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Ontario english essay rubric College paper Academic Writing Service

Ontario english essay rubric

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Ontario english essay rubric, College paper Academic Writing Service

autism case study Addressing the rubric Challenges of wustl corporate finance, Autism: Research Findings and Promising Practices. Read an actual scenario and ontario english essay rubric apply your learning. Use the guiding questions in discussion. Legal Research? Tommy Johnson is a 5-year-old boy with autism. He has difficulty communicating with his peers and english essay frequently fails to respond when people speak to him. Tommy never initiates conversations and rarely makes eye contact with other individuals. Sketchbook? Periodically, Tommy becomes upset and loses his temper throughout the school day. Tommy is not the only person with autism in his family.

His older brother, Matthew, exhibits some signs of english essay rubric, autism, including certain repetitive behaviors, difficulty with social skills, and behavioral problems. Despite these barriers, Mathew has been successfully integrated into a general education classroom. Tommy was placed in a special education class at oxford research, Springfield Elementary School at the beginning of September. Mrs. Penny, Tommy’s teacher, has been unable to find effective teaching strategies to english essay work with Tommy. He rarely listens to Mrs. Oxford Legal Papers? Penny and english rubric has difficulty interacting with the six other students in his class.

At home, Mr. and Mrs. Johnson have noticed that Tommy loses his temper more frequently since their move to Springfield last year. They have learned that the methods that helped Matthew change his behavior do not seem to be effective with Tommy. In order to reassess the strategies for working with Tommy, Mrs. Penny scheduled an IEP team meeting. Sketchbook Assignments? At the IEP team meeting, Mr. and ontario english Mrs. Johnson explained how their son Matthew once had a teacher who used social stories to help decrease Matthew’s anxiety and tantrums during recess. Although the Johnsons were impressed with this strategy, they were unsure whether social stories could help Tommy change his behavior in the classroom. Mrs.

Penny agreed that social stories would not be the appropriate approach, since Tommy has not yet developed the appropriate language skills for social stories to be effective. Although Tommy occasionally repeats words from caesar essay, a story, he never seems to understand the story. Mrs. English Essay Rubric? Penny suggested using Ivar Lovaas’s intensive behavioral treatment as an intervention strategy. The Johnsons had heard of the Lovaas method but expressed some reservations about using this approach with their son. Although the Lovaas method provides intensive one-on-one contact with a therapist, this strategy seemed to provide little interaction with peers. The Johnsons felt that Tommy needed to develop better social skills to relate to high assignments other young people. They were primarily concerned with Tommy’s socialization. #9;The IEP team decided that the primary goal was to help Tommy learn to communicate better.

Over the past year, the Johnsons had tried sign language with Tommy, but this strategy did not seem to be any more effective than teaching him direct speech. Tommy was capable of imitating signs, but never initiated signed speech on his own. The Johnsons were also concerned that even if Tommy did learn signs, his peers would not necessarily understand these signs. Imitation strategies also seemed to english essay rubric be relatively ineffective for Tommy. School? Although Tommy was capable of repeating language, he never did this consistently. He rarely looked at his trainer’s face and usually could not sit still long enough to focus on language skills. The Johnsons also felt that teaching Tommy to communicate by using imitation would take a very long time. They hoped for an approach that would help Tommy communicate better immediately.

The IEP team selected a picture system approach designed by Pyramid Educational Consultants, called the Picture Exchange Communication System ( PECS ). This approach seemed most appropriate for Tommy because it encourages children to be the communication initiators. PECS concentrates on each child’s interests, instead of forcing a child to focus on objects that do not appeal to him. Essay Rubric? The Johnsons also liked the idea of using pictures to help Tommy communicate, since both his brothers and his peers would be able to understand these signs. The Johnsons hoped that PECS would allow Jamie, their third son, to introduction essay have a more important role in communicating with his younger brother. In addition, PECS seemed suitable for Tommy because he would be able to essay begin using pictures immediately to introduction essay help him communicate. When the Johnsons learned that PECS did not require an extensive training period, they were ready to begin using PECS with Tommy immediately. The main goal was for Tommy to ontario english essay rubric begin initiating communication on his own so that he could establish better relationships with his peers and feel less frustrated during daily interactions with other people.

Mr. and Mrs. Johnson both decided to receive PECS training. The plan was to have Tommy work initially with a PECS specialist for several days after school, and then to encourage Tommy to use PECS at school during the day and at corporate finance prize, home at night. Ontario English Essay? During Tommy’s first few training sessions, Mrs. Johnson observed the training so that she would feel more comfortable working with Tommy. College Algebra Help? Mr. and Mrs. Johnson planned to familiarize their two older sons, Matthew and Jamie with this approach so that they could both begin using PECS with Tommy as well.

The two specialists working with Tommy spent most of the first session determining Tommy’s likes and dislikes. Before the next session, they made pictures of these desired objects on little squares backed with Velcro. During the next few training sessions, they worked with Tommy on Phase 1 of PECS, which they called the Physical Exchange. Ontario? Mrs. Johnson watched as one of the specialists, who called herself the thesis english class communicative partner, tried to attract Tommy’s attention with a cup of water (one of Tommy’s desired objects). When Tommy reached for the cup, the ontario essay second specialist, the introduction to julius essay physical prompter, helped Tommy pick up the picture of the essay cup of water and hand this picture to the communicative partner.

When the communicative partner received the picture from Tommy, she gave him the cup and said to him: Oh, you want the cup. Oxford? Once Tommy became familiar with this routine, the two specialists switched roles and worked with Tommy in different environments to introduce some variety to the training. After one week, Tommy was ready for ontario essay rubric Phase 2 of the training, Expanding Spontaneity. High? During these sessions, one of the specialists placed herself farther away from Tommy. She encouraged Tommy to move toward her to give her the picture of a desired object (a ball in one session). When Tommy handed her the picture of the ball, she praised him by ontario english, saying, Great job, Tommy.

You want the wustl corporate finance prize ball! and quickly gave him the ball to play with. At first, the physical prompter helped Tommy move toward the communicative partner. However, over time, the physical prompter was phased out ontario essay, of the training. As Tommy progressed through the training, one of the specialists gave him his own communication book. During each session, the oxford legal research specialist would place one picture with velcro on ontario essay, the outside of the book and wait for Tommy to peel off the picture and hand it to her before giving him the desired object. Last month, Tommy complete Phase 3 of Lewis, & Your Discipline, PECS, called discrimination training . This phase was most difficult for Tommy. Rubric? He needed to oxford legal research papers learn to choose between pictures of different objects. At first, the specialist started with one picture of ontario essay, a desired object and one picture of a non-preferred object.

When Tommy handed her a picture, she would give him the object he requested. Oxford Research Papers? Initially, Tommy had a hard time distinguishing between the two pictures. The specialist made the pictures slightly bigger with brighter colors to enhance the visual components. Eventually Tommy was able to distinguish between the pictures. Presently, Tommy is working on Phase 4 of PECS, Sentence Structure, at home and at Springfield Elementary School. He is learning to use simple sequences of ontario rubric, pictures on Velcro sentence strips to make requests. #9;The Johnsons are very pleased with Tommy’s progress with PECS. Introduction To Julius Caesar? Tommy now has a way to communicate with and to request things from other people. The Johnsons feel that their two older sons are beginning to establish better relationships with Tommy.

Even Jamie seems to english essay rubric enjoy using the PECS communication book with his younger brother. Mrs. Penny reported that Tommy throws fewer tantrums and seems calmer during the school day. She also noticed that Tommy has started to use the Discipline Contain communication book with the other six students in his class. Tommy is ontario rubric slowly learning to use some speech with his PECS training. Mrs. Wustl Dissertation Prize? Penny feels that she has more time to work with the ontario rubric other children now that she does not have to constantly focus on Tommy’s tantrums. Although Tommy has a long way to go, the college help problems Johnsons feel that he has made huge strides with PECS. #9;The IEP team plans to meet again in another month to discuss Tommy’s progress and to establish new goals for him.

In the future, Mrs. Essay? Penny hopes to begin implementing the finance dissertation prize University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill’s TEACCH strategies into her classroom. English Essay? She already uses several of these classroom strategies, which seem to thesis statement english work well with Tommy. In particular, she has established a very structured environment in her classroom, where Tommy is familiar with his daily routine. Mrs. Penny tries to focus on visual aspects of ontario english essay, each lesson when she is working with Tommy, since he has not fully developed his verbal skills. Tommy seems to be most successful when he has to focus on only one topic at a time. Mrs. Penny plans to work collaboratively with the corporate prize Johnsons to help Tommy continue to develop his social skills and speech.

Why might the IEP team choose to improve Tommy’s communication skills, rather than focusing on his social/behavioral skills as their primary goal?

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Martin Luther Essay Essays and ontario english essay, Research Papers. Martin Luther (November 10, 1483 - February 18, 1546) was a Christian theologian and college algebra, Augustinian monk whose teachings inspired . the Protestant Reformation and deeply influenced the doctrines of ontario english Protestant and other Christian traditions. Martin Luther was born to Hans and Margaretha Luther on assignments, 10 November 1483 in Eisleben, Germany and was baptised the next day on ontario english rubric, the feast of St. Martin of Tours, after whom he was named. Luther's call to wustl finance prize the Church to return to the teachings of the Bible resulted in. Bible , Catholic Church , Christianity 1570 Words | 5 Pages.

Influence of Martin Luther A German priest, professor of theology and philosophy, but most importantly an iconic figure of . the Protestant Reformation of the 16th century. This man alone challenged the most powerful religion, empire, and rubric, figure of the college algebra help problems time. What he did would soon influence the lives of millions of people all around the world. He is known as the father of ontario essay Protestantism. The man changed the course of history and reshaped Europe. This man’s name is Martin Luther . Martin Luther was born. Catholic Church , Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor , Indulgence 1947 Words | 5 Pages.

The Great Reformer Martin Luther (November 10, 1483 - February 18, 1546) was a Christian theologian and Augustinian monk . whose teachings inspired the Protestant Reformation and deeply influenced the doctrines of Protestant and other Christian traditions. Martin Luther was one of the most influential people of the oxford legal Protestant Reformation. Luther was also responsible for the break-up of the Catholic Church. Ontario English Essay Rubric! Martin Luther was a representative during the 16th century of a desire widespread of. Catholic Church , Christianity , Indulgence 1901 Words | 6 Pages.

Summer Damra 11/1/12 Western Theological Traditions Research Paper Martin Luther’s fight for the poor “Christians are to be . taught that he who gives to english the poor or lends to the needy does a better deed than he who buy indulgences- Martin Luther (25)” The great German theologian Martin Luther is remembered throughout the world and Christian history as the man that challenged the papacy and dedicated his life to the clarification of Christianity for ontario essay rubric all people. He exclusively sought. Catholic Church , Christian terms , Christianity 769 Words | 3 Pages. Can violence as a form of high assignments protest ever be justified? In this essay , one will be able to determine why a non-violent means of protest can be . the english rubric most effective way of gaining freedom from repression.

In contrast to this, the essay will also discuss whether violence as a form of protest can ever be justified. The term “non violence” in definition means the use of peaceful means, not force, to high sketchbook bring about political or social change. The essay will illustrate if it is essay rubric, more successful to school sketchbook assignments become victorious. Civil disobedience , Democracy , Demonstration 1145 Words | 4 Pages. ?Diet of Worms Background: Due to a quirk in time, you have been transported back to ontario english essay the year 1520 and the city of Worms. Here, you find yourself . involved in the trial of the German Monk, Martin Luther , who has given himself up to corporate finance dissertation prize the authority of the Catholic Church to address the essay rubric charges that he is, in two words, a heretical revolutionary. The specific charges are as follows: Count 1. Development and preaching of heretical doctrines Count 2. Inciting members of the Catholic Church to rebel. Catholic Church , Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor , Desiderius Erasmus 784 Words | 3 Pages.

NATALIE ELLIOTT Martin Luther King is a well known, inspiring man, to all cultures of the world. To Julius Essay! King was and still is one of . the most influential heroes. King's views and beliefs, which were similar to the non-violent ideas of Gandhi, helped African Americans through the 50's and 60's obtain the rights and liberties that was their birth right. Ontario English Essay Rubric! King faced many obstacles on his quest, like jail and even assassination attempts. Despite these obstacles, he became a successful leader during the Civil. African American , African-American Civil Rights Movement , Civil disobedience 1133 Words | 3 Pages.

Smith, Jessica October 16, 2012 Moral Decisions In life there are always either negative or positive consequences when an action is made. In . Martin Luther King Jr.’s essay “Letter from Birmingham Jail,” he evaluates how one can advocate breaking some laws and obeying others. The reason it is possible to do such a thing is because there are two different types of laws, just and unjust. Depending on one’s morals, it can be morally right to advocate breaking some laws and obeying others. Ethics , Human , Law 977 Words | 3 Pages. Martin Luther King Jr. Jean Carlos Perez Latrish Clark Final Essay . . Martin Luther King Jr. was a great man, with great accomplishments.

If we could understand all of the research things that he did in english his life time we would endure so much information about the life that he led, and the way the world was back then. My goal is to do just that. I will start at high assignments the beginning of Martin Luther King Jr’s life and how it was to ontario essay grow. African American , Alberta Williams King , Black people 1148 Words | 3 Pages. Martin Luther and the Protestant Reformation. ? Martin Luther : Leader of the Lewis, Discipline Contain Protestant Reformation HIST 101 American Military University Kristin Sawicki . The Protestant Reformation began in Wittenberg Germany in October of 1517 with Martin Luther who was a German Augustinian Monk. Martin Luther criticized the Roman Catholic Church feeling the church had lost its way and essay, openly accused them of corruption and statement english, false teachings by ontario english essay, posting a document he authored called the “95. Bishop , Catholic Church , Indulgence 1259 Words | 6 Pages. Martin Luther’s 95 Theses The Ninty-Five Theses was written by college algebra help, Martin Luther in english rubric 1517 and is broadly regarded as . the major catalyst for the Protestant Reformation. Martin Luther was an ambiguous German monk and high school sketchbook assignments, radiant theologian. Martin Luther started a rebellion against the church’s authority which caused the collapse of religious unity of Christendom.

The Roman Catholic Church, centered in Rome, extended its influence into every aspect of European society and ontario english, culture. Due to essay the increasing power. Catholic Church , Christianity , Indulgence 903 Words | 3 Pages. Protestant Reformation and Martin Luther. ?Reformation Webquest: Section 1: Life of english Martin Luther 1. Fill out the graphic organizer using . Introduction To Julius Essay! Life of Martin Luther After visiting his parents, he was caught in a terrible thunderstorm. During the storm lightning struck near him, and he was thrown to english essay the ground. At this moment he called to Saint Anne, and Lewis,, declared: “I will become a monk.” Why did he decide to become a Monk?

When did he decide to become a Monk? During a terrible storm. When. Catholic Church , Indulgence , Jan Hus 997 Words | 6 Pages. Commonly referred to as, “The Father of Protestantism” (Funk and Wagnalls 337), “ Martin Luther was born into ontario, a world dominated by . the Catholic Church” ( Algebra Help! “ Luther had no intention of opposing the authority of Rome” (Funk and Wagnalls 336) but God had other plans. Martin Luther , who “was named after St Martin ” ( was born on November 10th, 1483 (Thulin 11). Mansfeld was his hometown, although he was born in Eisleben (Thulin 11).

His parents moved to Mansfeld, to ontario english improve. All Saints' Church, Wittenberg , Eisleben , Indulgence 1983 Words | 6 Pages. Martin Luther and oxford, the Protestant Reformation. the Christian Church. English! The reformation is thesis class, said to have begun in 1517 when Martin Luther challenged the authority of the ontario pope . (Perry 324). He did this by creating the ninety-five these, which was a series of arguments against college algebra papal authority and their corruptness. Various people had tried to reform the ontario english church previously, but the real protestant movement did not begin until the time of Martin Luther . Following the ideas of Luther , the Christian church split for college algebra solving good which had a great effect on all of. Bishop , Catholic Church , Christianity 968 Words | 5 Pages. Unlike his predecessors, Martin Luther was able to spread his ideas rapidly due to the social, economic and political state of . Europe at ontario essay rubric that time. Through technological advances, growing unrest with current leaders, the threat of a foreign invasion and a high rate of poverty, Luther’s ideas influenced many people within Germany that change was necessary. By picking up where those before him had left off, Luther was able to bring in a new era of ideas that forever changed the views people had.

Clergy , Holy Roman Empire , Jan Hus 1588 Words | 4 Pages. Martin Luther and the Refromation. Martin Luther and the Refromation Joel Erhardt The book, Sixteenth Century Europe, by L.W. Cowie speaks about the . precursors of the Protestant reformation and how they impacted on Catholicism, and it also looks at the precursors to the reformation. These precursors are what we know as the Lewis, & Your Discipline Contain Renaissance humanists. Many of these ‘new thinkers’ provided new doctrines and ontario english, biblical knowledge that would greatly impact the reformation. Without the thesis Christiana humanists, the protestant reformation.

Catholic Church , Christian terms , Christianity 1060 Words | 3 Pages. Why Martin Luther Was Disillusioned with the Church of Rome. In this essay the intent is to point out the english essay rubric reason to why Martin Luther was disappointed with the methods and oxford legal papers, . English Essay! intention of the Roman Church, his entrance into monastery work. How his Catholic upbringing contributed, his 95 theses on the issue of indulgences, his exile and legal research papers, the work the reformation did to improve the situation, the way the Diet of Worms treated Martin Luther , the way he priests of Rome disregarded Luther’s work, the monastic life he lived before making his breakthrough in ontario english rubric his own. Catholic Church , Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor , Indulgence 1004 Words | 3 Pages. Martin Luther Martin Luther was a German theologian and religious reformer, who started the . Protestant Reformation, and whose vast influence during his time period made him one of the crucial figures in modern European history. Luther was born in Eisleben on November 10, 1483 and legal research papers, was descended from the peasantry, a fact that he often stressed. Hans Luther , his father, was a copper miner. Luther received a sound primary and secondary education at Mansfeld, Magdeburg, and Eisenach.

In 1501. Christianity , German language , Martin Luther 1214 Words | 4 Pages. Martin Luther King - Analysis Essay. Pena 1 Rhetoric Analysis Essay Martin Luther King Jr. is ontario english, known across the nation as a great hero and a great . leader during the oxford research papers civil rights movements from 1950 to 1963. King is the leader of some of the major civil rights movements, one being the Birmingham “nonviolent direct-action” protest that took place in 1963. King is also known for being the president of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference based out of rubric Atlanta, Georgia. School Assignments! Because of his popularity among Blacks, his life, family. African American , Birmingham, Alabama , Black people 1614 Words | 3 Pages.

Martin Luther/ John Calvin Biography. Martin Luther was born on November 10, 1483 in Eisleben Germany. Ontario English Essay Rubric! His father was Hans Luther , a miner married to . Margarete Luther , Martin's mother. Hans was determined for Martin to study law and caesar essay, eventually become a lawyer. Ontario Rubric! Martin attended grammar school and once he graduated fulfilled his fathers wishes by attending law school. He then proceeded to drop out of law school, the story goes he was in finance prize a bad storm and was afraid he was not going to survive, he dropped to his knees and said “Help! Saint. Catholic Church , Diet of Worms , Indulgence 1308 Words | 4 Pages. ? One of the greatest speakers ever known was Martin Luther King Jr. MLK was a huge driving force and leader for equal rights for . Rubric! African Americans, and all races.

Three excellent and high school sketchbook assignments, moving speeches by Dr. King were; the “Speech at the Great March on Detroit” delivered on June 23 1963, “I Have a Dream” speech delivered August 28 1963, and his “I Have Been to the Mountaintop” speech delivered on April 3 1968. In all of these speeches King does a phenomenal job of english essay rubric motivating and leading his movement. Civil disobedience , I Have a Dream , Malcolm X 1160 Words | 3 Pages. A Comparison of the Writings of introduction to julius caesar essay Luther and Montaigne.

A Comparison of the Writings of Luther and Montaigne Martin Luther was born on November 10, 1483. He was a German . monk, priest, professor, theologian and church reformer. His teaching helped to ontario english inspire the college help problems Reformation, and influenced the ontario english essay rubric doctrines of the school sketchbook Lutheran and ontario english, Protestant traditions, as well as the course of western civilization. Luther's works and writing helped bring the Middle Ages to a close, and brought about the Modern Era of western civilization. His translation of the to julius essay Bible furthered. Catholic Church , Johann Eck , Martin Luther 1394 Words | 4 Pages. Jonathan Wu Professor Davis English 1A Martin Luther King Jr., reverend and civil rights leader, was jailed after . leading a major protest against unfair hiring practices in Birmingham, Alabama. King was serving as president of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference and ontario english essay rubric, was requested by a fellow affiliate, The Alabama Christian Movement for Human Rights, to participate and engage in [what they called] a nonviolent direct-action program(164). As King and his affiliates joined together.

African American , Civil disobedience , Letter from Birmingham Jail 1194 Words | 4 Pages. Martin Luther King Jr.: Protestant Reformation. Martin Luther In 1517, German monk Martin Luther cited his grievances as he nailed the 95 Theses to . the wall of the church in Wittenberg. Wustl Dissertation! Luther’s complaints centered around his disapproval of the selling of indulgences, as the clergy asked for gifts and money in exchange for the remission of one’s sins and to essay rubric lessen one’s suffering in purgatory or even the chance of eternal life. The citing of these grievances is believed to have begun the Protestant Reformation, with the intention of recreating.

Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor , Christian terms , Christianity 2349 Words | 6 Pages. Both Martin Luther King and Trevor figured this out. They never waited for change to come their way, they changed things . themselves. School Sketchbook Assignments! A lot of people who take drugs fail to recognize how much their actions affect the people around them. Ontario English Rubric! No matter how small you think your actions seem, you made a huge difference in that other person’s life. Doctor Martin Luther King Junior became well known for being a civil rights activist. To Julius Caesar Essay! He led many protests including the Montgomery Bus Boycott. Martin Luther. African American , African-American Civil Rights Movement , Martin Luther 807 Words | 3 Pages. Rhetorical Technique Essay (Martin Luther King Jr.) King wrote “The Letter from Birmingham Jail” in contrast to essay the Clergymen’s “A Call for Unity,” and used all three rhetorical techniques: logos, ethos, and wustl dissertation prize, . pathos.

Although all techniques provided the essential building blocks for english essay rubric a well-rounded essay , yet the use of logos was most effective for corporate dissertation prize it added reason, and ontario english essay, exemplified a purpose that appealed to the Clergymen in a way that showed authority, knowledge, and thesis, respect. In 1963 the eight white Clergymen from Birmingham addressed the english rubric courts. Birmingham, Alabama , Civil disobedience , Letter from high, Birmingham Jail 907 Words | 3 Pages. Martin Luther: a Brief History/Impact on Western Civiliation. Martin Luther : A Brief History/Impact on Western Civiliation Martin Luther was a man with a purpose. . Born in 1483 in Eisleben, Martin Luther was a German Monk who started one of the essay greatest religious revolutions in the history of the Western world.

Before discussing the algebra solving impact of his revolution on the modern world, we must first establish some background information about the man and english essay, the Roman Catholic Church. Martin Luther lived a tough childhood where he did not enjoy the customary joys that. Catholic Church , Indulgence , Martin Luther 783 Words | 3 Pages. The Reformation: Martin Luther and statement class, the End of Christian Religious Unity. The Reformation: Martin Luther and the End of english rubric Christian Religious Unity By the early 1500s, many people in Western Europe were . growing increasingly discontented and algebra help solving problems, displeased with the Christian Church. Many found the Pope too involved with secular (worldly) matters, rather than with his flocks spiritual well-being. Ontario Essay! Lower church officials were poorly educated and broke vows by living richly and high school assignments, keeping mistresses.

Some officials practiced simony, or passing down their title as priest or bishop. Catholic Church , Christianity , Jan Hus 1328 Words | 4 Pages. African-American citizens. Ontario Essay Rubric! This resulted in the passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 authorizing the federal government to enforce desegregation of public . College Algebra Help Problems! accommodations and outlawing discrimination in publicly owned facilities. This also led to Martin Luther King receiving the Nobel Peace Prize for 1964. King's struggle continued throughout the 1960s.

Often, it seemed as though the pattern of progress was two steps forward and one step back. On March 7, 1965, a civil rights march, planned from Selma. African American , Jim Crow laws , Lyndon B. Johnson 898 Words | 3 Pages. Though Socrates and Martin Luther King, Jr. taught in separate eras of history, the difficulty in properly approaching political . dissent was one of great importance to both. Indeed, as will be explored throughout this essay , both men held such a notion to be a necessary qualification for ontario essay any healthy society. As we will encounter, the settings within each account, as outlined in Socrates' Crito, and Martin Luther King's Letter from a Birmingham Jail, are strikingly similar in comparison. While this. Civil disobedience , Justice , Law 1458 Words | 4 Pages. ?MLK Final Essay During the Civil Rights movements, non-violence protest is school, a method used by African Americans to english essay rubric advocate for desegregation. Research Papers! . However, these protests were initially not accepted by many whites. In 1963, while Martin Luther King was arrested in the Birmingham jail because he supported a protest in Birmingham, eight Alabama clergymen published a statement accusing the non-violence protest for english disturbing order, showing untimely impatience and inciting violence.

Since the clergymen believed. African American , Black people , Civil disobedience 921 Words | 4 Pages. Ap Euro Martin Luther Conservative or Revolutionary. Paul Nassif 10/1/12 Mr. Walters FRQ #2 “ Luther was both a revolutionary and a conservative.” Evaluate this statement with . respect to Luther’s responses to college algebra help the political and social questions of his day. Martin Luther was one of the greatest monks, priests, and theological teachers of Germany, along with being the symbol of the Protestant Reformation.

He did not start off so religious however. One day he was caught in a frightening and dangerous storm. He prayed to God begging. Catholic Church , Christianity , Indulgence 1706 Words | 5 Pages. Major Differences Between the Thought of Martin Luther and the Ideas of the ontario essay rubric Medieval Latin- Rite Tradition. Introduction In this essay I will first briefly discuss the background that led to the revolt of wustl dissertation Martin Luther . against the Christian Church.

Next I will discuss the major differences between his thoughts and essay rubric, the ideas of the Medieval Latin-Rite tradition in algebra help solving a systematic way and finally conclude this essay by evaluating the thoughts of Martin Luther . Ontario! Background It is believed that the western Church needed to be reformed at the beginning of the sixteen-century[1] for various reasons. One of the. Catholic Church , Christianity , Eucharist 2136 Words | 6 Pages. To what extent was martin Luther responsible for the protestant reformation in Germany? To what extent was Martin Luther responsible for the 'revolutionary' Protestant reformation in Germany? In this . essay , I will attempt to assess the extent of Martin Luther's role in the Protestant reformation that took place at the beginning of the sixteenth century in wustl finance prize Germany. Luther's name is synonymous with the religious Reformation of the sixteenth century, or the 'evangelical movement' as it is english essay rubric, sometimes called, but the actual details of the Reformation itself are somewhat lesser known.

Luther's. Catholic Church , Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor , Lutheranism 1976 Words | 7 Pages. Martin Luther Dbq-Ap European History. Justine Chapel November 19, 2012 AP Euro P3 Martin Luther DBQ By the oxford legal research 1500’s many issues shows signs of disorder within the ontario english rubric . Church. Wustl Finance Dissertation! The idea of selling indulgences (forgiveness for english essay rubric sin) for clergy benefit began to negatively spread throughout the people, along with opposition to pluralism (holding more than one office). Thesis Class! This sparked many attempts to reform the church through individual groups, one of which being the ontario english essay rubric Brotherhood of Common Life.

One of their accomplishments was starting schools for. Catholic Church , Indulgence , Martin Luther 1053 Words | 3 Pages. Martin Luther King Research Paper. Martin Luther King Jr. Non-Fiction Essay Dreams are what keep people motivated. Oxford Legal Research Papers! They drive people to work hard and . continue pushing. Dreams are what lead to ontario english rubric put into action.

Dreams are necessary in introduction to julius the world and always will be because nothing ever will be perfect, something is always going to be unfair to some group. Ontario Essay! However, a lot of the time dreams are shot down and that is just part of the process. That is why change is not easy to introduction to julius caesar accomplish. Ontario Essay! That is why it takes someone or something of great. African American , Black people , Civil disobedience 1188 Words | 3 Pages. Exit Project Martin Luther King Jr. “There comes a time that . people get tired. We are here this evening to say to college algebra help solving problems those who have mistreated us so long that we are tired-tired of being segregated and humiliated; tired of being kicked about by the brutal feet of oppression.” - Martin Luther King Jr. Martin Luther King Jr. was born on January 15th 1929 in Atlanta, Georgia. African American , African-American Civil Rights Movement , Black people 1151 Words | 4 Pages. The Contributions of Cardinal Richelieu and ontario essay, Martin Luther to Modernization in Europe. centralization in government.

Cardinal Richelieu and high school, Martin Luther are among the english essay rubric many historical figures who played important . roles in the modernization process. Their thought processes and philosophies contributed specifically to the aspects of centralized government and urbanization in terms of revolutionary thought processes. Richelieu and college algebra help solving, Luther were both pioneers of ontario english essay two important concepts today, Richelieu pioneering absolutism, and Luther pioneering the reformation and development of Protestantism. Catholic Church , Christianity , Indulgence 1832 Words | 5 Pages. Martin Luther King’s Impact on the African American Culture Isaiah Gentry Mr. College Algebra Solving! Williams English III 28 February 2013 . Martin Luther King Jr. has made a significant impact on the African American Culture, throughout his 39 years of ontario essay rubric life. His main goal was to secure progress on introduction essay, civil rights in the United States, and english, with that he has become a human rights icon.

Martin Luther King Jr. was a fascinating man who had become a priest with many goals and accomplishments while trying to pursue his. African American , African-American Civil Rights Movement , Lyndon B. Johnson 1457 Words | 4 Pages. letter is directed to the white clergymen who had criticized these demonstrations and also called him an outsider and algebra help solving problems, troublemaker. Chronological and . Topical Scope: Martin Luther King Jr. was arrested and imprisoned for participating in essay rubric these nonviolent demonstrations. Thesis and Main Points: In the letter Martin Luther King Jr.’s says, “I am in Birmingham because injustice is here.” His thesis is that there is research papers, injustice and injustice has seized the civil rights movement. Because of these. African American , Civil disobedience , Ida B. Wells 755 Words | 3 Pages. Dr. Ontario English Rubric! Martin Luther King, Jr.: An American Leader During his brief lifetime, Dr. Thesis English! Martin Luther King, . Jr. led an ontario english essay rubric, exemplary life of leadership.

Prior to wustl finance prize his assassination on April 4, 1968 (“About Dr. Essay! King”), Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was an important figure in the Civil Rights Movement. His work to end racial discrimination, however, was not the & Your Discipline only thing King did to establish his legacy in American history as an ontario rubric, important leader. His political activism, diplomatic virtue and efforts to improve. African American , Civil Rights Act of 1964 , Law 864 Words | 3 Pages. Martin Luther King Jr.: A Civil Rights Activist Dr. . College Algebra! Martin Luther King Jr. was a very influential person to the civil rights movement who made some of the greatest contributions to end legal segregation, thus changing society for the better. He was one of the most respected African Americans during the civil rights movement. He did not want anyone to be discriminated against ontario english essay because of their race or their skin color. He set. African American , African-American Civil Rights Movement , Coretta Scott King 1053 Words | 3 Pages.

The Idea of thesis english class Justification by Faith through Grace: Martin Luther King Jr. Ch. Ontario English Rubric! 18 Question 2: What did Luther mean by justification by faith? How did he come to this idea? Martin Luther , a . Protestant reformer and possibly one of the most influential theologians ever, developed the idea of justification by faith through grace. Martin Luther had been searching for salvation, but had no luck. Lewis, Tinder, & Your Discipline! He had become a monk in trying to guarantee his salvation.

He seemed dedicated living his life as a monk, but the english holy life of a monk did not bring him the assurance of salvation he. Christian terms , John Calvin , Justification 1735 Words | 5 Pages. Martin Luther King Jr.'s Contribution to the Church and the Reformation. into a new arena of high school sketchbook thought in relation to english essay how the Church, his name was Martin Luther .[1] The following writing will be a short . biographical work of introduction caesar Martin Luther showing some of the events of his life and how through them, he changed the Church as well as contributed to the progress of the Reformation concluding with a look at his life in a way to show more of who Luther was as opposed to what he did. English! Martin Luther was born in Lewis, & Your Discipline Eisleben Germany on ontario essay, November 10, 1493 before moving to Mansfield. All Saints' Church, Wittenberg , Bible , Indulgence 2550 Words | 7 Pages. in a nation where they will not be judged by research papers, the color of their skin, but by english rubric, the content of their character” (“ Martin Luther King . Jr.”). College Help! These wise and upholding words of confidence and determination changed the face of english essay America during a time of oxford legal papers hate and discrimination. King’s inspirational leadership and english essay rubric, speeches helped make a local bus protest into a historical event (“King, Martin Luther Jr.”) He gathered thousands of people, both black and white, to many encouraging protests and meetings to bring. African American , Black people , Civil disobedience 1975 Words | 6 Pages.

? Simmons 1 Gabrielle Simmons Mrs. Fitzgerald Social Studies 8A 4/27/10 Martin Luther King Jr. & Your! Martin . Luther King Jr. is a well known and an inspiring man to all cultures of the world. King was and still is one of the most influential heroes. King's views and believes helped African Americans through the rubric 50's and wustl finance prize, 60's to the rights and ontario english essay rubric, liberties that was their right.

King faced many obstacles on his journey, things like jail and oxford legal research papers, even assassination attempts. English Essay! Despite these obstacles, he. African American , Black people , Lyndon B. Johnson 1207 Words | 7 Pages. Martin Luther King, Jr. Lewis, Tinder, & Your Discipline Contain! Student Name Institution Famous Deeds of Martin Luther King, Jr.Change . is the single permanent thing in this world. Ontario! Time passes, events happen and high sketchbook, soon they are forgotten, but some people leave permanent marks on history and ontario english, the life of others. People who leave marks are said to be famous. These people have the introduction to julius courage to dream, change the lives of others, and ontario, have the capacity to accept the new and college algebra help solving, escape the old.

One such person is ontario english rubric, Martin Luther King, Jr. born Michael. African American , African-American Civil Rights Movement , Coretta Scott King 713 Words | 2 Pages. Martin Luther King, Jr.: His Life and Battle for Freedom In my unit 5 project I will discuss the life of thesis class Martin . Luther King Jr. I will define how his personal ideologies might have contributed to his assassination. I will discuss the implications of essay rubric his assassinations from a sociological perspective. High Sketchbook Assignments! All through the discussions, I will explore his life and journey as freedom leader and ontario essay rubric, his will to gain justice via nonviolent and peaceful protest against racial discrimination and oppressions. . Lyndon B. Tinder,! Johnson , Martin Luther King, Jr. , Montgomery Bus Boycott 1439 Words | 3 Pages. ?Patrick Moosissian English M01A Professor Jacques 20 October 2013 Martin Luther King Jr. Reading through the commentaries . of George E. Carter and ontario, Keith D. Miller, another perspective of Martin Luther King Jr. Introduction To Julius Caesar Essay! was exposed to me, that I was unaware of when first reading his famous works such as, “Letter from ontario english essay, Birmingham Jail”, and Lewis, & Your Discipline, his famous speech, “I Have a Dream”. Both men offered a different side of their views on MLK, providing analysis on his rhetorical writing styles as well as his influences. American philosophy , Civil disobedience , Henry David Thoreau 1305 Words | 7 Pages. ? Martin Luther King was a well-known civil rights leader and activist who had a great deal of influence on American society in rubric . the college solving 1950s and 1960s.

His strong belief in non-violent protest helped set the tone of the movement. Ontario English Essay Rubric! Boycotts, protests, and marches were eventually effective, and much legislation was passed against racial discrimination. However, it is arguable that he was not always successful and english class, there were several contributions outside of his control such as: the ontario essay lure of black power. African American , Civil disobedience , Martin Luther King, Jr. 1402 Words | 3 Pages. Martin Luther King Ariunsaikhan Batkhuyag Slavery in high the United States was abolished in 1865 with the . Ontario English Essay! ratification of the Thirteenth Amendment to the states constitution, but little has been done in order to give black people real rights. Adoption of the Black Codes in the southern states, instead of saying the political rights of former slaves, has led to the fact that they were away from the political life of the dissertation country. Segregation as a form of racial discrimination. African American , Civil disobedience , Jim Crow laws 810 Words | 3 Pages. English 9/Period 2 18 October 2011 Martin Luther King Jr.

One name changed the face of America. One man had an essay rubric, ambitious . dream. That man was Martin Luther King Jr. Martin Luther King Jr. believed that one person could change everything. MLK Jr. was the most important man in the Civil Rights movement. School Assignments! He experienced racism at a very young age and later was the biggest contributor to the Civil Rights movement until his life came to an abrupt end. Martin Luther King was born January 15, 1929 in. African American , Coretta Scott King , Martin Luther King III 1295 Words | 4 Pages. The Assassination of Martin Luther King.

Assassination of Martin Luther King On the 4th of April 1968 Martin Luther King was assassinated by . the convict James Earl Ray. He was shot on his hotel balcony though his neck and spinal cord at ontario 6:05 in the evening; he died an hour later in St Joseph’s hospital, Memphis, Tennessee at the age of 39. James Earl Ray was locked in a bathroom of corporate dissertation a motel less than 200 feet away from where Martin Luther was standing. It is thought that he killed him to be remembered or because he was extremely racist. Martin Luther. African American , African-American Civil Rights Movement , Black people 975 Words | 3 Pages. The Martin Luther King Jr.

Memorial is the ontario newest memorial to finance prize be built in Washington D.C. The memorial was finished with . Ontario Rubric! construction in help solving the summer of 2011. This memorial celebrates the life of one of the most influential leaders of the Civil Rights era, Dr. Ontario English Essay Rubric! Martin Luther King Jr. This is a reminder of Dr. Kings’ powerful impact on the country and even the world. It was only college algebra solving problems, right that a memorial was built in Washington D.C. to ontario essay rubric honor the life of this powerful man.

Dr. Kings’ memorial is college algebra help solving problems, located. Abraham Lincoln , African-American Civil Rights Movement , I Have a Dream 1978 Words | 5 Pages. A Dream in Retrospect: Remembering Martin Luther King Junior History abounds with traces marked by people with a dream, and one . of the most prominent of these dreamers is Martin Luther King Jr. who voiced his dream in one of the most famous speeches “I Have a Dream” presented in history in front of thousands of people year 1963 and changed the course of history. MLK Jr. is an important figure and leader in African American history. He is english, notably renowned for his civil rights movement, and his demand. African American , Chicago , Harpo Productions 866 Words | 3 Pages.

Dr. Martin Luther King’s Funeral and Assassination Word spread like wildfire when the oxford legal papers news of Dr. Martin . Luther King Jr.’s assassination hit the public. English Essay Rubric! As the leading civil rights activist in the 1960s, Martin Luther King Jr. preached words of peace and understanding among races. A well known name throughout the North and South, King gained extreme popularity within the African American community. When Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated a wave of sorrow spread across the finance dissertation prize nation. With rage. African American , I Have a Dream , Martin Luther King, Jr. 1620 Words | 6 Pages.

?‘ Martin Luther King Jr. Ontario Essay Rubric! Martin Luther King Jr. was born on January 15, 1929 in Atlanta, Georgia. . Martin Luther King was originally Michael, but it was later changed to Martin . He was born to Reverend Martin Luther King, Sr. and Alberta Williams King. King father was named Michael king until he changed it to Martin which King name was changed to Martin . The King family took a trip to thesis english Germany, which made them change their name to Martin Luther to honor the english essay rubric Protestant leader Martin Luther . Martin. African American , African-American Civil Rights Movement , Coretta Scott King 1390 Words | 3 Pages. Modern History Research Assignment 2013 Semester 1 Martin Luther King in the Civil Rights Movement Due Week 4 May 6th . Hypothesis: Martin Luther King was a key persona in the early Civil Rights Movement and was successful in creating positive change in African American life Black Power!. Algebra Problems! Assassination of Martin Luther King Jr.20th Century History. N.p., n.d. Web.

19 Apr. Ontario Essay Rubric! 2013. Anderson, Maureen, Anne Low, and Ian Keese. African American , African-American Civil Rights Movement , Black people 1635 Words | 4 Pages. Martin Luther King Jr. and Henry David Thoreau. The essays by Martin Luther King Jr., “Letters From Birmingham Jail” and Henry David Thoreau, “Civil Disobedience” . show how one can be a civil person and protest against unfair, unjust laws forced upon them. Both authors are very persuasive in their letter writings. Henry David Thoreau and Martin Luther King Jr. write about the injustice of caesar essay government laws, of right and wrong, and one’s moral and upstanding conscience of a human being. Martin Luther King Jr. is ontario, a religious, peaceful man who uses. Civil and political rights , Civil disobedience , Henry David Thoreau 972 Words | 3 Pages. Martin Luther King is a well known, inspiring man, to all cultures of the statement english world. King was and still is one of the most . influential heroes.

King's views and beliefs, which were similar to english essay rubric the non-violent ideas of corporate finance dissertation prize Gandhi, helped African Americans through the 50's and 60's obtain the rights and liberties that was their birth right. King faced many obstacles on his quest like jail and even assassination attempts. Despite these obstacles, he became a successful leader during the Civil Rights Movement. African American , Civil disobedience , Jim Crow laws 1169 Words | 4 Pages.

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2005 High School Essay Contest Winning Essay. BY ALLISON NOLL. Secretary of ontario english essay rubric State Condoleezza Rice with Allison Noll. The trafficking of human beings for slave labor and sexual exploitation is one of the fastest growing global problems. It has been called the “dark side of globalization” because an enormous upsurge of human enslavement has accompanied a border-free world economy (Miller). Trafficking in persons is a transnational crime that touches people in every nation, and even neighborhoods in thesis statement class this country. The vast reach of english essay human trafficking stunned my own community, when we learned that a 12-year-old Egyptian girl was imprisoned as a domestic slave in the garage of a family home in Irvine, California. Like many victims of trafficking, she was sold by impoverished parents and transported illegally across international borders. While in captivity, she was physically abused, called the The Stupid Girl, and threatened if she should attempt escape (U.S. Immigration).

This young girl is just one of an estimated 2-4 million girls who are globally trafficked every year (Clark). College Help Solving! The United States Government regards human trafficking as a form of modern-day slavery, a violation of fundamental human rights, and a threat to english rubric, national and global security (Trafficking). In recent years, combating human trafficking has become a primary foreign policy objective of the United States Government. (Matar). To support this goal, Congress enacted The Trafficking Victims Protection Act in 2000 (P.L. 106-386), which directs the Foreign Service to sketchbook assignments, work with other nations to address the ontario, international epidemic of human trafficking. Wustl Dissertation! Throughout the rubric, world, Foreign Service Officers (“FSO’s”) promote United States polices and programs to eliminate the trafficking in persons.

They play a critical frontline role in an ongoing struggle to protect vulnerable people from being exploited. The Foreign Service advances United States anti-trafficking policy by encouraging and persuading other governments to implement or strengthen their own policies to combat human trafficking. This is difficult because many governments are reluctant to admit the existence or extent of trafficking in their countries. Some have no laws that prohibit trafficking and punish traffickers, or programs to identify, rescue and rehabilitate victims. Others do not enforce existing laws or lack the resources to effectively combat trafficking. The most powerful tool the oxford, Foreign Service relies on to convince foreign governments to improve their efforts to end human trafficking is the annual Trafficking in Persons Report (“TIP Report”).

The TIP Report, released by the State Department’s Office to Monitor and ontario essay rubric Combat Trafficking in Persons (“G/TIP Office”), details the Lewis, Tinder, & Your Contain, extent of human trafficking in each country. Essay! It also suggests specific steps to combat trafficking. Countries that have not made sufficient efforts are placed on a Special Watch List, and given a period of time within which to commence action or risk the high school assignments, loss of United States aid (2004 Victims). Following release of the TIP Report, many governments are motivated to call upon FSO’s for assistance in creating sustainable anti-trafficking strategies. Direct engagement with government officials allows FSO’s in ontario rubric the field to share model legislation or suggest ways to strengthen existing laws.

They work closely with host governments to develop culturally sensitive anti-trafficking awareness campaigns and victim rehabilitation programs. Foreign Service efforts frequently lead to substantial achievements. For example, Japan, a major destination hub for human trafficking victims, was mortified to be the only developed country on the Tier 2 Watch List. Following release of the 2004 TIP Report, Japan engaged in “frank and candid discussions” with FSO’s. As a result, Japan enacted legislation in February 2005 to prohibit human trafficking and protect victims, (Onishi). FSO’s helped Bangladesh, a Tier 3 country, to formulate a “six-step work plan” that will significantly improve its anti-trafficking efforts (The Daily Star). Guyana, another Tier 3 country, commenced a dialogue with FSO’s to consider how the United States could assist Guyana to take “measurable and concrete actions to combat the modern slave trade” (Stabroek June). Wustl Corporate Finance Dissertation! In response, Guyana initiated an anti-trafficking public awareness campaign. Ontario English Essay! Comprehensive anti-trafficking legislation is currently moving through the wustl finance prize, National Assembly, and the government has begun to arrest traffickers (Stabroek August 6 and 24). The Foreign Service has also forged partnerships with international organizations and ontario english NGO’s to enhance global anti-trafficking capabilities. Immediately after the tsunami disaster of December 2004, it was feared that traffickers would exploit the ensuing chaos and kidnap orphaned children for the human slave trade.

Members of the Foreign Service at the G/TIP Office were in immediate “ communication with non-governmental organizations on the ground in the affected areas”(Morse). Guidelines to minimize the risk of human trafficking were issued to officials and Lewis, Tinder, Discipline Contain relief workers in the region, and included a recommendation to english essay rubric, establish child identification registries. FSO’s in the affected countries worked with NGO’s to assist in the repatriation of kidnapped children and government officials were advised to increase “scrutiny at airports where children are traveling” (Ibid). In the high assignments, months to come, the Foreign Service will continue to provide assistance to english, counter the continuing risk of Lewis, & Your Contain child trafficking (Natsios). The United States increasingly uses public diplomacy to raise international awareness of english essay rubric trafficking issues. FSO’s reach out to local business groups, religious organizations, journalists, and people in isolated communities. In rural villages in Moldavia, footage of a national anti-trafficking conference was distributed to local televisions stations (Embassy Chisisnau).

United States embassies host screenings of “Trading Women”, a documentary about thesis trafficking of women and children in the Mekong Delta, and distribute a brochure prepared by the State Department called Be Smart, Be Safe. Ontario Essay Rubric! on trafficking in women (Consulate Krakow). College Algebra Help Solving Problems! Combating the brutal global epidemic of human trafficking is a daunting undertaking that requires persistence and the collaboration of all nations. Despite the enormity of the task, the committed work of the American Foreign Service has improved life for many of the world’s most vulnerable people. Ontario English Essay Rubric! While furthering the foreign policy objectives of the United States, their efforts support our national interests as well as our longstanding human rights ideals. Introduction Caesar Essay! 2. Consulate General of the United States, Krakow Poland. Programs and events 2004 Dec-13-2004. Ontario English Rubric! “Film on college algebra Trafficking in english essay Women Presented to Polish NGOs”.

4. Morse, Jane A. Caesar Essay! U.S. Department of State's Bureau of International Information Programs. Global Issues “Few Reports of Increased Human Trafficking in Tsunami-hit Nations”. 13 Jan 2005. 5. Natsios, Andrew S, U.S. Agency for ontario english, International Development Administrator. USAID Testimony. “Strategies for Relief and Reconstruction Assistance in Response to caesar essay, the Tsunami”. Testimony before the Senate Committee on essay Foreign Relations United States Senate. Washington D.C. February 10, 2005. 11.

U.S. Department of State. Office to Monitor and Combat Trafficking in Persons. Fact Sheet: “Recent Developments in U.S. Government Efforts to high school sketchbook assignments, End Human Trafficking”. February 5, 2004. 12. Trafficking Victims Protection Act of 2000. [Pub.

L. No. 106-386].

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deep springs essays The first time I visited Las Vegas was in 1988. The city was far different back then, with an old Western vibe–not at english essay all like the legal papers modern strip with all of the new casinos and english, so forth. Las Vegas, in the late 1980s, was more tired and run down; it was by no means the exciting city it is today. I am officially changing my license today and becoming a Las Vegas resident. Last night I found a condominium here. There is a massive amount of activity in Las Vegas, which makes it a very exciting place. There are high rises all over the city; there is a great workforce; there are great shows, and college solving, there are just so many interesting things to do. I am very impressed by everything going on in the city and think that a lot of work is going to be generated out of Las Vegas in the future.

In fact, I think that with all the ontario english essay shows, people, and wustl corporate dissertation prize, activity here, the place is likely to rubric, rival major cities like New York at some point in the not too distant future. In the next few days I am planning on moving to Las Vegas and spending at least half my time here starting up a few companies. In these last few days in Las Vegas I have realized exactly how much progress has been made here in the past 20+ years. The city is a completely different place and has become more of a modern metropolis than ever before. The Las Vegas I remember was a place where people went to class, gamble out West, which had some fun elements to ontario, it–but it was much different than the current Las Vegas. Back in the late 1980s, I had come here to visit Deep Springs College. This college was really a commune of sorts, which was in the middle of the desert, a few hours outside of sketchbook, Las Vegas. At that time, the school boasted the highest SAT scores of any college in the United States and it was very small. In fact, if I recall correctly, there were only about 25 students in ontario essay rubric, the entire school, which was itself supported by an endowment.

Tuition was free. In order to attend the school, the high school students were required to take on various jobs on a farm that the school had established in english essay rubric, the middle of the Lewis, Tinder, Discipline desert. Ontario English Rubric! There, the school was supposed to teach its students important real world skills such as self-reliance and resourcefulness, among other abilities. According to the school’s website: Deep Springs is an all-male liberal arts college located on a cattle-ranch and alfalfa farm in California’s High Desert. Electrical pioneer L.L.

Nunn founded the school in 1917 on the three pillars of academics, labor, and self-governance in order to help young men prepare themselves for corporate finance lives of service to humanity. Ontario English Essay Rubric! The school’s 26 students, along with its staff and college algebra help, faculty, form a close community engaged in this intense project. Deep Springs operates on the belief that manual labor and political deliberation are integral parts of a comprehensive liberal arts education. Each student attends for two years and receives a full scholarship valued at over $50,000 per year. Afterwards, most complete their degrees at the world’s most prestigious four year institutions. The experience I had with visiting Deep Springs College was very entertaining in ontario english essay rubric, many respects, and it is something I will never forget. Everything about the school was so unusual, so different from any other place I had ever been. Since the statement class school was a two year college, students were required to transfer to other schools at the end of the two year period.

The list of the schools that people went to after those two years was incredible: Caltech, Yale, Stanford, Harvard, and so forth. From my perspective, this made the prospect of ontario essay, attending the school extremely attractive. High School! To hang out on ontario, a farm for two years and then transfer to a really good college, sounded like a great long-term experience. In addition, the sheer experience sounded incredible, if not magical. Oxford Legal! To top it all off , not having to worry about getting into real schools for the next couple of years sounded even more appealing. In order to get to the school, I needed to travel to Las Vegas from essay, Detroit, and then take a bus to a place called Lida Junction, where I was told I would be getting picked up by a student and then driven for corporate another hour out into the desert. Prior to visiting the school, I had filled out a very long application that required me to write something like 50+ pages of essays. The essay I spent the most time on was pretty bizarre. It had something to ontario english essay, do with examining how to reform criminals in english class, society, and I hypothesized in ontario essay rubric, a long essay that a very effective treatment would be to lock them in a room and play subliminal music with all sorts of hypnotic suggestions, which would change their minds and force them to think like good people instead of criminals. I estimated that several years of this sort of treatment would be enough to oxford legal research papers, permanently alter the rubric criminals and make them fit to reenter society. Strangely enough, the people who read this essay at the school thought my idea was groundbreaking , and high school assignments, when I arrived at the school, they were eager to discuss this theory with me.

As it turned out, t hey had actually spent a few days prior to my arrival, researching hypnosis, subliminal suggestions and so forth, and they all seemed to english, think I was some kind of an expert on thesis, these subjects. At least once or twice I walked into ontario essay areas where a couple of guys were hanging out, and they had been discussing the theory I had come up with as a small group. As a high school student in Lewis,, my last year of high school, taking a trip to ontario rubric, Las Vegas and high assignments, then a series of bus rides had offered an ontario english, exciting prospect. I could not believe my good fortune. Thesis Statement! My father had bought me an english rubric, airline ticket and gave me $500 for hotels, buses, and other expenses.

Plus, since I was taking the trip during a school vacation, I did not even have to worry about all the school sketchbook school I was missing. When I got to Las Vegas in essay rubric, the afternoon, I had taken a taxi to the bus station, and introduction, I also needed to purchase a ticket to Lida Junction—which was about a five or six hour ride. Ontario Rubric! Las Vegas was so different back then. Lewis, Tinder, Discipline! The bus station was a place where vagrants, workers from Mexico, cowboys, and others gathered. The town had a real Western flair to ontario english essay rubric, it and oxford legal research, felt much different from how it is today, in all respects. I sat next to a cowboy when I finally got on the bus, after a few hours of ontario english rubric, waiting. The bus ride was a lot of fun. Tinder, Discipline! We meandered through the ontario essay rubric desert in areas where there were literally no other cars. Every hour or so, the bus would pull over at a small restaurant or store on the side of the road for everyone to use the high school bathroom. Ontario English Rubric! Many of the legal research restaurants had small casinos inside them and were run down with tired looking dealers. There was a lot of smoke everywhere.

Cowboys sat at a table with some beers and a few other people, leisurely placing their bets. You could tell that most of the people were local and just passing some time at the casino. Since I was relatively young at the time and I was traveling alone, several people spoke to me on the bus and ontario english essay, they were all very friendly. When we got to one stop, I was standing out by the bus with a cowboy while he was chewing his tobacco. He had asked me where the heck I was going. I was wearing a blue blazer and khaki pants, trying to look as respectable as possible for the people I was going to statement english class, visit at the college.

I really stuck out and I knew it. “I know exactly where you are going. It’s a rodeo college,” he told me matter of factly. I never even knew there was such a thing as a “rodeo college,” but he apparently seemed to think that was where I was going. At around 2:00 in the morning the bus finally stopped at Lida Junction. Ontario! To my astonishment the only thing there was at Lida Junction was a brothel, the Cottontail Ranch. The brothel consisted of a series of mobile homes that were all connected with various passageways going between them. It was quite a sight. As the bus pulled up I noticed a Suburban with its lights on. It was the only vehicle in the entire parking lot.

As I walked up to the car, the driver smiled and let me in. Hi s name was Steve. He was about a year older than me and to julius caesar essay, he was drinking a hot coffee. Since there did not appear to be anything else around for miles, I assumed that he had gotten the drink in the brothel. His hair looked a little messed up as well, and he looked a little nervous. The drive to Deep Springs College was over ontario essay an hour long. We took a two lane highway through the desert and Steve was going over 110 miles an hour most of the way. As a passenger, I found t he speed to corporate finance dissertation prize, be terrifying; however, the more I thought about it, the more I realized that there was nothing around that we could possibly hit. We were surrounded on all sides by stark desert. We finally arrived at the college at about 3:30 in the morning.

The campus w as very dark, and it consisted of nothing but a set of small buildings in the middle of the desert. I was led to a room with a bunch of bunk beds and sleeping students, where I quickly fell asleep. At about 7:00 a.m. a kid with a giant beard came up to me and woke me up. He told me it was “time to work” and pointed me towards the showers. He then told me to put on jeans and a tee shirt. Once I was dressed he led me to a mess hall where a bunch of other kids were sitting around, eating. The group of kids looked like they were all followers of the Grateful Dead. Most of them had beards and ontario rubric, they had all let their hair grow extremely long. Everyone seemed a little pissed off at each other and at the world–but I could not really tell for sure; I was not introduced to anyone.

I found myself a seat at what looked like a picnic table, where I ate my lunch. Caesar! None of the kids I was sitting near seemed all that friendly, but after a few minutes everyone started to loosen up. They all had to go to class, do work, and various chores and so forth that day. I was just there to play and have fun and see the school. Or at least that was what I thought. After breakfast, the guy who had woken me up walked me to a little Toyota pickup truck and ontario rubric, started driving me towards what he called the “work site.” We drove for several minutes. During the drive he told me how much he had enjoyed my essay about the Lewis, Tinder, & Your Contain subliminal criminal training.

He seemed very enthralled by it. Essay Rubric! Finally, he stopped the truck in the middle of the road and told me that I needed to spend the high school sketchbook day digging along the side of the road to create an ontario english, area where water could go during rainstorms. He told me to dig as much as I could and as far as I could. Then he told me that this was a test to see what a hard worker I was. He seemed to be inferring that a large part of my admission to the school would be determined by how well I dug a ditch. He left me several jugs of plastic milk containers that were filled with water. I imagine it was around 8:00 a.m. when I started digging. I was already exhausted because I had not gotten any meaningful sleep the previous night.

I worked as hard as I could, digging a ditch about oxford papers, two feet deep along the roadside as quickly as I could. English Essay! The work was completely fatiguing and I had no clue where I was. Sketchbook! Several hours into the project, it was really hot and my hands were starting to blister. The guy who had dropped me off came to check on me. “Looks ok, not bad. C’mon, it’s time for ontario english essay lunch.” When I got to the cafeteria, there appeared to be an argument underway. A guy wanted to leave the school for three or four days to go visit his girlfriend and help solving problems, the students were debating whether or not he should be allowed to go. Ontario Essay! If he were to go visit his girlfriend, he would be missing out on various work chores he was responsible for, and many of the other students were not confident that they should allow him to leave.

In addition, this student had apparently left a few months previously to school sketchbook, visit his girlfriend, so the students were not sure whether allowing him to leave again would be fair to english essay rubric, the other students. As I watched this argument, it occurred to me that I probably would not enjoy this incredible amount of oversight in my life. These guys were being very closely micromanaged by other students, and they did not appear to have much say at all in research, terms of what they did with their own time. After lunch I was taken to the road and forced to shovel dirt and dig the culvert some more. However, after an hour or so I was picked up, told to take a shower and invited to a class. Ontario Essay Rubric! It was a literature class, but I do not remember much about it.

I spent the next few days at the school not doing much of anything. I was not asked to wustl dissertation prize, do any more work and I spent my days wandering around the campus and climbing the surrounding hills. Most of the students were so engrossed in various work pursuits and classes, that they did not appear to have much time for anything. Most of the kids I had met seemed very quiet and for the most part, pretty withdrawn. Nevertheless, they were interesting kids. Most of their activities outside of studying and work seemed to ontario english, involve self-governed activities relating to the farm and the campus.

The evenings appeared to involve long, drawn out meetings about one thing or another related to the school and work that needed to essay, be done around the campus. Ontario Essay! These meetings often dragged on for hours and I found them extremely boring and uninteresting. Moreover, many of the introduction to julius essay students seemed to take their various arguments quite personally. On my last full day at the college, I was told that I would be interviewed by the admissions committee at 2:00 p.m. and that I should report to a classroom at the school at that time. In the morning, someone came and told me that I should spend “every spare second” reviewing each of my essays prior to my interviews with the essay rubric admissions committee later that day. At the request of the school, I had brought my essays with me.

When I went into college algebra problems the classroom at the appointed hour, the 25 students were all there ready to ontario essay rubric, interview me. Algebra Solving Problems! They were all gathered around the classroom and each of them had portions of my various essays in front of them. Ontario Rubric! They proceeded to dissect the essays, everyone going over one part of the essays or another with me. College Algebra Help Solving Problems! The questions that they asked me were very difficult and I really did not do very well in the interviews. English Essay Rubric! One of the most embarrassing moments came when they asked me a question about Carl Jung, whom I had quoted in one of my essays.

I had included a few lines about how Carl Jung believed this or that. “Have you ever actually read any books by Lewis, & Your Contain Carl Jung?” one of the ontario essay students asked me. “No, I’ve never read a single thing by him,” I answered truthfully. “Then how can you possibly have a large quote from him in your essay, base an essay around his teachings and also lead us to believe that you know what you are talking about?” It was a really good question and he had a point. Oxford Legal Papers! The rest of the experience and all of the english essay rubric questions went basically like this: I would say one thing and they would contradict me and corporate finance, accuse me of english rubric, not really understanding what I was talking about. Several years later, I remember I was interviewing for a Rhodes Scholarship in front of a large committee and Lewis,, this entire procedure was much easier than the english essay rubric interviews with the school sketchbook assignments Deep Springs kids.

I simply did not fit in with this crowd; they were different sorts of kids from what I had ever encountered. For example, none of them were athletic, they were not clean cut and they all had a whole lot of essay rubric, intellectual arrogance. It seemed as if the kids going to the school had grown up in high school sketchbook, environments and english, attended schools where this behavior was accepted. In the high school I attended, this sort of arrogance would not have been tolerated, and it would have probably been beaten out of the kids. When I left my interview, after around 4 hours of finance dissertation, questioning, one of the students said something I’ll never forget: “I have one final question for you: Did you like the food?”

The way he asked the ontario rubric question was layered with subtext. What he meant was: “Hey, we fed you for Lewis, Contain four days and do not like you. You were here on vacation and we hoped you enjoyed the food.” The guy was a complete dick and I did not understand his need to say something so obnoxious. English Rubric! I did not realize at first that he was being rude; however, after he delivered the line I saw a lot of the students looking at each other and snickering, as if they were sharing an inside joke. My final thoughts about this place as I prepared to leave were that because I did not have perfect SAT scores, because I was not extremely intellectual, and because I was more of an athletic type than an statement english class, academic type, I did not fit in. I had felt uncomfortable the whole time I was there. I did not understand how some guy could tolerate a 3 hour debate about whether or not he should be allowed to go visit his girlfriend. Essay! This just seemed intolerable.

It really made the place seem like a prison. Another strange thing about the school was that it was several hours away from the nearest hospital. College Algebra Help Solving! For this reason, they had to essay, keep an Tinder, Contain, airplane on the property at all times, in order to ontario english, fly people out in the case of an Lewis,, emergency; the school was literally in the middle of essay rubric, nowhere. The bus that took me back to Las Vegas was passing through Lida Junction and was scheduled to Lewis,, pick me up from the front of the brothel at 4:00 a.m. There was only ontario english one bus that passed through each day. Steve woke me up at around 2:00 a.m. that morning and told me it was time to finance, go. I had packed all of my bags and was ready to essay rubric, go. Five minutes later I was sitting in school sketchbook, the Suburban. Steve seemed a little bit too excited to ontario essay, be hitting the road. He had just taken a shower, I could tell, and he smelled like too much cologne.

Since these kids seemed so moral in many respects, the last thing I expected was that this guy might be interested in going to the brothel, but it was in essay, the back of my mind. While Steve drove, I started asking him a lot of english essay rubric, questions about himself. English! There was nothing that would be more interesting to essay rubric, me at the moment than getting him to talk about himself, and to find out his various likes and dislikes. I was also curious about his background. Steve was from a suburb outside of Palm Springs, California, from what I remember, and he had come to the school in a roundabout way. He had graduated from thesis, high school where he had not done all that well and then attended a community college for a year. He knew someone, or had a relative, who had some involvement with the ontario essay college and they had urged him to apply when he was in high first year at the community college. Steve said he felt very grateful to be there and that, had he not been invited, he might have been an essay, auto mechanic or something along those lines. I figured that he must have gotten really good SAT scores since the school seemed to emphasize the test so much.

“Oh, I did horribly on that test!” he said. “I do not think I even got in the 50th percentile. As we zoomed through the desert at over 100 miles an hour, I asked Steve what he thought about the rubric fact that the Lewis, Discipline closest sign of civilization to the school was a brothel. He proceeded to ontario, launch into a long tirade about introduction caesar, how prostitution was evil and how it exploited women. He seemed to feel strongly about this and he started reciting all sorts of essay rubric, statistics and random facts about the damage that prostitution does to people. We pulled up in front of the Cottontail ranch a little before 3:00 a.m. and it appeared to be completely open for business. It was pretty unusual that we were there so early. I was also pretty thirsty and after around 20 minutes or so I said, “Let’s go in and get some coffee.” We saw a guy in a semi truck go by and stop the thesis class truck for around a minute and walk out with a coffee, which looked pretty good. Ontario! Steve argued with me for a few minutes about how buying coffee from the establishment was akin to supporting prostitution; however, after a few minutes he agreed to go in with me.

When we got inside, we came upon this bar. An older woman was standing there, looking pretty tired. Corporate Finance! She looked like she might be in her 60s and she was wearing a sweat suit. Essay! When we asked for coffee, she told us to hold on and then disappeared in the back. We could see a kitchen area from where we were, and as we were standing there, a girl who did not look more than 25 walked by and checked us out. She stopped and looked directly at Steve: “Bulldog!” she exclaimed, running over to to julius caesar, Steve with a hug. Ontario English Rubric! “You look so cute. You got a haircut and to julius caesar, I love it!” she said. I could not believe what I was witnessing. “Bulldog” apparently knew this girl very well.

He looked incredibly embarrassed, but started talking with her, eventually taking a seat at the bar. The two of ontario rubric, them began talking and acting as if I were not even there. A few minutes later the woman walked out with our coffees. “You kids must be from Deep Springs College,” she said. “I got a letter from the headmaster there a few days ago and he was very upset. College Problems! The letter contains a lot of untruths. I am thinking about calling my lawyer.” For the next several minutes, the woman explained that the ontario english rubric headmaster had sent a letter to the brothel about a serious outbreak of a sexually transmitted disease, which a substantial part of the student body had gotten from frequenting the brothel. The headmaster had threatened to report the brothel to oxford papers, the Department of Health in the letter or something along those lines and ontario essay, had also requested that the brothel not service the students anymore. “These kids come here all the time,” she said. Thesis English! “But they did not get their sex infections here. One of essay rubric, them must have gotten it somewhere else and infected the rest of the boys there.

God knows what must go on there. My girls are clean. They are inspected by a doctor. You go back there and tell him my girls are clean!” The woman was holding a letter on Deep Springs stationary and wustl corporate finance dissertation, I sat there speechless. We went back to our car and sat there in ontario, silence for a few minutes. Steve then said some intellectual crap about how he was morally justified in having sex with prostitutes instead of having sex with men at Deep Springs; after all, he was at his sexual prime.

It was complete bullshit and I knew it. “Yeah, at algebra help least 12 or 13 guys who went to the brothel got a bad infection,” he said. “The doctor has come out a few times and given them shots and stuff but it is not going away. English Rubric! There’s a lot of pus involved and its pretty painful from college help problems, what I understand. I think there was some talk about disciplining them, but how can you discipline half the school?” I sat there in silence not really understanding or comprehending the ontario english essay rubric whole situation. For the past several years I have read one mention or another about high school, Deep Springs College in major magazines and newspapers.

Every article I read talks about how great the school is and english, how special its students are. Sketchbook Assignments! A September 2006 article in the New Yorker relates: ABSTRACT: ANNALS OF THE WEST about essay, Deep Springs College. L. L. Nunn was a short man with a stiff-collared Victorian habit of sketchbook, dress. A lifelong bachelor, he started investing in Western mines in essay rubric, the late 19th century, and introduction caesar, grew rich from hydroelectric power. With his brother, P. N., he built the essay rubric power station at Niagara Falls. Though Nunn, who died in 1925, never graduated from college, he devoted the last 20 years of his life to a novel form of school sketchbook assignments, education, a mix of Christian mysticism, imperialist elitism, Boy Scout-like abstinence, and Progressive era learning-by-doing, with an emphasis on leadership training and ontario english, the formation of thesis statement, strong character. In 1917, he created a small men’s college called Deep Springs College, on a working ranch in Deep Springs Valley, California. He limited enrollment to 25 men and restricted contact with the residents of Bishop, a town 40 miles away. Deep Springs is 5 hours north of L.A.

The property, hemmed in essay, by mountains, is wustl corporate dissertation, 50 square miles. There are two basic rules: observe isolation, and abstain from alcohol and ontario english essay, drugs while school is in session. The school is year-round and wustl finance, free, and ontario essay, it requires students to do several hours of manual labor a day. [Mentions the cattle operation] As a two-year institution, Deep Springs is technically a junior college, but its success in placing students at prestigious universities puts it in a category of its own. In recent years, about to julius caesar essay, a fourth of each graduating class has transferred into Harvard, a fourth into the University of ontario english essay rubric, Chicago, and a few students have gone on to Oxford, Yale, and Brown. At the college, a committee of students, along with faculty members and the dean, hires teachers, based on college help, their proposed syllabi. Uncanonical subjects, such as the Lusophone language, the english rubric writings of Ivan Illich, and auto mechanics, are offered alongside Shakespeare, Proust, and Marx. Wustl Corporate Prize! [Describes a small class on Emily Dickinson, taught by Katie Peterson] The Deep Springs boy is deliberate, thoughtful, studied. Ontario English! [Mentions dairy boys.] Most of the students are white, suburban, and Lewis, Contain, upper-middle-class, and it’s been a struggle for the school to english essay rubric, diversify. The typical look-full beard, bandanna, half-unstrapped dungarees, dirty nails, etc. – is an emblem of help problems, retreat from mainstream society. The outre is accepted without hesitation and students generally detach themselves from knowledge of the outside world. Most of the ranch work is done without modern machinery and an exaltation of the past can create conditions for rubric absurdity. [Describes Nunn’s “homosexual problem”] His probable attraction to algebra help, young men has been a source of some anxiety at ontario essay rubric the college. In 1911, he created the Telluride Association. The reactionary strain in Nunn is the one most evident at the school today. “Every major change at Deep Springs has been opposed by research papers the students,” said Christopher Breiseth, former college president.

Deep Springs’s all-male self-enclosure allows its students to feel wildly, hedonically free. The shock of returning to the world of social norms can be profound. Ontario English Rubric! In 1994, the college voted against coeducation, but the solving controversial subject has created a fissure in the school’s relationship with the Telluride Association, where women have been members for 45 years. The Association lent the college $1.8 million in 1988 to renovate its main building with the catch that if it hasn’t changed its all-male policy by ontario essay rubric 2019 it will have to start repaying the loan. [sic] Some fear that adding women to the mix might upset the college’s already delicate balance. [Mentions Gareth Fisher and Dan Bockrath, student cowboys at the college] Bockrath said that being at Deep Springs was about “the last ages of Lewis, Tinder, & Your Contain, youth, playing in ontario essay rubric, the woods a little longer, being a cowboy.” With much relief I finally got on the bus to head back home.

As I rode away I looked out the window and saw Steve pull forward; then I saw his brake lights turn on, the Suburban coming to a complete stop. The last I saw was Steve getting out of the truck and walking back toward the brothel. This was about my last and introduction caesar, final contact with the school. The school never sent me either an acceptance letter, or a rejection letter. I imagine that Bulldog went back and related to the other students what had happened, and that they were all simply hoping I would forget about the whole experience and never tell anyone.

However, visiting the school was one of the most interesting experiences of my life. English Essay! When I did go to college, I worked hard and oxford research papers, did well. My experience of being humiliated in a four hour interview really showed me how little I knew and it taught me to always be ready to essay, back up my facts and everything I said. Lewis, & Your Discipline Contain! I don’t really consider myself an intellectual sort; however, I went into college at the University of Chicago with a tremendous amount of ontario, confidence because I knew and accepted that there were people out there who might try to shoot down any idea I had. I had the same understanding when I got to law school.

The most important thing the school taught me, however, was that when you scratch beneath the & Your Discipline Contain surface of even the most prestigious people and institutions, you will find reasons not to be intimidated. Ontario English! I had no business going to statement, interview at a school where the students had all perfect SAT scores (or at least said they did) because I was simply not in that league academically. But I did it anyway. English Essay Rubric! When I got beneath the Lewis, Discipline Contain surface of the school, I found an environment where kids could not make decisions for english themselves, where men let themselves go, where half the student body had caught a sexually transmitted disease, and where people portrayed themselves as being better than the rest of society. But in the end they all screwed around with hookers. Over the oxford legal years as I have read about one sex scandal after another. Whether it has been former President Clinton, Eliot Spitzer, or others, I have come to realize that the models we have in society, who supposedly stand for something great–often when you scratch beneath the surface, they do not really stand for what they say. I watch intellectuals complain about the environment, complain about capitalism and so forth, and ontario, then, when I sit down with them and ask questions, I realize that they are mostly pretending to stand for one thing–while in research, reality they do not. My visit to Deep Springs College taught me, in no uncertain terms, to be extremely careful about ontario, trusting anyone. Whether it is trusting a leader, trusting the high numbers an institution claims, or trusting someone who is making an ontario english essay, argument to you about this or that. A substantial majority of the people, institutions, and others we encounter in our day-to-day lives are completely full of shit.

Everything is a facade and problems, you really do not know what is real and ontario english, what is not. Prize! Everything is sort of like Las Vegas out there. Major financial institutions have crashed recently due to financial numbers not being what they once were. People have lost billions of dollars to people who they thought they could trust, such as Bernard Madoff. People have put faith in real estate and all sorts of ontario rubric, other investments that turned out to algebra, be completely illusionary.

People have gone to work for companies they thought would support them forever but did not, and they are out of work. When I graduated from law school at the University of Virginia, the ontario english rubric commencement speaker was Jesse Jackson. Finance! His commencement speech was titled “Can You Be Trusted?” For an hour or so Jackson gave one example after another about how various people in society including politicians and english rubric, others simply could not be trusted. He stated that the measurement of oxford legal, trust came down to whether our families could trust us and whether our coworkers could trust us, and he defined trustworthiness as the most important virtue. He must have said the phrase “Can you be trusted” 100+ times during his speech. It was one of the most powerful speeches I have ever heard. 5 years later I picked up the paper and saw there was a giant story about how Jesse Jackson had had a long-term extramarital affair.

When I read the story I thought back on the Reverend’s speech and realized that even he could not be trusted (at least not by his wife). These sorts of contradictions are everywhere. I have met people in business before, who appeared to be extremely powerful, and who acted as if they were better than me; they ended up going to prison for various reasons. I have seen one example after another of the inherent conflict between what something appears to be or wants to ontario english rubric, be and what it really is. In the end, what Deep Springs College taught me as a visitor in those few days was actually far more valuable than what I might have learned by actually attending the school as a student: Do not be intimidated by, or trust appearances. No one is better than you.

Everyone has secrets. Go forward in your life like you belong anywhere you want to be. You can do and be whoever you want to be. It is your life. You should neither trust outward appearances, nor let them intimidate you. There is always a discord between the appearance that a person or organization projects, and corporate prize, their actual nature. English Essay Rubric! For this reason, always be careful about the people and organizations in whom you place your trust. For a step-by-step guide to transforming your career in just 44 daysincluding interviewing, where to oxford papers, find jobs people are not applying to, negotiating the best offers and strategies for the on-the-job successcheck out Harrison Barnes' Career Transformation System . You May Also Enjoy These Posts By Harrison Barnes. Waiting for the Prize Patrol In this article Harrison talks about the huge fundamental mistake that most people make with The Importance of Environment Your environment ultimately shapes who you are, so you need to seek out environments that Be Content and Happy with Where You Are In this article, Harrison explains the fact that you need to ontario english essay rubric, have immense faith in First Class Airline Lounges and What Your Employer Gauging the people around you and finance dissertation prize, giving them exactly what they want can determine the Understand the essay rubric Nature of People, Jobs and the Several years ago a long-term relationship I was in ended and oxford research papers, I felt absolutely terrible:

The article shares a touching story and english essay rubric, great moral at the end. Essay! The knowledge that everything changes around us and in english, 10 years time, what we see today could look different is astounding. the lesson learnt at Deep Springs College is very valuable and one i will take with me during life. although it is sad to think people cannot be trusted. bt hey that is life. Wow, great article, really touching at the end. Will definately be checking back with this site in the future. Introduction To Julius Caesar! Excellent writing. Harrison, You can’t please everyone, and most people who’s respect you may be trying to essay rubric, earn, aren’t necessarily very respectable. School! What I enjoy about your postings is that you are an ontario, individual. No matter where you find yourself, you manage to put yourself at ease and thesis statement english, deal with the reality of english essay rubric, situation.

Interesting article. Well done. However, I would also add: Don’t trust your perceptions to the testimony of one single person. Don’t trust a single slice of life to define the prize entire history of an ontario essay rubric, individual or an institution. School! Keep questioning. Thank you for ontario essay rubric this column which is highly enjoyable and introduction to julius essay, entertaining. You make some very good points. It is also nice to read about Deep Springs College, which I attended from 1984 to 1986. Rubric! Later I earned a B.A. at SUNY Buffalo, and a Ph.D. at introduction caesar essay the University of essay rubric, Iowa.

Deep Springs College provides a difficult and demanding program that is not for thesis everyone. Please allow me to apologize if you were treated with disrespect while you were a guest of the college. Students at Deep springs take ideas seriously. Arguing and discussion (for excellent reasons or sometimes perhaps no reason at all) sometimes becomes the norm. Because it also doubles as a working ranch, arguing is not enough.

Hard work, competence, tenacity, and good craft skills are also respected. Deep Springs College changes rapidly as students and staff come and go. Had you visited a year earlier or a year later your experience might have been very different. That is because Deep Springs is “intensely republican with a small r.” Many tasks are performed by rotating committees, or by individual students who change office every several months (as was the custom in Italian or Greek city-state republics). The admissions committee that considered you as a potential student was thus not a committee of academic professionals, but in large part the students of the college. Because the students take such a large role in essay rubric, administering the College, mistakes inevitably happen. It is unfortunate if your experience was unpleasant.

Again, please allow me to apologize. Statement English! From your column, it seems clear that on some level the students were (consciously or unconsciously) testing you. Thank you again for your column. The College is doing well. We anticipate celebrating the ontario english rubric 100th anniversary of its founding eight years from now in 2017.

More information about the college is available at oxford its web site, and it continues to seek applications from prospective students who seek the sort of education it offers. P.S.: like you, I came in on evening bus from essay, Las Vegas and was dropped at Lida Junction around midnight. We did not drive 110 miles an hour the entire time because of the problem of cattle clogging the highway. Was that your experience? I distinctly recall riding in the cab of a light pickup truck on Tinder, & Your Discipline Contain, the way to Deep Springs from Lida. Sometimes we went very fast, and other times we slowed to english rubric, a crawl as we waited for Lewis, Tinder, & Your Discipline the cows to get out of our way (some were perhaps sleeping on the warm highway). English Essay! It was dark, so cow obstacles had to oxford research papers, be predicted by signage, “cattle guard” crossings on essay rubric, the highway, etc. During my time at Deep Springs only one or perhaps two students patronized the statement english brothel at Lida Junction and admitted to having done so–such trips would only be allowed outside of the academic term when classes were not in essay rubric, session. Oxford Legal Research! Friends tell me that the brothel is ontario english, no longer there. The students do sometimes look like they may have just stopped following the sketchbook Grateful Dead, but as you learned from your interview the culture of the college is in ontario english essay, some ways rather straightlaced and serious. The use of drugs or alcohol are grounds for expulsion–by the students, not the staff.

Perhaps for introduction to julius caesar essay that reason, Peterson’s Guide lists Deep Springs as a non-party school. Harrison- Thanks for your story about Deep Springs- I was a student at Deep Springs from 85 to 87 so I don’t think we’ve ever met- although I was around a bit the year you interviewed. It looks like you’ve tried to ontario english essay rubric, to turn a negative social experience into solving problems a positive learning one- and that’s a very good thing. Deep Springs can be a brutally complicated and intense place- I think perhaps not attending is a good thing for many. Essay! I think if you had been accepted and had chosen to attend you may have had a seriously shitty time- I did- but I think from the above you would have learned a great deal- you seem to have the insight that would have to turn that sort of introduction to julius essay, experience into a real asset.

I am for better or for worse bonded forever to english essay, those guys that I went to DS with and introduction to julius caesar essay, rather than think about who is english essay, more morally correct or which ones I can or cannot trust I just accept them as they are- I know you can’t change them- but knowing some of high school assignments, them as well as I do I know when to trust them- which is never any of them always- for me you have to rubric, know someone well enough to filter what they’re saying to you through how well you know who they are and college solving, how they communicate. English Essay Rubric! There are few DS’s that are truly malicious- but there are many that are very idiosyncratic in their social manners…Again Thanks Again for your posting- Random Turner-Jones RN DS85. I’d say you learned a great lesson that what’s impressive on the surface is high sketchbook, usually flawed beneath, but there’s more to that lesson, I think. Ontario English Essay! A weekend at oxford research papers Deep Springs isn’t a look very far beneath the cover. My time at english DS overlapped with Charlie’s (comment above) and you’d have been unlikely during my time there to meet anyone at the school who’d been to the cottontail ranch for sport or who would treat you the way you described. (I’m not doubting your story, but assuming it’s true, that must have been an unlucky year to visit.) Your description of the students is dead on for about half and about half of us were a lot more athletic than that and oxford legal, a lot less intellectually persnickety. I got there with lots of dirt already under my nails and ontario english, left a cleaner man. Thank you for your post. Thesis Statement! 25 years later I’m still plenty nostalgic for the place. You know, after leaving the above comment, I had a flashback and english rubric, I might be here to apologize after 20+ years.

After I was a student I stayed on for a year and a half and worked for the ranch. I do remember meeting one applicant around the school and asking him what he thought. He shared some doubts with me along the lines that you describe and I shared with him a running Deep Springs joke that ran “I came for college help solving problems the intellectual community and stayed for the free food.” As staff, I wasn’t very involved in the day-to-day school and meant nothing by it but a reference to the earlier joke when the guy was leaving and I kidded “I hope you enjoyed the food.” I remember the guy glaring over his shoulder at me as he left which surprised me and some students snickering which also surprised me. It doesn’t quite match your story but if that was you and ontario essay, that was me, my apologies for the misunderstanding. I was being a smartass but not in school sketchbook, quite the way you and the students thought I was being. Thanks for your comment, Doug. I think the rubric school has a lot to college algebra, teach and english essay, the fact that you and I are both writing about it 20 some years later certainly says something about the place. I certainly never regretted visiting. I enjoyed your article. I have a nostolgic connection about the place but I never attended. My son heard me talk about a high school acquaintance who attended in the early 1970s and my son became enchanted.

The decription of the to julius caesar essay place was very appealing to me in a romantic way and I guess my son picked up on it. He applied and was crushed when he didn’t make to round II despite excellent grades. I think things changed alot since the 70s and perhaps the students were themselves overly impressed with SAT scores and the number of AP courses a student has taken. My son is now a 3rd year philosophy major at UChicago. He just loves the learning environment and now in hindsight I don’t know if he would have thrived as well at DS. He really enjoys the urban environment and the intellectual rigor. He’s an Eagle Scout and I guess that was part of the appeal of the place. Nice to happen upon your essay. Thanks.

I went to ontario english essay, DS in thesis class, 1958 and it was well worth the ontario rubric effort. Algebra Problems! Any bit of ontario, being a a poseur was quickly discovered. Most the guys there were athletes: My class had high school varsity athletes in crew, football, track (ranked California high jumper), baseball and wrestling (state champion). The other classes were as well represented in similar sports (one ranked tennis player). Three of my class served active duty in statement, military (combat infantry as LRRP TL with 173rd Airborne through psychiatrist with XVIII Airborne Corps). Another in essay rubric, class died (killed) in Israel ostensibly as Economics Officer at US Embassy. My son who is a senior in high school received an “impressive” 19 page color brochure from DS College in today’s USPS mail. I had never heard of Tinder, Discipline, DS College and was curious about it because of the “credential” cited in the brochure.

The Google search results included the “Do Not Trust Appearances: My Visit to Deep Springs College” article, which I just finished reading. Thank you for publishing the article as it was very, very informative. Echoing Doug Pascover and Michael Leventhal’s comments here, it is hard for me to imagine any Deep Springers availing themselves of the services of the Cotton Tail– except, perhaps, a cup of hot coffee while waiting for transport to campus on a freezing evening in the high desert. Indeed, appearances are often not what they seem to be, and that certainly applies to ontario english rubric, the narrative presented above! This is certainly the most amusing article I have ever read about Deep Springs. As a student there from the late 70s I can recognize the institution you describe, although your narrative shows a view of the place deeply skewed by your own prejudices. We often joked about the Cotton Tail brothel but I am pretty sure no students ever availed themselves of the high sketchbook assignments services offered. Ontario English! Who knows, the year you were there maybe there was something that happened but, if so, it certainly was outside of the sketchbook assignments norm. The 80’s had some exceptional classes, some of the best young men ever to attend Deep Springs. English Rubric! I was there, the school certainly offers and is what it claims to be which, among many other things, includes the claim that it really isn’t for Tinder, & Your Discipline everyone.

I would advise your readers to take your advice to heart when assessing the ontario english essay rubric veracity of your article, look beyond the appearances, understand the personal agenda of the writer, and decide for yourself based on facts and on what matters to you. I am a recently retired family lawyer so I don’t really need your services. Oxford Legal Research Papers! I was struck however by the artical about Deep Springs. I lived in ontario essay rubric, Telluride House in statement, as a graduate student 1964-6 (with Paul Wolfowitz, Bill Galston, Nathan Tarcovand various Deep Springers whom I do not recall. I had been sent to Cornell from the ontario University of Chicago to study with Alan Bloom who was associated with the house. The experience still remains powerful for class me. Thanks for your article.

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