX based applications to learn to write paper display on any Windows platform.

Added advanced features including OpenGL and passion the dynamic detection of display types. Made many architectural changes to move to learn paper 32-bit environment NT/W9x from 16-bit Windows 3.1 . Fixed long-standing asynchronous network communications and begin an essay timing skew design issues. Worked directly with customers to resolve defects on Sun, SGI, HP and to write paper Compaq systems. Object oriented design of prompts a migration wizard, responsible for preserving user configuration data at paper product install time; detects current product version, inputs data from the appropriate storage ini file, the custom, registry or a COM object and writes translated data to to write paper the registry. Implemented internationalization support in the window server and associated applications. Modified programs to conditionally load a resource dll containing the translated strings for each supported language.

Changes enabled the product suite to be sold to 2013 international customers. Contour Computer formerly Modern Equipment Corp. Principal Software Engineer. Open3D project leader, responsible for delivery of Open3D, including the PEX, OpenGL, and learn X11 libraries as well as device drives for all COMPAQ graphics cards. Technically directed development engineering, release engineering, software QA and ISV s. Implemented many fixes to critical customer problems. Thinking Essay. Received an paper, Excellence Award for significantly improving customer satisfaction. Developed cross-platform NT and UNIX OpenGL programs. Used GLUT OpenGL Utility Toolkit to ensure OS independence.

Exercised basic drawing primitives, system robustness and more advanced GL features such as the color blending extension, texturing mapping and texture objects. Common Prompts. Ran applications in software and hardware simulation environments resulting in a significant decrease in product development time. Project leader for the 3D graphics libraries during the transition from X11 version 5 to version 6. Rewrote and restructured significant areas of the device dependent libraries. Led the paper, debug effort across numerous organizations, including UNIX VMS engineering, workstation engineering, release engineering, software QA, and hardware QA. Integrated a OpenGL/PEX software rendering pipe with a proprietary rendering chip.

Designed and implemented the software queuing mechanism and integrated it with the device driver. Improved graphics rendering performance by designing pipe caching and common packet batching mechanisms. Used PLB s, X11perf and proprietary test programs for performance analysis and profiling. Daster Technologies Incorporated. Principal Hardware Engineer. Hardware design of a high performance graphics display controllers. Technologies included LSI Logic 7000 series gate arrays, the Z8002, 2901 bit-slice family, custom communications controller, and a proprietary bus. Modern Equipment Corporation, Semiconductor Engineering. Senior Hardware Engineer.

Hardware design with DEC 16-bit microprocessors. Designed, built, and debugged a single board computer. Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Worcester, MA, 1979. B.S. Electrical Engineering, Graduated with Honors. Windows Developer Resume Sample 11. Samples represent that of an actual working technical professional found on the WEB and modified to protect the privacy of these professionals. Human names, company names, colleges, software product names are intentionally made up.

Seeking a Project Lead position in learn a result orientated company that desires an ambitious and career-conscious individual with outstanding communication and interpersonal skills, and common prompts 2013 demonstrates the ability to organize and prioritize a demanding workflow with a make it happen attitude. Experience in diversified software technologies and several aspects of paper Software Project Management Excellent organizational, analytical and problem solving skills, combined with outstanding communication and interpersonal skills Designed and geography thesis Architected solutions for learn paper complex systems, developing and implementing solutions, as well as managing development teams Trained by American Management Association in IT Project Management. SUMMARY OF QUALIFICATIONS. Project Mgmnt: American Management Association Trained. Languages: C, C++, HTML, Java, and COBOL. Operating Systems: Windows 2000/NT/95, HP-UX, SCO Unix, DOS, MVS/ESA. Technologies: Object Oriented, Component Object Model, Client/Server, and Web Technologies.

Software: VC++, VB, VBScript, ASP, MFC, ODBC, Winsocks, Sockets, 16- and 32-bit Windows SDK, Visual SourceSafe, SiteMinder, LDAP, Pro*C, PL/SQL, SQL*Net. Databases: Oracle, SQL Server, Access. Unisoft Inc, Addison, NJ. Project Manager 1999 - Present. Manage project teams through motivational interface while promoting efficiency and productivity. Interact with various departments, clients and customers to gather requirements, architect and design solutions Make technical presentations for the sales teams, senior management and critical thinking styles essay clients Design solutions in technologies including Windows NT Systems, Web-based Three-tier, Mainframe/non-mainframe Legacy Systems, and Client/Server Technologies Interact with project teams located onsite, offsite, and offshore India , to execute projects in a timely manner with acceptable and pre-defined quality standards Define and to write paper successfully implement offshore/onsite Project Execution Methodology, including cost-effective communication model, resource utilization, and risk-mitigation strategies Function as a single-point liaison between technical teams and end-clients/customers Perform project planning, budgeting, resource allocation, budget and schedule tracking Provide technical leadership to the teams, perform team mentoring, team appraisals, design and thinking code reviews for accuracy and optimization. Completed internationalization project within allocated budget and learn to write time, despite resource crunch, by motivating the team and effectively managing schedules Achieved excellent VoC for thesis the company s offshore model, by defining and learn to write paper implementing effective offshore solution to the client Achieved first excellent VoC for a pre-sales proposal from review a prospective customer Completed a project Enabling Single Sign-On for GE Corporate Information Systems without any prior knowledge of the technology.

GE Corporate Information Systems, GE Consumer Finance, GE Card Services, GE Plastics, InSystems Technologies, and PRICE Systems LLC. Senior Programmer/Analyst/Lead 1998. Analyze Systems, problems and user requirements, and to write provide solutions Design and implement multi-threaded three-tier non-web-based systems Design and implement data parsers Convert Architectural drawings and designs into descriptive essay unit program specifications Implement software using C, C++, Visual C++, Visual Basic, SQL Stored Procedures and TCP Sockets in learn paper Windows Environment NT and 95 Provide Technical guidance to essay the team members Maintain source code versioning and control using Visual Source Safe Ensure smooth source code integration with effective implementation standards and learn to write paper team coordination Perform Project Integration, QA Builds, Release Control and cooking essay Versioning. Designed and developed custom thread classes in C++ to implement multi-threaded servers Designed and developed three-tier Request Processor with SQL Server as the client, a communication layer and a C++ Server Designed and developed Windows NT Service to accept application startup/shutdown requests from a remote machine Designed and learn paper developed Remote Process Viewer to view and paper terminate processes if necessary, on a remote machine. Countrywide Home Loans and KLA TenCore. Analyze requirements and source code for complex systems Develop and maintain multi-threaded C++ Servers and Clients Design and develop multi-threaded Network File Distribution Utilities Port 16-Bit Windows Software to 32-Bit Windows 95 platform Perform source code control, builds and releases of the paper, software Design and passion cooking implement test plans, and fail-over strategies Perform software alpha and paper beta testing, manual stress testing, and fail-over testing. Increased C++ Server connectivity from custom review 2 to 15, without any design or hardware changes, by learn to write paper means of descriptive essay unit Socket Code modification and Server and Client thread code optimization Single-handedly maintained 150,000 lines of C++ Server and Client code Single-handedly designed and developed network file distribution utility that would connect to 25 concurrent machines via Network, Dialup and/or RAS to distribute MS Access Databases to clients.

Applied Materials and learn SAIC. Pentafour Software And Exports Ltd., India. Designed high-level and low-level specifications for complex projects Developed complex systems on begin an essay, Unix and to write Windows NT Developed IBM Mainframe projects using COBOL, CICS and DB2 Designed courseware and trained students on passion, C++ for PSEL s software training division Architected and learn paper designed several systems for international clients. NEC Japan, Shark Multimedia, USA and Sumitomo Bank, Japan. National Institute of Information Technology, India. Train students in various computer concepts and geography thesis programming languages/packages, including DOS, COBOL, and dBase III+, Systems Analysis and Design, Unix, C, and to write paper Project and Seminar development and presentation techniques.

Implemented database software on Unix with limited dBase-like interface and capabilities. Assisted students in completing their projects and begin an essay practical lab work. To Write Paper. Organized and participated in critical styles trade shows on behalf of the franchise as a part of to write marketing campaign to attract potential students. Windows Developer Resume Sample 12. Samples represent that of an actual working technical professional found on the WEB and modified to protect the thesis paper, privacy of these professionals. Human names, company names, colleges, software product names are intentionally made up. US Permanent Resident sponsorship not required. Windows Application Developer with 6 1/2 years of experience in Client/Server Applications, Win32 API , Visual C++, MFC, Multi-threading, DLL s, Visual Basic, ActiveX Controls, ODBC, ADO, COM, Embedded C++, Palm OS, Rational Rose and Databases.

Well acquainted with XML and .NET. Used Install Shield, PVCS and learn paper PVCS Tracker also. Excellent communication skills and enthusiastic to learn new technologies. Worked extensively on essays review, Windows NT, Windows 2000 and other Windows platforms. Ronald Electronic Products Group, Boca Raton, FL. Programming Skills: OO Analysis Design, Rational Rose, Client-Server Architecture, Visual C++, MFC, Windows Common Controls, Visual Basic, ActiveX Controls, COM, Microsoft SQL Server 2000, MS Access, Embedded C++, Palm OS, Install Shield, PVCS and PVCS tracker. Involved in software design and development for Radio Frequency Identification RFID applications on Windows 2000 and Palm OS.

My responsibilities included design and development of Inventory Application, Diagnostics Application, Check-In/Check-Out Application and Handheld Reader/Writer Applications using various tag types and multiple readers. I was also responsible for installation and administration of PVCS Tracker. Used Rational Rose as a design tool. Application development was accomplished using Visual C++, Visual Basic, Embedded C++, ActiveX Controls, and COM Objects. Microsoft SQL Server 2000 and MS Access were used as Databases. Moon BioTech, Fort Lauderdale, FL. Programming Skills: OO Analysis, Visual Basic, ActiveX Controls. The Combined Physiological Monitoring System CPMS Electronics Box monitors simultaneously 18 channels of learn to write paper EMG, 12 channels of Range of custom Motion, 1 channel of Functional Capacity, 1 channel of Pinch Strength and 1 channel of Grip Strength. The electronics provides the appropriate measuring and conditioning of the measured signals for input to the computer. The testing procedure performed by the CPMS is the EFA test.

Responsible for maintenance and enhancements to to write the software. This software was developed using VB, ActiveX controls for Windows 98. Dassani Software, Boca Raton, FL. Senior Software Developer. Programming Skills: Visual C++, MFC, OLE drag and drop, Windows Common Controls, Win32 System Objects, Multi-Threading, OO Analysis Design, Visual Source Safe, PVCS, Bounds Checker, SmartHeap, PVCS tracker, RougeWave and common Objective Tool Kit. Involved in design and development of Dassani 5.1. Dassani is a powerful e-business integration solution for seamless business-to-business B2B integration across all commerce touch points, event-driven application-to-application A2A integration across the enterprise, and integration of existing systems with consumer-to-business C2B applications. Dassani addresses application integration at the business content level -- synchronizing the business rules and to write paper document semantics among many different applications -- as well as the technical level -- bridging all of the hardware, network and data transfer platforms.

Certain modules of the critical essay, current version of the software are being developed using Visual C++ 6.0. , MFC on Windows NT 4.0 platform. Involved in GUI/Backend design, development, and maintenance for four products Map Designer, Database Interface Designer, Type Designer, and to write paper Integration Flow Designer. Cooking Essay. Designed API, which constitutes the backend of Integration Flow Designer. Extensively used OLE drag and drop. Responsible for learn to write developing several reusable user interface modules using Windows Common Controls and Win32 System Objects. Responsible for making the software in compliance with UNICODE. Geography. Objective Tool Kit was used to embed certain features into learn the GUI framework like Grid and Trees.

Also developed a utility tool called FileDiff, which is begin an essay, used to track project updates. Learn. Used Bounds Checker and Smart Heap as the debugging tools. As a senior developer, my responsibilities also include designing consistent GUI for the above mentioned products, Code Review and overseeing adherence to coding standards. PVCS tracker was used to coordinate between QA and development teams. Santana Software, Inc., Boca Raton, FL. Programming Skills: Visual C++, MFC, Windows Common Controls, Windows Registry, Multi Threading, Services, Win32 System Objects, ActiveX Controls, Visual Source Safe, ODBC, MS Access and descriptive essay Crystal Reports.

Involved in to write paper design and development of Secure Perfect Software. Secure Perfect Software was developed to implement Access Control Alarm Monitoring Systems. The software was developed using Visual C++ 5.0. , MFC on Windows NT 4.0. platform. Salient features in the development process included implementation of begin an essay Client/Server architecture, Internationalization, Imaging, and Database Interaction through ODBC. Designed and developed a utility tool for learn paper automating internationalization of windows resource files and urgent essays wrapper classes for MFC ODBC classes to simplify the database development process. Also responsible for designing and implementing several user interface modules. To Write Paper. These modules are the main source of user interaction with the security system. Responsible for developing C++ coding standards and documenting designs.

Southern Consulting Corporation, Miami, FL. Programming Skills: Windows Common Controls, MFC, Visual Source Safe, OO Analysis Design, Bounds Checker, Various third party tools and Sybase. Involved in designing and developing Paylink software. Paylink was developed to promote the international electronic banking market for CitiBank. It consists of a GUI framework for essay banking applications. Learn To Write Paper. The software was developed using Visual C++ and descriptive essay plan Windows NT. Designed and to write developed several reusable user interface modules for urgent Paylink using OOD techniques. Designed and developed several database custom controls using MFC.

Used Sybase as the back end. Designed and documented all the C++ designs in learn to write Rational Rose. Programmer Programming Skills: C++, awk and UNIX. Test Data Generator TDG tool automatically generates test data for geography thesis paper data processing applications based on the constraints and specifications given by the user. The TDG takes these specifications and generates valid test data accordingly and ensures that none of the to write, constraints are violated. Custom Review. Developed the software using C++ in UNIX environment. Responsible for learn to write paper developing base type domain objects like integer object, date object etc. Used various advanced C++ concepts. Also used awk programming to begin an essay generate makefiles.

Master of Computer Applications, Regional Engineering College, India. US permanent resident. Available upon request. Windows Developer Resume Sample 13. Samples represent that of an actual working technical professional found on the WEB and modified to learn to write paper protect the privacy of these professionals. Human names, company names, colleges, software product names are intentionally made up. A Software developer with almost 5 years of experience in Windows applications using C++, the Win32 API and urgent custom review MFC. Have a good working knowledge of COM, DCOM and ATL. To Write Paper. Areas of experience include Windows NT services, performance monitoring, the Windows event-log and the Windows registry. Tools used are Rational Clearcase, Visual Sourcesafe and Installshield. Trained on common prompts, C#, ASP.NET, XML and SQL Server 2000.

A Microsoft certified professional MCP with a certification in MFC. Operating systems: Windows 2000, Windows NT, Windows 95 Languages: C++, C, C# Web: ASP.NET, XML, HTML, JavaScript, VBScript Technologies/libraries: MFC, ATL, COM, DCOM Databases: SQL Server 2000 Version Controls/tools: Visual C++, Visual Sourcesafe, Clearcase, Installshield. Master of Computer Applications MCA from Madras Christian College with a first class. Bachelor of Science Mathematics from Madras Christian College with a first class. Software-contractor, Preston Software Inc., Pleasanton, California Dec 1999 to Jan. 2002. Software-contractor, Sinton Corporation, Oregon September 99 to Nov.

1999. Computer Programmer, CADS Software India Pvt. Ltd. Learn To Write. Aug 1997 to Jun 1999. Title: Foglight Preston Software Inc., Dec. 1999 to critical thinking styles Jan. 2002. Description: A performance monitoring system for enterprise e-business systems. Adding new features to RAPS Manager, which is a MFC dialog application.

Bug fixes in the Foglight host-service, which is an NT service. Enhancing the to write, NT system agent and begin an essay the event log. Develop and maintain the Installshield project to package the learn, Foglight NT Client. Environment: VC++, MFC, Installshield, Rational Clearcase, Windows NT and Windows 2000. Title: Via Shift Register Sinton Corporation, Sep. 1999 to begin an essay Nov. Learn To Write Paper. 1999. Description: This application was designed to test processed silicon wafers used to build Sinton products.

Upgrade the existing 16-bit application to a 32-bit Windows application. Enhance the user interface in the 32-bit application and test it in the device lab. Environment: Visual C++, Visual SourceSafe, and Windows NT. Title: Steel Work Moment Connections CADS UK, Nov. 1997 to June 1999. Description: A new product to common essay 2013 be used by civil and learn to write paper structural engineers to design steel connections. Design the various steelwork classes and the user interface.

Implement the common essay 2013, bolt rows calculations and test the results. Environment: VC++, MFC, Visual Source Safe and Windows 95. Title: Steel Work Member Designer CADS India, Aug 1997 to Nov 1997. Description: A product for Windows to be used by civil and structural engineers to design steel members. Responsibilities: Design the Print module and learn to write test the application. Environment: Visual C++, Visual SourceSafe, and Windows 95. Windows Developer Resume Sample 14. Samples represent that of an begin an essay, actual working technical professional found on the WEB and modified to protect the privacy of these professionals. Human names, company names, colleges, software product names are intentionally made up. New Delhi, India.

Bachelor of learn Engineering Electronics. Diploma in Advanced Computing CDAC. Windows 2000, Windows NT 4.0, Unix SCO , Windows 95/98, DOS. Assembly 8085/86/51 , C, C++, VC++ Tools and Methodologies. COM, OOPS and OOAD, Software Engineering. Oracle 8.0, SQL Server 6.5/7.0.

VC++ 6, VB 6, Developer 2000, Win32. Win32 SDK, WinSock, MFC, Dialogic SDK Standard DNA, GlobalCall - Analog, E1/T1, ISDN, SS7, GammaLink , Distinct Toolkit, Visual Voice Toolkit, Philips Speech Pearl 2000, SAPI 5.0. Over three and a half years of experience with consistently increasing responsibilities in software design, development, testing and implementation. Good experience of entire software development life cycle from analysis, design, development, testing, documentation to descriptive essay unit implementation and learn to write paper support for CTI/telephony systems, internet and client server applications. Strong understanding and experience of thinking object oriented programming, computer telephony integration, windows architecture operating system , network/internet protocols and RDBMS. Versatile team player with excellent communication, interpersonal and management skills.

UniVersus - AlphaTotalXchange Nov 2001 - Present. Alpha UniVersus is a complete unified messaging product with which telecommunications providers and enterprises can manage, synchronize, and coordinate service interactions across a broad range of communications channels including the web, email, telephone, fax, text-based chat, wireless devices and voice over IP VOIP . A single mailbox is sufficient for all messages - email, fax, voice - accessible anywhere, anytime, using any device - web browser, cell phone, phone, WAP, mail clients and new and emerging devices. There are provisions for conferencing and streaming along with routing etc too. The various modules include Telephony Process, Web Server Process, Message Receiver, Dispatcher, Data Manager, Notification Manager, Message Transfer Agent, Compression and Conversion Manager, and H.323 gateway, ASR/TTS Module. As a module leader, my responsibilities include requirement analysis, designing and coding for the Message Transfer Agent POP3/SMTP, SMSC, UCP, FTP routing, Voice, Fax, data store , Dispatcher, Message Receiver, Notification Manager and Compression Conversion Manager along with extensive documentation and testing/implementation plans.

I was also responsible for learn to write paper the TTS and ASR modules. A team of 18 developers is involved in urgent custom the project with my modules consisting of 5 team members. Paper. The project is based on common prompts 2013, Win 2000, Dialogic Voice Processing boards using VC++, Win32 SDK, MFC, WinSock, and other SDKs Distinct, SAPI, R Voice, Philips Speech Pearl, Derdack Message Master, BlackIce . Echoes Jul 2001 - Oct 2001. Echoes by Alpha Infotech is a product which offers telephony based interactive game show / poll or quiz applications for various verticals like entertainment media or telecommunication companies. The product is learn to write, configurable by critical the customers to suit specific needs and requirements. The product comprises of the features like configurable quiz settings like number of questions to paper be asked with intelligence, getting digits, recording messages, verification etc, generalized question bank, multiple quizzes different for different port ,expandable stations, complete reporting and begin an essay logging, extensive IVRS/call related features, agent screening and information capture, easy to maintain and configure. As a team leader, I was responsible for the design, development coding , testing and learn to write paper documentation of the entire product. The modules mainly consisted of telephony call control, setting GUI, reporting and agent processing. A team of 4 developers was involved in the entire project.

The project was based on windows 2000, Dialogic voice processing boards current implementations on D120 and thinking essay D300 E1 using VC++ 6, Dialogic SDK for telephony services and settings GUI and VB with crystal reports 8 for learn paper agent processing and passion reporting . Trishul May 2001 - Jun 2001. Trishul allows the users of a telephone service provider to send voice and fax messages from telephony interface to any e-mail recipient. The system accepts the learn to write paper, call from the caller, authenticates him and allows him to select the recipient from his address book and sends the message as an common prompts, e-mail to that that recipient. The web interface allows him to maintain the system setting and address book. As module leader and learn paper member of the development team, I was responsible for system design, development, testing and implementation of the entire project. Common Essay 2013. I was involved in coding of the fax and the SMTP modules. The project consisted of 4 team members. The telephony and mail modules are running on WinNT 4.0 and developed using VC++, Dialogic SDK System Release 5 , Global Call API, WinSock, MFC and paper use Dialogic VFX-ESC boards 24 port . Alpha TELCRM Telephony Server and ActiveX Controls Jan 2001 - Apr 2001. The project involved developing and adding telephony services to a CRM Customer Relationship Management software. In this call center architecture, a computer-telephone integration CTI server provides connectivity between the telephone system the private branch exchange [PBX] or switch or automatic call distributor [ACD], and common essay 2013 desktop phone sets and the computer system desktop applications and customer database . This permits the application to control telephone calls. By enabling call monitoring and control, plus synchronization of voice and data associated with a particular call, this CTI-based project provides the infrastructure required for applications such as screen pop and preview dialing.

As a team leader, I was responsible for learn paper system study, system design, development coding , testing and implementation of the prompts 2013, project/product. A team of 4 members was involved in the development of this system on Win NT 4.0 server and workstations, Dialogic boards developed on D 300, D160, D 41, MSI 160 , Panasonic EPABX using VC++, WinSock, MFC, Dialogic SDK. Arcane is a call logger which logs all the incoming and learn to write outgoing calls. The system is connected in parallel to urgent essays review the incoming telephone lines in the organization. The system provides an interface which allows the administrator to screen call conversation. As the member of the development team, my responsibilities were design, development and coding for paper Telephony Gateway. The job included the preparation of design documents, test plan, implementation plan and user manual.

Team Size: 2, OS: WinNT4.0, S/W: Dialogic SDK, Global Call API, Visual C++, H/W: Dialogic Voice Processing Card. Alpha FaxXchange Oct 2000 - Nov 2000. Fax Server System is begin an essay, 4 port store and forward FOIP solution for the ISP following T.37 protocol. The system is integrated with other fax service provider Faxaway/ . The system had the feature of intelligent routing which selects the best server to which the fax should be routed. reception/ storage/ forwarding/ transmission - email to fax/fax to fax/fax to email . My core responsibility was mail server and fax forwarding. I was involved throughout the project life cycle from analysis, design, development, coding and testing.

Team Size: 3, Languages Tools: C, C++, VC++, Win 32 SDK, Dialogic SDK, Distinct Toolkit; Database: SQL Server; Platform: Windows NT and Dialogic boards. Aaman - IVR Application for a Television Channel Aug 2000- Sept 2000. Aaman is 72 port IVR/CTI application 60 digital/12 analog automated message recording and opinion polling system. Caller scan call into the system and leave their message/queries on to write paper, specified issue, which are further screened by the experts and included in the programs. Cooking Essay. It also provides the feature of opinion poll through which a caller can leave his opinion on to write, specified issue. The system runs both on digital E1 R2MF as well as analog lines. As a team leader my core responsibility included analysis, design, development and testing of the whole system. I was involved in coding of paper telephony Server Analog and partly digital /GUI/Clients DB Handling and Audio Compression Module. Team Size: 3, Languages Tools: C, C++, VC6++, Win 32 SDK , Dialogic API, VB6; Database: SQL Server; Platform: Windows NT and Dialogic boards. Zing Mail -IVRS for to write a Cellular Service Operator May 00 - Jul 00. Aawaz is essay plan, a 16 port automated voice recording system, an paper, integrated product of Zing Mail.

The concept behind the ZingMail is to send voice message via telephone over common essay 2013 Internet. An E-mail to the recipient is sent manually stating that there is learn, message from paper following person and if wants to listen, then he has to visit their web site. As a team member, I was involved throughout the project life cycle from analysis, design, development, coding and testing. only learn paper, telephony module . Team Size: 3, Languages Tools: VC6++, Win 32 SDK , Dialogic API; Database: SQL Server; Platform: Windows NT and common prompts 2013 Dialogic boards. Fax Back System for a client Mar 2000 - Jun 2000. The project aimed at providing fax-back to callers about the various deposit schemes and information about the bank branch 4 port . Team Size: 1, Languages Tools: VC6, Win 32 SDK, Visual Voice Toolkit ; Database: MS Access ; Platform: Windows NT and Dialogic boards Core Responsibility: IVR using toolkit controls . Worked only on telephony module. Mail Server Project At CDAC Dec 99 - Jan 2000. Languages: VC++ MFC , Win Sock ; Team Size: 4; Research: Topic Windows Registry ; Platform: Windows 95/NT ; Core Responsibility: Involved in system analysis design, coding of SMTP POP3 server and connectivity with Outlook Express.

This project was done in a team of 4 and was aimed at providing a mail server for the existing intranet in CDAC - Ahmedabad, for transfer of mail. Inventory System Aug 1999 - Nov 1999. Team Size: 1 ; My Role: Analysis, Design and Development ; GUI: Visual Basic ; Database: Oracle 8.0 ; Platform: Pentium IBM Compatible / Windows 95. This system is aimed for dealers in automobile spares. The system consists of to write paper three basic modules viz. Purchase, Sale and Stock Maintenance. The system takes care of all steps involved in essay prompts purchases and learn to write paper sales. Geography Paper. Also maintenance of customers, generation of debit credit notes, outstanding reports. Financial Accounting and Inventory System Jan 99 - May 99. Team Size: 1 ; My Role: Analysis, Design and Development ; Languages: Visual Basic ; Relational Database: MS-Access ; Platform: Windows 95. This System was aimed to cover all the aspects of a customized financial accounting package such as sales purchase, maintenance of to write creditors debtors, generation of custom essays various reports including trial balance, profit loss account and balance sheet . Also takes care of purchase, sale and stock Maintenance.

Bedside and central patient monitoring system as part of the BE final year curriculum. Team: 2 ; Hadware: 8088 based stand-alone system with ADC and analog card ; Software: Assembly, C ; Role: Design and implementation of complete hardware and software. The system takes up to 8 parameters ECG, Temperature, Pulse Rate with serial interface to central monitor. Have developed various other libraries, components and paper demonstration programs during my professional and academic tenure . Module Leader with Alpha Infotech, Lajpat Nagar, New Delhi -110 024. Since September 2001 Sr Software Engineer Systems CTI with Alpha Infotech, Lajpat Nagar, New Delhi -110024. Common Essay. March 2000 - August 2001 Software Development Engineer with Ishi Systems, Ahmedabad-54. Paper. June 1999 - February 2000 Software Engineer with Softmart Solutions, New Friends Colony, New Delhi -110065.

December 1998 - May 1999 Software Engineer Trainee with Softmart Solutions, New Friends Colony, New Delhi -110065. June 1998 - November 1998. Academic and Educational Background. Diploma in Advanced Computing from passion essay Centre for Development of Advanced Computing CDAC - Dept. of Electronics Govt. of India , Ahmedabad India . To Write. Passed out in Jan 2000. Bachelor of Engineering in Industrial Electronics from Bharti Vidyapeeth College of Engineering, University of Pune , Pune India . Passed out in July 1998 in higher second class. All India Senior School Certificate Examination from KVM , Ludhiana India , Central Board of passion essay Secondary Education, New Delhi. Learn Paper. Passed out in 1993 in first class. All India Secondary School Examination from Sacred Heart Convent School , Ludhiana India , Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi.

Passed out in 1991 in first class. Windows Developer Resume Sample 15. Samples represent that of an actual working technical professional found on the WEB and common essay prompts modified to protect the paper, privacy of these professionals. Human names, company names, colleges, software product names are intentionally made up. Four and half years of rich experience in plan Software Development involving Design, Development and Testing of applications and projects Very good skills in OOA/OOD/SA-SD and programming with C/C++, VC++, ATL/COM, STL, MFC, WIN 32 APIs, ADO, WTL, UNICODE compliance. Experienced in design and development of classes, objects, functions, and other application components using C++ in a Windows environment using Microsoft Visual Studio Version 6 Experienced in using and learn paper developing COM components in VC++ Experience with the Microsoft Foundation Class MFC library and cooking C++ templates STL , including the Microsoft Active Template Library ATL along with Windows Template Library WTL . Experienced in Project Management, Requirement Study, Analysis, Design, Software Development, Testing, Quality Assurance, Implementation of products and to write paper business applications. Essay. Worked on to write, Database implementations, also underwent training for DB2 fundamentals.

Software/Tools/Languages: CC++, VC++ 6.0, MFC, WIN 32 APIs, VSS 6.0, Java Script, HTML, IE 5.0, PASCAL,BASIC,COBOL. Styles. Technologies: ATL/COM, ADO, WTL, STL Databases: MS Access, DB2, FOXPRO, DBASEIV Operating Systems: Windows 95/98/ME/200, UNIX Hardware: Intel Pentium PC. Testing tools: Testtrack Pro. Highly motivated to take independent responsibility as well as ability to contribute and be a productive team member. Excellent communication skills and good in people relationships. Enthusiastic and paper adaptive of new technologies. Strong Analytical and problem solving skills. Target and performance oriented. 1994-98 Bachelor of Technology BS , 4 year equivalent from Regional Engineering College REC , Warangal, India. Ameriplayer Inc, Seattle, WA. June 2001 - May 2002.

PROJECT #1: DIGITAL MEDIA MANAGER. Description: Digital Media Manager is an application for playing, recording, managing digital music. Common Essay. This application was to be launched in competition with Windows media player, Music Match Jukebox, Real Jukebox etc. It can also perform different functionalities like playing different music mp3, wma, cd etc , record music, write CDs, create and to write paper edit playlists, connect and thinking styles essay synchronize with portable devices etc. Developed this application using VC++, MFC, Win32 API calls, ATL/COM, WTL, STL, JSP, ADO, Multithreading, Callbacks, MS Access etc. Involved in Analysis, Design and implementation of Contentmanager using VC++. Designed developed and implemented classes, objects, functions and components for the Contentmanager using C++ along with STL. Implemented user interface module to learn paper unit test the content manager functionalities using MFC and WTL. Plan. Designed and developed COM wrapper for Content Manager functionalities. Diskcrawl implementation where the hard disk/CD Drives/Portable Devices are crawled for all the supported digital media using Win32 API calls which also involved Multithreading.

Retrieval, editing and storage of metadata for digital media mp3 audio and windows media using STL. Implemented CDDB module whose functionality is to retrieve Audio CD songs information from to write CDDB s repository. This involved using COM API calls. Begin An Essay. Unicode compliance of all the Contentmanager implementations. Managing the content metadata using ADO with MS Access. Error handling implentation.

VC++, MFC, Win32 API calls, ATL/COM, WTL, STL, JSP, ADO, Multithreading, MS Access, Callbacks etc. Ameriplayer Inc, Seattle, WA. Dec 2000 - May 2001. PROJECT #2: User Registration and Auto Update Wizards. Description: User Registration wizard is a standalone application which when launched registers users digital device along with user information. Separate COM DLL was created to to write paper save the entries to registry. Auto Update Wizard is a standalone application that connects to a server and compares the styles essay, updates on to write paper, the server with downloads already available on the system, and if any new updates are available, downloads them. Developed this using VC++, MFC, Win32 API calls, WTL, ATL/COM, Multithreading. Designed, developed and implemented the classes and functions for each module using C++. Design and implementation of the Wizards and its traversal.

Designed and developed the critical thinking, GUI using WTL of VC++. Registry storage and learn paper editing was done in a separate DLL which was wrapped using COM. Essay 2013. Using the learn, above COM component into User Registration and Auto Update modules. Latest downloads were listed using ListControl. Threading implementation of progress bar in synchronization with downloads. Error handling implementation. HTTP - Internet Win32 API calls.

VC++, MFC, Win32 API calls, WTL, ATL/COM, Multithreading. Ameriplayer Private Limited, Hyderabad, India. Nov 1999 - Nov 2000. PROJECT #3: PC Audio Jukebox. Description: Audio Jukebox is an application to manage a user s Audio on the system. It catalogs user s audio based on geography, Artist, Album, Genre, Title. To Write Paper. This jukebox performs different functions like play audio, record audio, download audio to the digital device etc. Design and implementation of essay plan Content management modules in the Audio Jukebox using C++.

Metadata ID3 tags retrieval of learn Audio songs where details of passion cooking essay songs are retrieved and stored using STL containers. Sorting and indexing the metadata using Quicksort. Diskcrawl implementation where hard disk is learn to write paper, crawled and common essay prompts 2013 only audio songs are selected. Playlist implementation where user creates his favorite lists of music. Algorithm for management of metadata in a tree view. The music was profiled based on Genre, Artist, Album and title. And a virtual treelists were created to store the data in separate containers vectors in STL . To Write. These lists were loaded and displayed on passion, the user interface. Learn To Write. Dynamically adding and editing the thesis, virtual treelists. VC++, STL, Win32 calls, Database management etc. Mascot System Private Limited, Bangalore, India.

March 1999 - October 1999. Client : Circuit City, Richmond, USA. PROJECT #4: Cash Register Variance Reports. Description: Distributed Processing System DPS Tacticals team, which does modules/tacticals for the client Circuit City Stores, which has a chain of electronics stores across USA, Canada and learn paper Mexico. This module was developed to create a way for the system to track all the review, cash register close-out variances for a given period and print them out on a report at the end of the learn, electronic store close procedure. Data Structure Techniques have been used to handle this module along with the handling of different Databases. Extreme care was taken in the execution of this module due to common 2013 memory constraints that were applicable during the store close operation of the system, which consumed lot of learn memory.

Technical Role: Design, Development, Implementation and begin an essay testing. Platforms: C, UNIX and VERSADOS. Mascot System Private Limited, Bangalore, India. June 1998 - Feb 1999. Client : Circuit City, Richmond, USA. PROJECT #5: Break Up Of Transfer Executables. Description: This module was developed in order to facilitate the to write, breaking up of the single executable into passion cooking essay 4 different executables to save memory as well as time during execution. Proper care was taken in putting the to write paper, calling procedures and urgent custom removing the procedures which were not to be required and to include only those files which were required into paper each executable.

This involved a complete restructuring of the existing flow which led to the final implementation. Technical Role: Design, Development, Implementation and begin an essay testing. Platforms: C, UNIX and VERSADOS. Lorven Accounting Services, Hyderabad, India. Jan 1998 - May 1998. PROJECT #6: Accounting system. Description: This accounting package was developed in learn to write the same way the accounts were maintained in geography books.

It involved Journal, ledger, billing, stock updates, Balance sheet etc. This was developed using FOXPRO. Technical Role: Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation and testing. Windows Developer Resume Sample 16. Samples represent that of an actual working technical professional found on the WEB and paper modified to protect the privacy of these professionals.

Human names, company names, colleges, software product names are intentionally made up. Twenty years experience in all phases of the begin an essay, software development cycle. To Write. Twelve years of Windows development experience. Four years of device driver development experience. Three years of review project management experience. He has a clue. MAJOR AREAS OF PERFORMANCE. Device Drivers Real-Time Windows Applications Device Control Data Acquisition User Interface Design Computer Graphics Audio Speech Recognition Systems Data Transmission Protocols Communications Systems Internationalization Simulators. PROGRAMMING LANGUAGES OPERATING SYSTEMS EXPERIENCE. C, C++/MFC/COM/ALT/WTL, SQL, HTML, VB, Ada, Pascal, Prolog, Perl, DGL, FORTRAN.

Assembly Languages MASM, 68000, 6502, VAX Macro. Windows NT/2000/9x/XP, OS/2, Mac OS, MS-DOS, VMS, DG/UX, UNIX. ROCENT CORPORATION, Redmond WA. Sr. To Write Paper. Software Developer on contract. Designed commercially released Windows NT/2000/XP device drivers in C for PCI cards that digitize SVGA video input, and provide mouse and keyboard interfaces for plan a remote-access remote-control system. Implemented driver-level interfaces to Xilinx FPGA and to write on-board microprocessor firmware. Created driver INF files. Begin An Essay. Wrote a Win95 VxD driver for learn to write the prototype of the above system. On multiple occasions designed software work-arounds that prevented the need for costly hardware changes.

Designed a C++/MFC/COM/DirectX Windows NT/2000/XP application to provide the common, User Interface UI for the above system, intended for use in conjunction with KVM console switches in large-scale data centers and web server farms. See the Emerge products at Created InstallShield-based Setup programs for application and learn paper driver installation. MICROSOFT CORPORATION / MSNBC, Redmond WA. Sr. Software Developer on contract. Participated in the launch of MSN in 1995 and MSNBC in 1996.

Designed a real-time data acquisition system to custom review support multiple satellite downlinks, loading multimedia news-service data into a Microsoft SQL Server-based Internet publishing system for a world-class newsroom. Paper. Added functionality to support multiple transmission protocols and character sets for text in English, German, and passion essay French to the wire-feed component of the above system for ZDF-MSNBC Germany MSN Canada . Managed system integration and installation of satellite dishes, third-party image processing systems, and audio encoding equipment. Paper. Built various tools to automate image handling and SQL Server database manipulation. Was a key member of the urgent, development team implementing state-of-the-art multimedia Internet publishing tools in Visual Basic, Visual C++/MFC, using SQL Server and Microsoft BackOffice products. CLEAR VOICE, LLC, Seattle WA. Sr. Software Developer on contract. Internationalized the control console software administrative User Interface of the Repartee voicemail/automated-attendant/audiotext/fax system. Implemented language-localizable sort and search algorithms in C. Began porting Repartee from learn to write OS/2 to NT. INORIM CORPORATION, Bellevue WA. Sr.

Software Developer on contract. Ported a 16-bit relational database module to Win32, employing universal thunk to integrate a third-party backup utility DLL used Borland C++/OWL . MOON DOT STAR, INC., Renton WA. Sr. Software Developer. Developed multimedia educational software for MS Windows in thesis paper Visual C++/MFC.

Developed a User Interface toolkit comprised of reusable Windows controls graphical gauges, switches, knobs, and indicators for learn technical applications. STONE COMMUNICATIONS CORPORATION, Kent WA. Sr. Custom Review. Software Developer on contract. Developed Windows-based technical control software for a meteor burst radio communications network, providing both the user interface for system operation and the hardware interface. Developed software interfaces to cryptographic devices. Implemented multi-level packet-data network protocols. Integrated vocoders into meteor burst system, adding voice transmission functionality to the network. AUGUS APPLICATIONS CORPORATION, Kent WA.

Member or the Senior Staff. Led a four-member team developing an paper, acoustic analysis tool for use in Anti-Submarine Warfare ASW research and development C and FORTRAN, Windows GUI . Essay. Led the learn, Space Applications team on the RADC Satellite Autonomy project, applying Artificial Intelligence to the operation of satellite ground stations. Served on several winning proposal-writing teams. Designed and implemented real-time spacecraft simulation software in FORTRAN and Ingres SQL for clustered VAXes under VMS for Boeing Aerospace. Developed PC-based technical control and geography paper user interface software for a meteor burst radio communications network in Borland Pascal . Wrote mil-spec test procedures for learn to write formal validation and requirement verification of custom essays review a software subsystem for spacecraft status monitoring and control. Developed a Windows-based IR image rendering tool for aerodynamics RD.

Learned Windows application programming with the Windows 2.1 SDK. Attended several of the paper, early Microsoft Windows Developers Conferences. E-SYSTEMS, Garland TX. Developed real-time control, database access, simulation, and test software for an intelligence dissemination network VAX Pascal Oracle SQL running under VMS on VAXes; DGL running under DG/UX on a DG MV8000 . I d like to tell you more details, but that would get me in big trouble. Developed an essay, expert system to automate User Interface design and implementation. SCOTT INSTRUMENTS CORPORATION, Denton TX.

Software development for voice recognition, voice response, and to write paper graphics systems in passion assembly anguage and Basic. Developed a foreign language education system incorporating speech recognition, random-access recorded verbal response, and graphical feedback. Implemented a voice-actuated device control system. Participated in speech recognition RD, coding in C on to write paper, a VAX/UNIX system. SHELL OIL COMPANY, Houston TX. ProgrammerSoftware development hardware integration for voice input/output and urgent custom review graphics applications on a multiprocessor UNIX system. Developed a voice-controlled lecture slide presentation system. Modified Instron laboratory instrument control software in Basic and assembly language on a PDP-11. Wrote laboratory data reporting and statistics programs for HP programmable calculators. University of North Texas: B.S. in Computer Science, Minor in Music, 1981, Magna Cum Laude.

One year of paper graduate studies and teaching undergraduate Computer Science classes at UNT.

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Which Slave Sailed Himself to Freedom? Just before dawn on May 13, 1862, Robert Smalls and a crew composed of fellow slaves, in the absence of the learn to write paper white captain and his two mates, slipped a cotton steamer off the dock, picked up family members at plan, a rendezvous point, then slowly navigated their way through the learn to write harbor. Begin An Essay! Smalls, doubling as the captain, even donning the captain’s wide-brimmed straw hat to help to to write paper hide his face, responded with the proper coded signals at two Confederate checkpoints, including at Fort Sumter itself, and other defense positions. Cleared, Smalls sailed into the open seas. Once outside of thinking Confederate waters, he had his crew raise a white flag and learn paper, surrendered his ship to the blockading Union fleet. In fewer than four hours, Robert Smalls had done something unimaginable: In the begin an essay midst of the Civil War, this black male slave had commandeered a heavily armed Confederate ship and delivered its 17 black passengers (nine men, five women and three children) from slavery to freedom. Robert Smalls, S.C.

M.C. Learn To Write Paper! Born in Beaufort, SC, April 1839. (Library of Congress, prints and photographs division). After two weeks of review supplying various island points, the Planter returns to the Charleston docks by nightfall. It is due to go out again the to write paper next morning and so is paper heavily armed, including approximately 200 rounds of ammunition, a 32-pound pivot gun, a 24-pound howitzer and four other guns, among them one that had been dented in the original attack on Sumter. In between drop-offs, the three white officers on to write paper, board (Capt. C.J. Relyea, pilot Samuel H. Smith and engineer Zerich Pitcher) make the fateful decision to disembark for essay plan, the night — either for a party or to visit family — leaving the learn paper crew’s eight slave members behind.

If caught, Capt. Relyea could face court-martial — that’s how much he trusts them. At the top of the list is urgent review Robert Smalls, a 22-year-old mulatto slave who’s been sailing these waters since he was a teenager: intelligent and resourceful, defiant with compassion, an expert navigator with a family yearning to be free. According to the 1883 Naval Committee report, Smalls serves as the ship’s “virtual pilot,” but because only paper whites can rank, he is urgent custom review slotted as “wheelman.” Smalls not only acts the part; he looks it, as well. He is paper often teased about his resemblance to Capt. Relyea: Is it his skin, his frame or both? The true joke, though, is Smalls’ to spring, for what none of the officers know is passion cooking that he has been planning for learn to write, this moment for weeks and is willing to use every weapon on custom review, board to see it through.

Smalls was born on April 5, 1839, behind his owner’s city house at 511 Prince Street in Beaufort, S.C. Paper! His mother, Lydia, served in the house but grew up in the fields, where, at the age of nine, she was taken from her own family on the Sea Islands. It is not clear who Smalls’ father was. Some say it was his owner, John McKee; others, his son Henry; still others, the plantation manager, Patrick Smalls. Begin An Essay! What is clear is to write that the McKee family favored Robert Smalls over styles essay, the other slave children, so much so that his mother worried he would reach manhood without grasping the horrors of the institution into which he was born. To educate him, she arranged for him to be sent into the fields to work and learn to write paper, watch slaves at “the whipping post.” “The result of this lesson led Robert to defiance,” wrote great-granddaughter Helen Boulware Moore and custom, historian W. Marvin Dulaney, and he “frequently found himself in to write paper, the Beaufort jail.” If anything, Smalls’ mother’s plan had worked too well, so that “fear[ing] for her son’s safety … she asked McKee to allow Smalls to go to Charleston to be rented out to work.” Again her wish was granted. By the time Smalls turned 19, he had tried his hand at a number of critical thinking styles essay city jobs and was allowed to paper keep one dollar of passion cooking his wages a week (his owner took the rest). Far more valuable was the education he received on to write, the water; few knew Charleston harbor better than Robert Smalls. It’s where he earned his job on the Planter.

It’s also where he met his wife, Hannah, a slave of the Kingman family working at common essay, a Charleston hotel. To Write Paper! With their owners’ permission, the two moved into an apartment together and had two children: Elizabeth and begin an essay, Robert Jr. Well aware this was no guarantee of a permanent union, Smalls asked his wife’s owner if he could purchase his family outright; they agreed but at a steep price: $800. Smalls only had $100. “How long would it take [him] to learn paper save up another $700?” Moore and Dulaney ask. Unwittingly, Smalls’ “look-enough-alike,” Captain Rylea, gave him his best backup. To white Confederates, the Union ships blocking their harbors were another example of the North’s enslavement of the South; to actual slaves like Robert Smalls, these ships signaled the tantalizing promise of freedom. Under orders from Secretary Gideon Welles in Washington, Navy commanders had been accepting runaways as contraband since the previous September. Urgent Essays! While Smalls couldn’t afford to buy his family on shore, he knew he could win their freedom by sea — and so he told his wife to be ready for whenever opportunity dawned. That opportunity is at learn to write, hand on the night of begin an essay May 12. Once the white officers are on shore, Smalls confides his plan to the other slaves on board.

According to the Naval Committee report, two choose to learn to write paper stay behind. “The design was hazardous in the extreme,” it states, and Smalls and his men have no intention of being taken alive; either they will escape or use whatever guns and ammunition they have to fight and, if necessary, sink their ship. Passion Cooking! “Failure and detection would have been certain death,” the Navy report makes plain. “Fearful was the venture, but it was made.” At 2:00 a.m. on May 13, Smalls dons Capt. Rylea’s straw hat and orders the Planter’s skeleton crew to put up the to write paper boiler and hoist the South Carolina and begin an essay, Confederate flags as decoys. Paper! Easing out of the dock, in view of Gen. Ripley’s headquarters, they pause at descriptive essay, the West Atlantic Wharf to pick up Smalls’ wife and children, along with four other women, three men and another child. At 3:25 a.m., the learn to write paper Planter accelerates “her perilous adventure,” the Navy report continues (it reads more like a Robert Louis Stevenson novel). From the passion cooking essay pilot house, Smalls blows the ship’s whistle while passing Confederate Forts Johnson and, at learn, 4:15 a.m., Fort Sumter, “as cooly as if General Ripley was on paper, board.” Smalls not only knows all the right Navy signals to flash; he even folds his arms like Capt.

Rylea, so that in the shadows of dawn, he passes convincingly for white. “She was supposed to be the guard boat and learn to write, allowed to passion pass without interruption,” Confederate Aide-de-Campe F.G. Ravenel explains defensively in a letter to learn to write his commander hours later. It is only when the Planter passes out of Rebel gun range that the alarm is sounded — the essay prompts 2013 Planter is to write paper heading for the Union blockade. Approaching it, Smalls orders his crew to cooking replace the Palmetto and Rebel flags with a white bed sheet his wife brought on learn, board. Not seeing it, Acting Volunteer Lt. J. Frederick Nickels of the U.S.S. Onward orders his sailors to critical essay “open her ports.” It is learn “sunrise,” Nickels writes in descriptive plan, a letter the same day, an illuminating fact that may have changed the course of history, at least on learn to write paper, board the Planter — for critical thinking, now Nickels could see. In The Negro’s Civil War , the dean of Civil War studies James McPherson quotes the following eyewitness account: “Just as No. Learn Paper! 3 port gun was being elevated, someone cried out, ‘I see something that looks like a white flag’; and true enough there was something flying on the steamer that would have been white by application of soap and water.

As she neared us, we looked in vain for the face of a white man. Begin An Essay! When they discovered that we would not fire on them, there was a rush of contrabands out on her deck, some dancing, some singing, whistling, jumping; and others stood looking towards Fort Sumter, and muttering all sorts of maledictions against it, and ‘de heart of de Souf,’ generally. As the to write steamer came near, and under the stern of the essay Onward, one of the Colored men stepped forward, and taking off his hat, shouted, ‘Good morning, sir! I’ve brought you some of the paper old United States guns, sir!’ ” That man is Robert Smalls, and he and his family and unit, the entire slave crew of the Planter are now free. After “board[ing] her, haul[ing] down the to write paper flag of truce, and hoist[ing] the American ensign” (his words), Lt. Nickels transfers the Planter to geography thesis his commander, Capt. E.G.

Parrott of the U.S.S. Augusta. Parrott then forwards it on to Flag Officer Samuel Francis Du Pont (of the “du Pont” Du Ponts), at Port Royal, Hilton Heads Island, with a letter describing Smalls as “very intelligent contraband.” Du Pont is similarly impressed, and the next day writes a letter to the Navy secretary in to write, Washington, stating, “Robert, the intelligent slave and pilot of the boat, who performed this bold feet so skillfully, informed me of [the capture of the urgent custom review Sumter gun], presuming it would be a matter of interest.” He “is superior to any who have come into paper our lines — intelligent as many of them have been.” While Du Pont sends the families to Beaufort, he takes care of the Planter’s crew personally while having its captured flags mailed to Washington via the Adams Express, the same private carrier that had delivered Box Brown to freedom in 1849. Smalls may not have had the $700 he needed to purchase his family’s freedom before the war; now, because of his bravery and his inability to purchase his wife, the U.S. Congress on May 30, 1862, passed a private bill authorizing the Navy to appraise the geography thesis Planter and award Smalls and his crew half the proceeds for “rescuing her from the enemies of the Government.” Smalls received $1,500 personally, enough to purchase his former owner’s house in Beaufort off the tax rolls following the war, though according to the later Naval Affairs Committee report, his pay should have been substantially higher. The Confederates seemed to know this already; after Smalls’ escape, biographer Andrew Billingsley notes, they put a $4,000 bounty on his head.

Still, those on the scene had a hard time explaining how slaves pulled off such a feat; in the aftermath, Aide-de-Campe Ravenel even intimated to his commander that the night before, “it would appear that … two white men and a white woman went on board of her, and as they were not seen to return it is supposed that they have also gone with her.” Suppose all they wanted — there was no record of any white passengers aboard the Planter the morning of May 13 — Smalls and his crew had acted alone. As his contemporary steamer pilot Mark Twain famously wrote: “Facts are stubborn things.” In the North, Smalls was feted as a hero and to write, personally lobbied the common Secretary of War Edwin Stanton to begin enlisting black soldiers. Paper! After President Lincoln acted a few months later, Smalls was said to have recruited 5,000 soldiers by himself. Urgent Essays! In October 1862, he returned to the Planter as pilot as part of Admiral Du Pont’s South Atlantic Blockading Squadron. According to learn the 1883 Naval Affairs Committee report, Smalls was engaged in approximately 17 military actions, including the begin an essay April 7, 1863, assault on Fort Sumter and learn to write paper, the attack at Folly Island Creek, S.C., two months later, where he assumed command of the Planter when, under “very hot fire,” its white captain became so “demoralized” he hid in the “coal-bunker.” For his valiancy, Smalls was promoted to the rank of captain himself, and from December 1863 on, earned $150 a month, making him one of the highest paid black soldiers of the war. Poetically, when the war ended in April 1865, Smalls was on board the Planter in a ceremony in Charleston Harbor. Following the thinking styles war, Smalls continued to push the boundaries of freedom as a first-generation black politician, serving in the South Carolina state assembly and senate, and for five nonconsecutive terms in the U.S. House of Representatives (1874-1886) before watching his state roll back Reconstruction in a revised 1895 constitution that stripped blacks of their voting rights.

He died in Beaufort on February 22, 1915, in the same house behind which he had been born a slave and is buried behind a bust at the Tabernacle Baptist Church. In the face of the rise of Jim Crow, Smalls stood firm as an unyielding advocate for the political rights of African Americans: “My race needs no special defense for the past history of them and this country. It proves them to learn to write paper be equal of any people anywhere. All they need is an equal chance in the battle of life.” For those interested in urgent, learning more about this daring Civil War hero, Helen Boulware Moore and W. Martin Dulaney, with help from the National Endowment for the Humanities, have curated a traveling exhibit, “The Life and Times of Congressman Robert Smalls.” You can also find him on YouTube, including in a South Carolina state educational video; a fourth grader’s Black History Month presentation; even a realtor’s tour of his former home in Beaufort, most recently listed for $1.2 million. Imagine what the Planter and its guns and ammunition would fetch in current dollars? One thing I know: Robert Smalls and the purchase of his family’s freedom?

Priceless. Fifty of the 100 Amazing Facts will be published on The African Americans: Many Rivers to Cross website. Read all 100 Facts on The Root . Who was the Plessy in the Plessy v. Ferguson Supreme Court case that established the separate-but-equal policy for separating the races? Find educational resources related to to write paper this program - and access to thousands of curriculum-targeted digital resources for the classroom at PBS LearningMedia.

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ADTEC DIGITAL - Lead Engineer Resume Example. Learn? C and C++ - programming languages. TI MSP 430 microcontroller. VERILOG and VHDL - hardware descriptive languages. Critical Essay? LINUX - operating system. LINUX Shell - scripting and line command interface. Video Program Clock Reference (PCR) locking algorithm for multiplexed video streams over internet. ETHERNET - networking data layer.

Code Composer Studio 2 - TI TMS320 DSP microcode. TI DSP TMS320LF2403 microcontroller. IAR Embedded Workbench TI MSP 430 microcode. Motorola MC68HC912 microcontroller. MATLAB - engineering mathematical environment. Learn? Tektronics TLA611 - logic analyzer. JAVA - programming language. Common Prompts? PSPICE - analog circuit design. Research on available bandwidth estimation over unmanaged IP networks for video stream rate control.

MICROCHIP 25LC640 SPI EEPROM. Mercurial - distributed source control management tool. Uboot - open source bootloader. Lattice Diamond - PLD and FPGA IDE. XMODEM - communication protocol. IEEE 802.15.4 - wireless communication protocol. To Write Paper? PIC24FJ64GB106 microcontroller. Critical Thinking? TI DSP TMS320C642 - FIR filter, DMA management. µCOS-II - Real Time Operating System (RTOS). Adtec EN-31 and EN-2XX video encoder product line. Learn Paper? Lattice MachXO3L FPGA. SIGMA Em8623 - video/audio decoder.

SCTE30 - protocol for digital insertion. Styles? Adtec RD-71 - high definition video decoder. DTA 3050 - Transport stream multiplexer. Adtec DPI1200 - Digital Program Inserter. Digital Video Broadcast (DVB and learn paper, ATSC) PSI tables. Session Description Protocol (SDP) multicast media over internet standard.

Code Warrior - Freescale embedded systems IDE. IBM PowerPc 405. NVIDIA TESLA - Graphical Process Unit (GPU). PCI, I2C and SPI Hardware communication interfaces NVIDIA FERMI - Graphical Process Unit (GPU). Essays? Eclipse - Integrated Development Environment (IDE). Freescale PowerPc processor MPC8377. ADTEC DIGITAL PIC24FJ64GB106 microcontroller. TI DSP TMS320C642 - FIR filter, DMA management. COS-II - Real Time Operating System (RTOS).

Adtec EN-31 and learn to write, EN-2XX video encoder product line. Common Essay 2013? Lattice MachXO3L FPGA. Learn To Write? SIGMA Em8623 - video/audio decoder. Begin An Essay? SCTE30 - protocol for digital insertion. Adtec RD-71 - high definition video decoder. DTA 3050 - Transport stream multiplexer.

Adtec DPI1200 - Digital Program Inserter. Digital Video Broadcast (DVB and ATSC) PSI tables. Session Description Protocol (SDP) multicast media over learn, internet standard. Code Warrior - Freescale embedded systems IDE. IBM PowerPc 405. NVIDIA TESLA - Graphical Process Unit (GPU).

PCI, I2C and SPI Hardware communication interfaces. NVIDIA FERMI - Graphical Process Unit (GPU). Begin An Essay? Eclipse - Integrated Development Environment (IDE). Freescale PowerPc processor MPC8377. Broadcast and Digital Television solutions designer and manufacturer.

Responsible for the design and architecture of various software components for the Digital TV Transport Stream Multiplexer DTA3000. Technical group leader responsible for providing direction to learn paper junior engineers. Responsible for new software architecture and maintenance of thesis paper Digital Program/Commercial Insertion ADTEC DPI1200. To Write Paper? Architect and designer of second generation of Digital Video Transport Multiplexer for broadcast contribution MUXC10. Delivered continuous product software releases for major global broadcasters. University of urgent essays North Florida. University of North Florida Digital imaging filtering for noise reduction in learn video stream using TI's DSP TMS320C642. System communication design of a sensor array using TI MSP 430, TI DSP TMS320 microcontrollers, EE-PROMs (25LC540), proprietary and other digital protocols such as XMODEM, Serial Communication Interface (SCI), SPI and WCTP (DOD) for the Aquatic Real-Time Monitoring System (ARMS) of bioterrorism detection events project.

Web development communication system design to capture real time sensor data for transmission and thinking, display utilizing XML, Net Beans, WCTP, and Apache Cocoon. Embedded system design of an Intelligent Photo Induced Charge (PIC) sensor using EE-PROMs (25LC540), TI TMS320C2000 DSP, data transceiver CreataLink 2 XT and embedded real time operating system µCOS-II. To Write Paper? School Projects. Embedded system design of a Robotic Arm using the begin an essay, Motorola M68HC12 microcontroller and Futaba servo motors. To Write Paper? Embedded system design of prompts 2013 a Universal Remote using the TI MSP 430 microcontroller and an IR transmitter.

University of North Florida Special Events Staff University of North Florida 2001, 2002 and 2003 Group similar technologies to learn paper facilitate scanning Add quantifiable achievements. Revise the descriptive unit plan, wording for II as it comes across as second version or you need to replace with another word like two. Order statements in order of importance. Confirm if award is current. OTHER *Member, Eta Kapa Nu electrical engineering honor society. To Write? *Dean's list Fall 2001, Spring 2003 and Spring 2004. *Member, Florida Engineering Society student chapter (2004). *Native Spanish speaker. *Colombian tennis national champion, ATP ranked player, NCAA top ten ranked All American. Conference player of unit year 2002 and 2003, and regional and national senior of the year 2003. *Inducted to University of learn to write paper North Florida Hall of Fame in 10/2013.

Engineering Supervisor@Palfinger Omaha Standard. Senior Product Development Engineer@BORGWARNER, POWERDRIVE SYSTEMS. Software Engineer Specialist@BOEING Company. Begin An Essay? Designer / CAD Operator@Ingersoll Rand. Design Engineer Intern@B/E Aerospace. Application Engineer@TMEIC Power Electronics Products Corporation. Design Engineer@SAINT-GOBAIN PERFORMANCE PLASTICS. Featured Jobs in Jacksonville:View More Jacksonville Jobs. Get job alerts sent to your inbox for.

Lead Engineer Design Engineer Research Assistant. University of North Florida (UNF) UNF Valdosta State University Cafam High School. To Write Paper? BS , Electrical Engineering 2004. Where can I find a ADTEC DIGITAL Lead Engineer resume example in prompts 2013 Jacksonville, Florida 32224? This is an actual resume example of to write paper a Lead Engineer who works in the Design Engineer Industry. LiveCareer has 1713 Design Engineer resumes in its database. LiveCareer’s Resume Directory contains real resumes created by subscribers using LiveCareer’s Resume Builder. Mighty Recruiter Mighty Recruiter. Geography Paper? Customer Service Customer Service.

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