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Use big words in essay

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Langston Hughes American Literature Analysis - Essay. Hughes, whose writing career spanned more than half a century, was diverse in his themes, which included connectedness, transitoriness, racism, integration, poverty, myth, history, and universal freedom. Particularly unique to his work was his integration of his writing with blues and words in essay, jazz. He wrote operettas, and many of his poems were set to music. Although Hughes, like most writers, objected to reducing authors to labels, such as “black” or “woman” or “American,” his name is inevitably linked to the Harlem Renaissance of the 1920’s and 1930’s; this movement, centered in New York City, marked an awakening of black American artists. In addition, many of Hughes’s books, such as A Negro Looks at Soviet Central Asia (1934), Famous American Negroes (1954), Famous Negro Music Makers (1955), The First Book of Negroes (1952), and essay, Famous Negro Heroes of words in essay, America (1958), focus on schizophrenia answer race. Use Big Words In Essay? His ancestry was a combination of black, white, and American Indian.

Among numerous anthologies edited by Hughes are collections of black American poets and short-story writers. For example, Alice Walker’s first short story was published in Hughes’s The Best Short Stories by Negro Writers (1967). Still, Hughes’s point about labels is well taken; writers create their art from high school science research paper topics what they know, and Hughes believed his writing would illuminate truths about all humanity. Despite Hughes’s diversity, he is primarily known for his poetry and short stories rather than for in essay his plays, novels, anthologies, or translations. One of his most popular books, The Negro Mother, and Other Dramatic Recitations (1931), was written specifically to reach “the hearts of the disorder, people.” In a letter written October 13, 1931, to William Pickens, Hughes says:I have felt that much of our [black artists’] poetry has been aimed at the heads of the high-brows, rather than at the hearts of the use big words in essay, people. And we all know that most Negro books published by white publishers are advertised and sold largely to case study white readers, and little or no effort is made to reach the great masses of the colored people. I have written “THE NEGRO MOTHER” with the hope that my own people will like it, and will buy it. Hughes succeeded. The public bought and liked The Negro Mother . In Essay? As Bontemps acknowledged in a preface to Donald C. Dickinson’s A Bio-Bibliography of Langston Hughes (1972), Hughes, because he earned his living by writing, had to be diverse and essay, had to write books that would sell. Naturally, the use big in essay, quality of the work varies.

Criticism of Hughes’s work, however, is research, not especially helpful in determining which writing is his strongest. Words? As Hughes himself realized, most of the early critics were middle-class white men whose views were restricted by their own expectations. Even those critics of minority backgrounds had been trained to view literature from a mainstream perspective. Study Schizophrenia Sheet? Predictably, Hughes’s works attacking white views were poorly received by critics, as were works aimed at words the “hearts of the people.” Readers of Hughes are well advised to go directly to his writing and to form their own views of it. Hughes’s poetry and scarlet letter essay, short stories are set among real people, mostly black Americans, mostly poor people.

Typical of such characters is Jesse B. Simple, a black laborer, who is the central figure of words in essay, a weekly column that Hughes wrote for the New York Post . Simple has an estranged wife, a party-loving woman friend, a curious landlady, a third-floor apartment, and tired feet that he claims tell the story of his life. Scenes In The Scarlet Essay? He cares about people and use big words, justice and integrity. Even in his bitter moments, he is saved from becoming maudlin by a sort of innocent humor. For example, in “Simple Prays a Prayer,” he becomes embittered by the insensitivity of American white society and concludes, “I hope He [God] smites white folks down!” Yet he adds, “I hope he lets Mrs. Roosevelt alone.” Hughes says in his introduction to schizophrenia The Best of Simple (1961), that people tell him they have known his characters.

Hughes agrees. Some of the stories are retellings of use big, his experiences during his world travel, but all have a universal quality of shared human experience in Harlem. Consistently, Hughes’s writing, like Jesse B. Simple, is honest and unpretentious. First published: 1934 (collected in The Ways of White Folks , 1934) Type of work: Short story. Roy Williams, a young musician returning home from performing in Europe to his small southern hometown, is lynched by white racists.

“Home,” first published in Esquire magazine in 1934, juxtaposes the sensitivity of a young, black classical violinist and jazz musician returning home ill from Europe against the unconcealed racism of his small southern hometown. Hughes subtly puts the story in a historical context by telling the reader that the of mice essay, musician, Roy Williams, landed in use big in essay, New York “on the day that Hoover drove the veterans out of Washington.” Williams arrives home, formally dressed, and becomes aware that he is and men, home when he hears the racial slurs of the white men at the train station. He is warmly received by his mother, Sister Williams, who organizes a fund-raising concert at the black church which she attends. Predictably, the fifty-cent seats at the front of the church are occupied by whites, and use big words in essay, the twenty-five-cent seats in sheet, back are occupied by blacks.

Art does not, as Hughes points out often in use big words, his writing, integrate people socially. After the concert, Williams meets a woman in the audience who has caught his eye, a white woman wearing a cheap coat and foreshadowing and men, a red hat, someone who seems to words in essay understand the classical music he played. She is Miss Reese, an aging music teacher at the local white high school. The Three Scenes In The Letter Essay? Miss Reese invites Williams to perform at the white high school, after which their respect for each other deepens. Williams becomes increasingly ill and has difficulty sleeping, so he goes on late-night walks, on which he is sometimes formally dressed. On one such evening, he meets Miss Reese stepping out of a drug store.

He bows to her in greeting and extends his hand just as a group of “white young ruffians with red-necks” comes out of the movie theater. When they see him reaching toward a white woman, they attack him. (Among the use big words in essay, group of attackers, Williams thinks he recognizes his white childhood playmate, Charlie Mumford.) After beating Williams, the mob drags him to the woods, where they strip him and leave his body hanging there all night, “like a violin for the wind to essay on sharing play.” One of Williams’s last thoughts is that he knows that now he will never get home to use big words in essay his mother. Though the image of respect between the two musicians offers a lingering redemptive image, Hughes makes it clear that art can neither transform the mob nor protect the artist from racism. The story, anthologized in The Ways of White Folks (1934), deals honestly with the futility of the three scaffold scarlet essay, a black artist trying to survive in in essay, such an environment. The theme of the inequitable distribution of wealth also pervades “Home.” Williams recalls the prostitutes in Austria and Germany, young women trying to get enough money to feed themselves and microsoft monopoly, their parents. He feels heartsick at the wealth he sees squandered in the nightclubs where he performs. He thinks of home as a place where poverty is not so bad. Yet, when Williams lands in words in essay, New York, he finds most of essay on sharing is caring, his old friends—musicians and in essay, actors—unemployed, hungry, and begging for handouts. Even though Williams’s mother offers him “real food” when he arrives home, he cannot eat. The poverty Williams finds at home is linked to racism, and his mother’s food cannot cure that illness. “Home,” divided into six sections, contains many allusions to jazz and classical music.

The dialogue is rhythmic and poetic, and section 3 reads more like poetry than prose. Section 4 begins with a concert program. Foreshadowing Of Mice And Men? The final section is cacophonous, as the mob destroys Williams. Still, Hughes says that the roaring voices and scuffing feet of the use big words in essay, lynch mob are “split by the moonlight into a thousand notes like a Beethoven sonata.” The final allusion to Beethoven’s “Moonlight Sonata” speaks to something enduring, perhaps the same vision in the final lines of Hughes’s “The Negro Mother” (1931): Oh, my dark children, may my dreams and my prayers Impel you forever up the great stairs— For I will be with you till no white brother Dares keep down the children of the the three scaffold scenes in the letter essay, Negro mother. “The Blues I’m Playing” First published: 1934 (collected in The Ways of White Folks , 1934) Type of work: Short story. A jazz and classical pianist is forced by her white patron to choose between love and art. “The Blues I’m Playing,” first published in in essay, Esquire magazine (1934), is anthologized in Hughes’s collection of fourteen short stories, The Ways of disorder essay, White Folks . This story, like the others in use big words, the collection, depicts the racial attitudes that surface when whites and blacks interact.

The central character, Oceola Jones, is disorder, a young black music teacher, herself a gifted jazz and classical musician with insufficient time and money to words pursue her art. Mrs. Dora Ellsworth, an aging, wealthy, childless widow, is kind and generous, but she cannot discern great art. Nevertheless, she wants to scaffold letter help young artists pursue their art. Ormond Hunter, a music critic, introduces Oceola Jones to Mrs. Use Big In Essay? Ellsworth and assures the latter that Oceola is talented.

He is science research, correct. Fascinated by Oceola’s talent and blackness, Mrs. Ellsworth pours money and energy into Oceola’s musical training. Oceola is the only black person Mrs. Ellsworth has known. While Mrs. Use Big In Essay? Ellsworth loves to hear Oceola play classical music, Mrs. Ellsworth increasingly dislikes the jazz and blues, which in her view represent Oceola’s unsublimated soul. Mrs.

Ellsworth, learning through Ormond Hunter that the man staying with Oceola does not pay rent, suggests that Oceola move out the three scaffold in the, of the small apartment, but Oceola refuses because she has promised the man, Pete, that he can stay with her until fall, when he will enroll in medical school. Mrs. Ellsworth is pleased when Pete goes to medical school and leaves Oceola to her music. Use Big In Essay? Oceola’s musical career progresses to Mrs. Ellsworth’s satisfaction until Pete graduates. Then, to Mrs. Foreshadowing? Ellsworth’s chagrin, Oceola and use big, Pete make plans to marry. Oceola argues that music and sexuality and children are not incompatible. Mrs. Of Mice And Men Essay? Ellsworth believes they are. In the final scene of the story, the words, conflict culminates in Mrs.

Ellsworth’s music room, a luxurious room adorned with lilies in high school science research paper topics, priceless Persian vases. Oceola has come to words play for Mrs. Ellsworth one final time before Mrs. Microsoft Monopoly Not? Ellsworth leaves for Europe. Both understand that their relationship has come to an end. Use Big? Oceola begins by playing classical music. Essay Is Caring? Gradually, Mrs. Ellsworth begins talking aloud to use big words in essay herself and admonishing Oceola’s choice to marry. In response, Oceola shifts to jazz and essay monopoly not, finally to heavy blues music that makes the lilies in in essay, the Persian vases tremble. She tries to make Mrs.

Ellsworth see how art connects to life, but Mrs. Ellsworth, ultimately, prefers to case study schizophrenia stand and look at the stars. The plot of use big words, “The Blues I’m Playing” echoes Hughes’s falling out with his white patron, Charlotte Mason, in 1930. Mason, like Mrs. Ellsworth, supported several artists. Hughes was sorry about the break, but he realized that their views of the roles of black artists were too incompatible to resolve. He believed that Mason’s views were too restrictive.

Oceola, like Hughes, is genuinely sorry when the end comes. Mrs. Ellsworth is firmly entrenched in white society. Oceola observes that though Ellsworth never makes negative remarks about Negros, she often makes them about Jews. Essay Microsoft Monopoly? Oceola and Mrs. Ellsworth also hold different views of art.

Oceola, unlike Mrs. Ellsworth, sees art not as sublime but as integral to humanity, though Oceola clearly disagrees with some of her fellow artists, who believe that art can break down color lines. Her experiences and those of her parents lead Oceola to call such views “bunk.” Ellsworth’s views differ both from Oceola’s and from those of the other artists. Though Mrs. Ellsworth is not a totally unsympathetic character, she clearly represents the dualism of Western culture, the binary opposition between soul and body, heart and mind. In Oceola’s final attempt to use big words in essay make Mrs. Ellsworth connect, she plays the blues and tells Mrs.

Ellsworth that the music is both sad and science research, gay, white and black, man and woman. The final blues song is clearly a triumph of Oceola’s view of the synthesis of art and life. “The Negro Speaks of Rivers” First published: 1921 (collected in The Poems, 1921-1940 , 2001) Type of use big in essay, work: Poem.

“The Negro Speaks of high school science paper, Rivers” is a succinct and powerful poem that ties black history to the rivers of the world. “The Negro Speaks of Rivers” is perhaps Hughes’s most anthologized poem. Written in the first-person voice, the poem begins, “I’ve known rivers.” The “I” is a collective voice of black people from ancient times (3000 b.c.e. ) to use big the present. The narrator’s voice speaks of bathing in the Euphrates, building a hut near the Congo, raising pyramids by the Nile, and watching the sun set on the Mississippi. Case Study Schizophrenia Sheet? The refrain, “My soul has grown deep like the rivers,” links the movement and endurance and power of the great rivers to in essay black history. The repeated “I,” beginning seven of the ten lines, focuses the reader on case answer the narrator, the black person who speaks of rivers, and on the effects of the tie between his history and use big, the rivers. In Hughes’s autobiography The Big Sea , he says that he wrote the poem on the back of an envelope on a train just outside St. Foreshadowing Of Mice And Men? Louis on his way to Mexico to words visit his father during the mental disorder, summer of 1920. Hughes says that he was feeling very bad, because he was thinking of his father’s strange dislike of his own people. Hughes, who liked his people very much, says his thoughts then turned to history, the Mississippi, and finally the other rivers of the world.

Within ten or fifteen minutes, he had written the poem. Hughes concludes that he no doubt changed “a few words the next day, or maybe crossed out use big words in essay, a line or two.” “The Negro Speaks of Rivers” was positively reviewed by both black and white critics, and it appeared in mental essay, translation in a paper printed in Germany. The poem has been acclaimed for use big Hughes’s passionate acceptance of his race, his combination of lyric and epic, his embracing of mental, heritage, and his reclaiming of black origins. First published: 1923 (collected in The Poems, 1921-1940 , 2001) Type of work: Poem. “The Weary Blues” blends jazz and use big in essay, poetry to expose the foreshadowing and men essay, soul of the blues singer. “The Weary Blues” is about a piano player Hughes knew in Harlem. According to critic Edward J. Mullen, Hughes called “The Weary Blues” his “lucky poem” because it placed first in a literary contest sponsored by the National Urban League in 1925. Unlike “The Negro Speaks of Rivers,” however, “The Weary Blues” received greatly mixed reviews from use big both black and white critics.

It was called everything from a masterpiece to doggerel. The work blends jazz, blues, and poetry into powerful lyric poetry. The narrator’s voice begins the poem: Droning a drowsy syncopated tune, Rocking back and forth to a mellow croon, I heard a Negro play. In these lines, the musical quality of the the three letter, poem is already evident. Several of the poem’s repeated lines, such as “He did a lazy sway” and “I got the Weary Blues,” then capture the motion and rhythm of the music.

Other refrains, such as “O Blues!” and “Sweet Blues,” create the crooning of the blues. Use Big Words? Hughes also uses onomatopoeia in the thumps of the man’s foot on the floor. Hughes concludes the case, image by use big words in essay extinguishing the performance, the stars, and the moon but showing that the blues remain an integral part of the man: The stars went out and so did the moon. The singer stopped playing and went to bed While the Weary Blues echoed through his head.

He slept like a rock or a man that’s dead. This final image, so different from that in “The Negro Speaks of foreshadowing and men essay, Rivers,” probably accounts for the mixed reviews of the poem. Critics who like “The Weary Blues” compare Hughes’s poem to the poetry of Carl Sandburg. DuBose Heyward, for example, says their poetry shares a “freer, subtler syncopation” than that of use big words in essay, Vachel Lindsay. Mental? Other critics see elements of ballads and spirituals in “The Weary Blues.” Oddly enough, several early critics praise “The Negro Speaks of Rivers” for the same qualities they condemn in words in essay, “The Weary Blues.” In response, later critics have suggested that these critical comments were biased by the themes of the poems. Foreshadowing? While “The Negro Speaks of Rivers” is upbeat and affirming of black heritage, “The Weary Blues” affirms a specific heritage, one distinctly not middle class, not classical. First published: 1926 (collected in Fine Clothes to the Jew , 1927) Type of work: Poem. “Mulatto” explores the views of a child of a white father and a black mother.

“Mulatto,” written by use big words in essay Langston Hughes in scaffold scenes in the essay, the summer of 1926, appeared both in use big words in essay, The Saturday Review of Literature and in Fine Clothes to the Jew (1927), a collection of Hughes’s work. Hughes said that the poem is is caring, about “white fathers and Negro mothers in the South.” The opening voice in “Mulatto” is that of the in essay, son, who says, “I am your son, white man!” The child stands in judgment of the father’s use of the mother’s body. The white father renounces the mixed-blood son (lines 5 and schizophrenia answer sheet, 6): “You are my son/ Like hell!” The next twenty lines of “Mulatto” re-create the image of the white man exploiting the Negro woman. The white man asks twice within the sketch, “What’s the body of your mother?” He has answered the question rhetorically, that the boy’s mother’s body is a toy. After the brutal sketch of the white father, the voice of the white man’s white son renounces the mixed-blood boy: “Naw, you ain’t my brother./ Niggers ain’t my brother./ Not ever./ Niggers ain’t my brother.” Racism has pitted father against son and brother against brother. Another voice, probably the father’s (though it could be the white son’s), tells the mulatto, “Git on back there in the night,/ You ain’t white.” The final words are spoken by the mulatto boy to the white man. He repeats his opening words. Words? “I am your son, white man!”

The poem is lyrical and contrasts the warmth of the southern landscape and nights with the searing heat of anger and the three scaffold scenes in the scarlet, racism. Though the jazz syncopation in “Mulatto” is not so evident as it is in Hughes’s later poems, the words, musical quality of the poem marks it as distinctly Hughes’s. Hughes’s first autobiography, The Big Sea , in two especially memorable passages, touches on the idea of a child of mixed racial background. On Sharing? In the first, Hughes is surprised that in Africa he is considered white. In the second, Hughes tells the story of a mixed-blood boy who greets the ship as it harbors in Africa. The child wants to know if the sailors have anything in English for words in essay him to read, and essay microsoft monopoly, he longs to go to words England. The Three Scarlet Letter? The boy’s father, Hughes learns, is a white man, then living in England. The boy’s mother is a black woman whom his father has left behind. The child, accepted by neither blacks nor whites, hungers for use big the other half of his family and topics, heritage. “Mulatto,” written after Hughes’s journey to Africa, seems a sort of synthesis in his treatment of the family destroyed by the deformed values of racism.

“Mulatto” is praised by critics for its craftsmanship and the powerful delivery of the theme. Several critics consider it the in essay, masterpiece of Fine Clothes to the Jew . First published: 1931 (collected in on sharing is caring, The Negro Mother , 1931) Type of work: Poem. Black mothers call to their children to words take control of and men essay, their future, to live with freedom and dignity. “The Negro Mother” is the title poem in the collection of poetry that Hughes wrote to reach the masses of black people. The twenty-page book and the poem were such an instant success that Hughes told his friend Carl Van Vechten that in Birmingham, Alabama, the book “sold like reefers on 131st Street.”

The voice in the poem is that of the black mothers through the ages. In the opening line, the narrator addresses her children. Words In Essay? In the narrative that follows, “the Negro mother” depicts the capture and hardship of black slaves and speaks of the will to endure that kept them going. The voice of the mental, Negro mother urges the children to transform the use big words, future so that they may live in dignity and answer sheet, freedom from white oppression. The poem, often referred to as a heritage poem, is highly lyrical, employing both a regular rhyme scheme (couplets) and use big words in essay, meter. It was Hughes’s intention, he said, that the school science, poems be pleasant to recite and easy to remember. “The Negro Mother” and the success of the volume show how keenly in tune Hughes was with his audience. Access our Langston Hughes Study Guide for Free. Langston Hughes Homework Help Questions. This question has been answered. See the following post.

In my mind, the most powerful element of Hughes' poem is the theme of struggle that seems to be passed down from one generation to another. A trademark of Hughes' poetry is that he conveyed an. Literary devices are the tools an author uses--such as foreshadowing, imagery, hyperbole, characterization, and metaphor, to name a few--that provide the reader with details and bring the text to. Luella Bates Washington Jones, in Thank You M'am, is a character who reveals contradictory traits. The reader is immediately introduced to an imposing woman, which fact is clear from the contents.

In addition to a tone of pride, this poem at times exhibits a surprisingly joyful tone. I say this tone is surprising because the poem wrestles with a very unsavory subject: America's racist.

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Taylre Jones, Film and in essay Video Colorist. (jazz music) - [Voiceover] Editors do a good job when you don't notice the edits. It's similar with a colorist. You don't wanna see a huge difference between shots within in a scene. (trance music) Color correction is fixing things like if there's an exposure issue and then color grading is more of a stylizing, giving it a certain aesthetic. Creating a type of film look that would be done through a chemical process but now it's digitally done. You have certain colors that are really complementary to other colors just in the human mind, so as you enhance those colors to really match, it really makes it the most pleasant looking it can look. (trance music) Before I was ever even considered being a colorist or anything like that, I was in school for study schizophrenia answer genetics because I've always been intrigued by biology and all that kind of stuff. Took some video editing classes as fillers and from that point I kinda just fell in love with the film-making aspect and I was spending five, six hours a day after school just watching tutorials, studying, trying to words in essay learn as much as I could about high school cameras and words sensors, and essay microsoft just all the different elements. Use Big! I was always looking to bring my work to another level. I wanted to the three scaffold scarlet letter essay figure out use big, How do I make this look more professional?

How do I make this look more high-end? I learned about color grading and for me it was literally love at first sight. Became my obsession, of my obsession, if that can even be possible. And for me the high research topics process really was a growing process. I began just with the words in essay basic tools in essay on sharing is caring Adobe Premiere, moving from there into words, something called Colorista, from Colorista to Magic Bullet Looks, but I knew it wasn't dedicated enough and so I went into DaVinci Resolve. I probably spent six months just to learn Resolve, learn the ins and outs of all the buttons, all the tools, cause I knew I wanted to be a colorist, and move into a color dedicated platform. So as I've been working as a colorist, I learned that from Alexis Van Hurkman's book, the Color Correction Handbook, he kinda talks about six key points of foreshadowing and men essay what a colorist's duties are.

The first duty is that's he's doing is he's adjusting elements of use big in essay your contrast, your exposures, you're correcting those types of things. This is part of the foreshadowing and men color correction process. And what we're starting with here first is I just brought in a little bit of contrast and use big words in essay saturation and essay on sharing then I adjusted my white balance and exposure properly. That's a correction. The second element is use big in essay, gonna be something called making your key elements look right.

So a key element really is gonna be something like your skin tones. If you have bad looking skin tones, it's just not gonna look good. So here we see in this image I did a bunch of adjustments to essay the image but as I was making those adjustments it really pushed his skin tone to a magenta red, pretty ugly, I'm correcting that, getting that fixed to a proper state. Now we go into what's called color grading, where you're stylizing an image. So I've created more of a vintage, kind of in essay a crunchier image, and research paper obviously everything feels more warm, more sunset type of feel. Sometimes you've got shots that are kind of not matched. So here we've got a sunset.

I enhanced it with some more warmth. Now we've established that warm tone, all those things, now I need to carry that throughout the in essay rest of this scene that's happening. So we're gonna cut to the characters. They're sitting here on this boat. It's not very golden. It doesn't have that same tone, so I've gotta match those.

First adjustment I'm gonna do, I'm just gonna bring in that warm tone in the highlights. It's a little blown out in the sky on the left so just dialing that down, bringing a little more saturation in the three scaffold letter there. And that pretty much sets it there. Words! So now we go into what's called creating depth to the image. Creating depth both in the image itself, but also in essay the emotions that are happening with this character. So we've got this character here. Obviously you can see he has a look of agony, of pain, of words in essay sorrow, on his face. Beginning creating your initial saturation adjustments, creating that contrast that we want, and from that point, I'm creating some lighting adjustments, bringing more attention to the character's face, and then I'm gonna go in and create more depth with the color tones of the essay not image. Words! I brought in some cooler tones to bring a little bit of monopoly not a sense of words in essay sadness, that it's late at night. And then from that point, increasing kinda that contrast in color, between the warm light that's shining on the wall, and the moonlight that's coming in from the mental disorder windows and then adding just a touch more contrast to use big in essay really feel more gritty for that character.

So that creates a big depth of both emotion for high school topics the character, and we're creating depth of the actual visual image itself. My last step is quality control. There are quality control standards that a colorist has to words live by. So when you're putting out anything for foreshadowing and men essay broadcast, if your saturations are too high, if you have luminance values that are too high, you're gonna get your stuff spit back. They're not gonna accept it, you're not gonna be able to broadcast it. So you have to make sure to keep everything what's called broadcast legal and follow the quality control standards. (banjo music) So when I was learning to color grade and kinda learning about color correction I did a lot of use big in essay just Youtube searching, trying to school paper topics look at what tutorials there were. Use Big In Essay! There was a color program called Color Slide School, Patrick Inhofer, I believe he's with Lynda. Com, does tutorials for them. Patrick had some courses.

I went there and foreshadowing and men did those and I kind of learned Okay, I do know what I'm doing. I have learned the words in essay technical elements correctly. I am on track. And there's a point where you learn enough of the tools that, that only case study schizophrenia gets you so far. The rest becomes your own creative decisions that you're making. And so I went into the industry doing just production type of things, production assistant. I interned with some companies here in Kansas City.

But I continued in use big words in essay my own spare time to continue to learn as much as I could about essay microsoft color. (banjo music) Really from there it was coloring a lot of use big words people's just free work, or really low-budget stuff, just for fun, kinda getting my name out there. I knew a lot of em from being a production assistant. I knew a lot of different DPs and stuff like that. Having the people that are shooting say Hey, I know this guy, he's really good, you should talk to him. And doing all that kinda stuff was really beneficial for disorder me. Cause word of mouth was my biggest seller in words in essay the beginning, all word of mouth. (classical music) One big factor for me was there wasn't really anybody that specialized in color in Kansas City at the time. On Sharing Is Caring! For me I'm born and raised here, so I have kind of a hometown pride, that I love to kinda like just say Hey, I'm a Kansas City native. And so for me, I love being here.

I love Kansas City and my other purpose in being in Kansas City was to be able to in essay bring quality work to the local market to where they could come sit with me, we could really design some looks, really enhance the images, make the work that came out of this city just that much better. (country music) Anytime I see an disorder, image, what we're gonna think about first is use big, what's the emotions of the character because that's the most important element, for me as a colorist, is to really help tell the emotion of the scene. So what's happening with this character at foreshadowing, this moment, him and his brother kind of having a strange relationship and they're kind of words distant from each other. The feeling that I was sensing was kind of this feeling of isolation, of separation. Mental Disorder! And so to me that had, in my mind, as soon as I think about that, I think about blues, as being kind of that loneliness feeling, that's a typical emotional feel for words blue. But typically what I do as a colorist is I like to essay on sharing work in what's called red film log. So I'm gonna go into the camera metadata, I'm gonna change that over to red film log, so we see this here, red log film. Now the image looks even more desaturated, it looks a little brighter. And the benefit of that is I can see where I can truly stretch that full stretch to words in essay that image. So my first thought process was I really wanna give an interesting vibe to the background. And in this process we actually talked about utilizing LUTs and topics we actually decided upon kind of a Kodak LUT. So it kind of emulates the film stock of Kodak and so I'll go ahead and turn that on.

So we see right off the bat, we're getting a nice, rich contrast. And it actually looks pretty good just right off the bat. The second thing I'm gonna do after that adjustment is I'm gonna go ahead and put in some saturation, kind of tweak the lighting just a little bit more. I kind of had the image in the general color tones that I wanted it to have. So then I wanted to just really bring my attention, my focus to the character. So I create what's called power windows to words really draw and isolate areas of light and enhance areas of light or color or whatever may be. But in this instance, it's gonna be lighting. On Sharing! And so this first adjustment I'm doing here is real subtle, slight vignetting to just the use big tip edges of the image, very small to high school paper see, but it just kinda draws your eye in just a touch.

Bringing some exposure up on the character. So you can see this window. I created this light pool here, or enhanced the use big in essay light in that pool so you can see that. I did it again on the character specifically, just to make him pop just a touch more. Mental Disorder Essay! Then this one, I'm isolating.

This light's just a little too bright. Use Big! I wanna really draw my attention on case study answer sheet the character right here. Words In Essay! So what I did was I drew a gradient here, drew down the light just a touch, and then last but not least, brought up just a little bit bit more of this foreground so that my eye doesn't draw too much into in the letter, the background, but kinda draws more towards the foreground. In Essay! So let me just give you an essay on sharing, example before and after. Words In Essay! This is our starting point.

This is study answer sheet, our finishing point, before and after. (trance music) What I'll find is they'll be films that I loved the way it looked, but I never get to see what did the in essay colorist do to scaffold letter it. And I'm sure that's part of their secret sauce, they don't wanna reveal a lot of the things that they're doing, but for me, I believe that they could be real inspiring to the creative market if they would do those kind of things. So on words Vimeo I've created different color wheels from different films I've worked on. And there was one film in particular, The House on Pine Street, that I worked on. That Vimeo video that I created was kind of just a breakdown of some the scenes I did and scaffold in the scarlet essay some breakdowns of the color in those scenes. And what happened was I posted it just for the cast and crew to see, and somebody posted it to Reddit and use big from there it became in one of the top five videos on Reddit and just blew up. It's got a good million views or so on it now and scaffold scenes letter essay just continues to keep being an exposure tool for me.

Since that Vimeo video went on the internet and in essay went viral, I've worked for commercials in other countries like Australia, Kuwait. There's not a marketing tool that I could've used that would've been more successful at just getting my name out there. With this film, it was a lot of fun. It was just a great story. Essay! It's kind of a psychological horror. First adjustment I'm doing is typically my contrast and saturations.

From that point, just increasing the in essay contrast a little bit more, bringing out some of the detail of her hair and disorder things. I'm bringing more attention to use big in essay here face. From there, I brought in scarlet essay the blues. This is a very kinda teal and orange type of a film and so it creates more visual color contrast in use big words in essay the image, makes the disorder palettes themselves are pleasing because they're opposite spectrum so they create more of a pop to the image, more of a contrast to the image. Now this shot here, this is during a nightmare scene. I really wanted to words be able to enhance that but I wanted it to feel very scary, like it's in this really abandoned, scary hallway.

So here we're working with the log. Disorder! So the first thing I'm gonna do is enhance the saturations and the contrast like I always do. But it wasn't scary enough for me, I wanted to push it. This is surreal, this is a nightmare. Use Big Words! And so I even pushed the contrast just a bit more, brought out more of the monopoly shadows around the door. I was getting way too much of my eye drawn to the foreground, these doors, and this beginning of the hallway.

And I wanted to focus my attention on the actual door floating in use big words the middle of the hall. So creating kinda that isolation of light, dropping down all that light, I'm drawing my eye to the middle. But now what happens is it's not the right tone. Essay! I want it to be scary, which to me was this blue tone that carries throughout the film. So I increase this blue tone into the shot. Use Big Words In Essay! Now after doing that, this doorway's an red-orangish color. And that really needed to not stand out so what I had to do was go back and words isolate the reds of that door and pop it out, really make that door stand out from the scene, really make it pop and draw your eye and attention to that door. (clapping) (rock music) One thing that you run into as a colorist is an image is never good enough. You can continue to tweak an image for essay monopoly the rest of your life and in essay never find like This is perfect.

Trial and mental disorder error is use big in essay, your biggest teacher. Experimenting, trying things out, playing around, you start to learn how different camera types like react to your color. There's a lot of also Photoshop, like retouching types of foreshadowing of mice essay techniques, just watching and looking at a lot of use big different photographer's styles that they do. Scenes Scarlet Letter! All those kinds of words in essay things help me to kinda get that beginning process. And then in terms of technical elements, there's a lot that you can learn from just different color correction handbooks, or textbooks, or whatever may be about color correction. That really helps you to understand all the technical things that you need to monopoly know as a colorist. And so from that point, really the only end is use big in essay, whatever your creative mind can think up. Introduction to Video Color Correction. DaVinci Resolve Guru: Mastering Scopes.

DaVinci Resolve 11 Essential Training. Mark as unwatched Mark all as unwatched. Are you sure you want to science paper topics mark all the videos in this course as unwatched? This will not affect your course history, your reports, or your certificates of completion for this course. Mark all as unwatched Cancel. Take notes with your new membership! Type in the entry box, then click Enter to save your note. 1:30 Press on any video thumbnail to jump immediately to the timecode shown. Notes are saved with you account but can also be exported as plain text, MS Word, PDF, Google Doc, or Evernote. You started this assessment previously and didn't complete it.

You can pick up where you left off, or start over. Resume Start Over. Start your free trial now , and begin learning software, business and in essay creative skillsanytime, anywherewith video instruction from recognized industry experts. Video: Taylre Jones Film and Video Colorist - Film.

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10 Things To Remove From Your Resume. #1 Thing Recruiters Want You To Know About Getting A Job AppDynamics. How To Land A Job At Northside Hospital. 3 Tips For Getting A Job At Medidata Solutions. Use Big. The Secret To Networking When You Don#039;t Have Any Time. Study Answer Sheet. 3 Ways Emotionally Intelligent Leaders Make The Most Of Online Collaboration. 20 seconds. That’s the average amount of time that an employer will spend scanning your resume. The phrase “less is more” has often been used for design purposes, but it can apply just as well to your resume. The point is to keep only information on in essay, your resume that is clear, simple and that supports your brand/message.

It is a balance of essay microsoft monopoly not having just enough information to draw the words interest of an employer, while leaving room for you to case study schizophrenia answer sheet further explain during an use big interview. The more irrelevant information you add to your resume, the more it dilutes your key message. Employers today also look right through fluff words and are rather annoyed by them. So, you ask, “How can I power up my resume and make sure it contains the precise balance of information?” Consider the following things to remove from your resume: 1. Replace the “Objective” statement on your resume with “Professional Profile.” Employers today are not that interested in answer sheet, what you want. Your opening paragraph needs to be a strong message that summarizes your background and indicates what you are best at. Words In Essay. That creates a theme that is then followed by your ‘proving’ that you are great at these things by showcasing supporting accomplishments in each job. 2. Eliminate superfluous or “fluff” words. I can’t tell you how many resumes start with “Dynamic visionary…” I call these fluff statements as anyone can make them and they add no real value to your resume.

Keep your message on point and stick to the facts. Essay. If you want to express these traits, demonstrate it with what you have achieved or accomplished. Sentences in resumes are written like headlines and are in the first person. In other words, the statement “I am known for consistently exceeding my sales quotas” becomes “Known for words in essay consistently exceeding sales quotas.” Another one of the mental essay biggest mistakes when writing a resume is when people mix first person and third person. For example, although “Easily learns new software” sounds right, that is the use big third-person (“she learns”) and should really be “Easily learn” (“I learn”). Small but important point, as you do want your resume to be grammatically correct. 4. Essay. Include one telephone number rather than multiple numbers. If you must list more than one number, make sure to use big words specify under what conditions the other numbers should be used. Essay On Sharing Is Caring. 5. Words In Essay. Do not include discriminating information.

Avoid information that can lead one to mental disorder discriminate against you, including age, sex, religion, marital status, and ethnicity. This includes the use big in essay use of photos that should never be on a resume unless your face is an important part of your job (e.g. modeling, TV, etc.). In fact, some employers are forced to ignore your resume if it contains such information because of the essay on sharing chance that they may be accused of use big words discrimination later in the process. 6. Keep information on your education specific to essay on sharing the degree received, major, institution attended, and if appropriate, your GPA. You do not need to reveal your graduating year, the institution(s) you transferred out of or high school attended. Use Big Words. 7. Include only experiences that are relevant to study sheet the job. Employers are not interested in achievements or abilities that are not applicable to the job. Use Big Words In Essay. If you are in sales and you helped develop an Access database to track supplies, that’s nice, but not relevant. Also be cautious about listing your associations or volunteer work that is irrelevant or may be in conflict with the potential employer. 8. Eliminate technical skills for basic software programs. Most employers today expect you to be familiar with the basic computer programs, such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

9. Do not include references unless requested. Employers today expect you to offer references when requested, which is typically during the case study schizophrenia answer sheet latter part of the interview process. A top five Peeve of recruiters is seeing “References available upon request” on the resume. Do you really know anyone who would refuse to give references? 10. Maintain a reasonable length for use big words your resume.

If you are a recent graduate, most employers do not expect your resume to be more than one page. However, if you have had considerable professional experience that your resume should be two to three pages. Note the notion all resumes should be one page is not true especially in this market. Resumes need to have enough detail to support your positioning so a two to essay three page resume is acceptable. I always tell my clients a resume has to use big words have a compelling message and be easy to read, so after you have tightened up your content, format it to have a decent amount of white space. Finding the essay on sharing right balance of information for your resume can make it impactful. It’s not about use big in essay, how long or short your resume is or how many employers you’ve worked for, but finding the right information and words to present it in the best light to demonstrate that you have the specific experiences and skills the employer is seeking. So, keep in mind the case study schizophrenia sheet phrase, “less is more” when creating or updating your resume.

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essay philosophical Your paper must offer an use big argument. The Three Scaffold Scenes Letter Essay! It can't consist in the mere report of your opinions, nor in a mere report of the opinions of the philosophers we discuss. You have to defend the claims you make. You have to offer reasons to believe them. So you can't just say: My view is that P. You must say something like: My view is that P. I believe this because. or: I find that the following considerations. provide a convincing argument for P. Similarly, don't just say: Descartes says that Q. Instead, say something like: Descartes says that Q; however, the following thought-experiment will show that Q is not true. or: Descartes says that Q. I find this claim plausible, for use big in essay the following reasons. There are a variety of things a philosophy paper can aim to accomplish. It usually begins by putting some thesis or argument on not the table for consideration. Then it goes on to do one or two of the following: Criticize that argument; or show that certain arguments for words in essay the thesis are no good Defend the argument or thesis against someone else's criticism Offer reasons to high research paper topics, believe the thesis Offer counter-examples to the thesis Contrast the strengths and use big in essay, weaknesses of two opposing views about the thesis Give examples which help explain the thesis, or which help to science topics, make the words thesis more plausible Argue that certain philosophers are committed to the thesis by their other views, though they do not come out and explicitly endorse the thesis Discuss what consequences the thesis would have, if it were true Revise the thesis, in the light of some objection. No matter which of foreshadowing essay these aims you set for yourself, you have to use big words in essay, explicitly present reasons for the claims you make . Students often feel that since it's clear to them that some claim is true, it does not need much argument.

But it's very easy to overestimate the high school research paper strength of your own position. After all, you already accept it. You should assume that your audience does not already accept your position; and you should treat your paper as an attempt to persuade such an audience. Hence, don't start with assumptions which your opponents are sure to reject. If you're to have any chance of persuading people, you have to start from common assumptions you all agree to. A good philosophy paper is words in essay modest and makes a small point ; but it makes that point clearly and straightforwardly, and it offers good reasons in support of it. People very often attempt to accomplish too much in a philosophy paper. The usual result of this is foreshadowing essay a paper that's hard to read, and which is full of inadequately defended and poorly explained claims. So don't be over-ambitious.

Don't try to words, establish any earth-shattering conclusions in your 5-6 page paper. Done properly, philosophy moves at essay a slow pace. The aim of these papers is for you to show that you understand the material and that you're able to think critically about it. To do this, your paper does have to use big in essay, show some independent thinking. That doesn't mean you have to come up with your own theory, or that you have to make a completely original contribution to human thought. There will be plenty of time for foreshadowing that later on. An ideal paper will be clear and straightforward (see below), will be accurate when it attributes views to other philosophers (see below), and will contain thoughtful critical responses to use big, the texts we read. It need not always break completely new ground. But you should try to essay microsoft monopoly not, come up with your own arguments, or your own way of use big in essay elaborating or criticizing or defending some argument we looked at in class. Merely summarizing what others have said won't be enough. It's even more valuable to talk to each other about high school research topics, what you want to argue in your paper.

When you have your ideas worked out use big words in essay, well enough that you can explain them to someone else, verbally, then you're ready to sit down and start making an outline. The overall clarity of your paper will greatly depend on its structure. Microsoft! That is why it is important to use big words in essay, think about these questions before you begin to write. I strongly recommend that you make an outline of your paper, and of the arguments you'll be presenting, before you begin to write. This lets you organize the points you want to make in of mice your paper and get a sense for how they are going to fit together. It also helps ensure that you're in a position to say what your main argument or criticism is, before you sit down to write a full draft of your paper. When students get stuck writing, it's often because they haven't yet figured out what they're trying to say. Give your outline your full attention. Use Big Words In Essay! It should be fairly detailed. (For a 5-page paper, a suitable outline might take up a full page or even more.)

I find that making an outline is at least 80% of the work of writing a good philosophy paper. If you have a good outline, the rest of the writing process will go much more smoothly. You need to leave yourself enough time to topics, think about the topic and write a detailed outline. Only then should you sit down to write a complete draft. Once you have a complete draft, you should set it aside for a day or two. Then you should come back to it and rewrite it. Several times. At least 3 or 4. If you can, show it to your friends and get their reactions to it.

Do they understand your main point? Are parts of use big words your draft unclear or confusing to them? All of this takes time. So you should start working on high school science research paper topics your papers as soon as the paper topics are assigned. You may think that since your TA and I already know a lot about this subject, you can leave out a lot of in essay basic explanation and write in a super-sophisticated manner, like one expert talking to another. I guarantee you that this will make your paper incomprehensible. If your paper sounds as if it were written for a third-grade audience, then you've probably achieved the right sort of clarity. In your philosophy classes, you will sometimes encounter philosophers whose writing is obscure and foreshadowing, complicated. Everybody who reads this writing will find it difficult and frustrating.

The authors in use big question are philosophically important despite their poor writing, not because of scaffold scarlet it. In Essay! So do not try to emulate their writing styles. Make the structure of monopoly not your paper obvious. How can you do this? First of all, use connective words, like: because, since, given this argument thus, therefore, hence, it follows that, consequently nevertheless, however, but in the first case, on the other hand. These will help your reader keep track of where your discussion is going. Be sure you use these words correctly! If you say P. Thus Q. Use Big In Essay! then you are claiming that P is a good reason to accept Q. You had better be right. The Three Scaffold Essay! If you aren't, we'll complain. Don't throw in a thus or a therefore to make your train of thought sound better-argued than it really is.

Another way you can help make the structure of your paper obvious is by words in essay, telling the reader what you've done so far and research, what you're going to do next. Use Big In Essay! You can say things like: I will begin by. Before I say what is school topics wrong with this argument, I want to. These passages suggest that. I will now defend this claim. Further support for this claim comes from. For example. These signposts really make a big difference. Use Big Words In Essay! Consider the following two paper fragments: . We've just seen how X says that P. I will now present two arguments that not-P. My first argument is. My second argument that not-P is.

X might respond to my arguments in several ways. For instance, he could say that. However this response fails, because. Another way that X might respond to my arguments is by claiming that. This response also fails, because.

So we have seen that none of X's replies to my argument that not-P succeed. Hence, we should reject X's claim that P. I will argue for the view that Q. There are three reasons to believe Q. Firstly. The strongest objection to Q says.

However, this objection does not succeed, for the following reason. Isn't it easy to see what the structure of these papers is? You want it to be just as easy in your own papers. A final thing: make it explicit when you're reporting your own view and on sharing, when you're reporting the views of some philosopher you're discussing. Words! The reader should never be in doubt about whose claims you're presenting in scenes in the scarlet a given paragraph.

You can't make the structure of your paper obvious if you don't know what the structure of your paper is, or if your paper has no structure. Words! That's why making an outline is foreshadowing of mice so important. Be concise, but explain yourself fully. These demands might seem to words, pull in opposite directions. (It's as if the first said Don't talk too much, and high school research topics, the second said Talk a lot.) If you understand these demands properly, though, you'll see how it's possible to meet them both. We tell you to be concise because we don't want you to ramble on about everything you know about a given topic, trying to in essay, show how learned and intelligent you are. Each assignment describes a specific problem or question, and you should make sure you deal with that particular problem. Paper! Nothing should go into use big your paper which does not directly address that problem.

Prune out microsoft monopoly not, everything else. Use Big In Essay! It is essay always better to concentrate on one or two points and develop them in words depth than to try to cram in too much. Mental Disorder! One or two well-mapped paths are better than an impenetrable jungle. Formulate the central problem or question you wish to use big, address at the beginning of your paper, and keep it in mind at all times. Make it clear what the problem is, and why it is a problem.

Be sure that everything you write is relevant to that central problem. Of Mice And Men Essay! In addition, be sure to say in the paper how it is use big words in essay relevant. Don't make your reader guess. One thing I mean by explain yourself fully is that, when you have a good point, you shouldn't just toss it off in one sentence. Explain it; give an essay on sharing example; make it clear how the point helps your argument.

But explain yourself fully also means to words, be as clear and mental disorder, explicit as you possibly can when you're writing. It's no good to use big in essay, protest, after we've graded your paper, I know I said this, but what I meant was. Say exactly what you mean, in the first place. Part of what you're being graded on is how well you can do that. Pretend that your reader has not read the material you're discussing, and has not given the topic much thought in advance. Monopoly! This will of course not be true. But if you write as if it were true, it will force you to explain any technical terms, to illustrate strange or obscure distinctions, and to be as explicit as possible when you summarize what some other philosopher said. Use plenty of examples and definitions.

Examples are also useful for words in essay explaining the notions that play a central role in your argument. You should always make it clear how you understand these notions, even if they are familiar from everyday discourse. As they're used in everyday discourse, those notions may not have a sufficiently clear or precise meaning. For instance, suppose you're writing a paper about abortion, and you want to assert the is caring claim A fetus is a person. What do you mean by a person? That will make a big difference to whether your audience should find this premise acceptable. It will also make a big difference to how persuasive the rest of your argument is. By itself, the following argument is pretty worthless: A fetus is a person.

It's wrong to use big words, kill a person. Therefore, it's wrong to kill a fetus. For we don't know what the schizophrenia answer sheet author means by calling a fetus a person. Words In Essay! On some interpretations of person, it might be quite obvious that a fetus is high school research topics a person; but quite controversial whether it's always wrong to kill persons, in words in essay that sense of person. Essay Microsoft Monopoly! On other interpretations, it may be more plausible that it's always wrong to kill persons, but totally unclear whether a fetus counts as a person. So everything turns here on what the author means by use big in essay, person. The author should be explicit about how he is using this notion. In a philosophy paper, it's okay to use words in school paper topics ways that are somewhat different from the ways they're ordinarily used.

You just have to use big in essay, make it clear that you're doing this. For instance, some philosophers use the word person to on sharing, mean any being which is capable of rational thought and self-awareness. Understood in words this way, animals like whales and case study, chimpanzees might very well count as persons. That's not the in essay way we ordinarily use person; ordinarily we'd only case study answer call a human being a person. But it's okay to words, use person in this way if you explicitly say what you mean by it. And likewise for other words. Don't vary your vocabulary just for the sake of variety. If you call something X at the start of mental essay your paper, call it X all the way through. So, for words instance, don't start talking about Plato's view of the self, and then switch to talking about mental essay, Plato's view of the soul, and then switch to words in essay, talking about Plato's view of the essay on sharing is caring mind. Use Big In Essay! If you mean to be talking about the same thing in school science paper all three cases, then call it by the same name.

In philosophy, a slight change in vocabulary usually signals that you intend to be speaking about something new. Using words with precise philosophical meanings. Philosophers give many ordinary-sounding words precise technical meanings. Consult the handouts on Philosophical Terms and use big words in essay, Methods to make sure you're using these words correctly. Don't use words that you don't fully understand. Use technical philosophical terms only essay is caring where you need them. You don't need to explain general philosophical terms, like valid argument and necessary truth. But you should explain any technical terms you use which bear on the specific topic you're discussing.

So, for instance, if you use any specialized terms like dualism or physicalism or behaviorism, you should explain what these mean. Use Big Words! Likewise if you use technical terms like supervenience and the like. Even professional philosophers writing for other professional philosophers need to explain the special technical vocabulary they're using. Different people sometimes use this special vocabulary in different ways, so it's important to make sure that you and your readers are all giving these words the same meaning. Pretend that your readers have never heard them before. Presenting and assessing the scaffold scenes scarlet letter essay views of use big others. Then ask yourself: Are X's arguments good ones? Are his assumptions clearly stated? Are they plausible? Are they reasonable starting-points for X's argument, or ought he have provided some independent argument for them?

Make sure you understand exactly what the scenes in the letter position you're criticizing says. Students waste a lot of time arguing against views that sound like, but are really different from, the views they're supposed to be assessing. Remember, philosophy demands a high level of precision. It's not good enough for use big words in essay you merely to get the general idea of somebody else's position or argument. Disorder! You have to get it exactly right. (In this respect, philosophy is more like a science than the other humanities.) A lot of the work in philosophy is making sure that you've got your opponent's position right. You can assume that your reader is stupid (see above). But don't treat the use big words in essay philosopher or the views you're discussing as stupid.

If they were stupid, we wouldn't be looking at disorder them. If you can't see anything the view has going for words in essay it, maybe that's because you don't have much experience thinking and arguing about the view, and so you haven't yet fully understood why the paper view's proponents are attracted to it. Try harder to figure out what's motivating them. Philosophers sometimes do say outrageous things, but if the use big view you're attributing to a philosopher seems to be obviously crazy, then you should think hard about whether he really does say what you think he says. Use your imagination. Try to figure out what reasonable position the philosopher could have had in mind, and direct your arguments against of mice essay, that. In your paper, you always have to in essay, explain what a position says before you criticize it.

If you don't explain what you take Philosopher X's view to be, your reader cannot judge whether the criticism you offer of X is mental a good criticism, or whether it is simply based on use big words a misunderstanding or misinterpretation of X's views. So tell the reader what it is you think X is saying. Don't try to tell the reader everything you know about X's views, though. You have to go on scaffold scenes in the scarlet to offer your own philosophical contribution, too. Only summarize those parts of use big X's views that are directly relevant to what you're going to go on to do. Sometimes you'll need to monopoly not, argue for your interpretation of X's view, by citing passages which support your interpretation. Use Big Words In Essay! It is permissible for case answer sheet you to discuss a view you think a philosopher might have held, or should have held, though you can't find any direct evidence of that view in use big in essay the text. When you do this, though, you should explicitly say so. Say something like: Philosopher X doesn't explicitly say that P, but it seems to me that he's assuming it anyway, because. When a passage from a text is particularly useful in supporting your interpretation of some philosopher's views, it may be helpful to quote the passage directly. (Be sure to specify where the passage can be found.) However, direct quotations should be used sparingly. It is seldom necessary to quote more than a few sentences.

Often it will be more appropriate to paraphrase what X says, rather than to quote him directly. When you are paraphrasing what somebody else said, be sure to say so. (And here too, cite the pages you're referring to.) Quotations should never be used as a substitute for your own explanation. High School Science Research Paper Topics! And when you do quote an author, you still have to use big words, explain what the quotation says in your own words. If the mental quoted passage contains an argument, reconstruct the use big in essay argument in more explicit, straightforward terms. Study Answer Sheet! If the quoted passage contains a central claim or assumption, then indicate what that claim is. You may want to use big words, give some examples to illustrate the author's point. If necessary, you may want to distinguish the mental disorder essay author's claim from other claims with which it might be confused.

Sometimes when students are trying to explain a philosopher's view, they'll do it by giving very close paraphrases of the philosopher's own words. They'll change some words, omit others, but generally stay very close to the original text. For instance, Hume begins his Treatise of Human Nature as follows: All the perceptions of the human mind resolve themselves into two distinct kinds, which I shall call impressions and words, ideas. The difference betwixt these consists in the degrees of force and liveliness, with which they strike upon the mind, and make their way into our thought or consciousness. Those perceptions, which enter with most force and violence, we may name impressions; and under this name I comprehend all our sensations, passions, and emotions, as they make their first appearance in the soul. By ideas I mean the faint images of mental these in thinking and reasoning. Here's an example of how you don't want to use big words in essay, paraphrase: Hume says all perceptions of the mind are resolved into of mice and men essay two kinds, impressions and words in essay, ideas. The difference is in how much force and liveliness they have in our thoughts and consciousness. The perceptions with the of mice and men essay most force and use big words in essay, violence are impressions. Of Mice And Men! These are sensations, passions, and emotions.

Ideas are the faint images of our thinking and reasoning. There are two main problems with paraphrases of this sort. Words! In the the three scaffold in the scarlet essay first place, it's done rather mechanically, so it doesn't show that the use big author understands the text. In the second place, since the author hasn't figured out what the text means well enough to scaffold in the scarlet letter essay, express it in words his own words, there's a danger that his paraphrase may inadvertently change the meaning of the mental text. In the example above, Hume says that impressions strike upon the mind with more force and liveliness than ideas do. My paraphrase says that impressions have more force and liveliness in our thoughts. It's not clear whether these are the same thing. In addition, Hume says that ideas are faint images of in essay impressions ; whereas my paraphrase says that ideas are faint images of our thinking . Essay! These are not the same. So the author of the paraphrase appears not to have understood what Hume was saying in use big the original passage.

A much better way of high science research topics explaining what Hume says here would be the following: Hume says that there are two kinds of 'perceptions,' or mental states. Words In Essay! He calls these impressions and is caring, ideas. An impression is a very 'forceful' mental state, like the sensory impression one has when looking at words a red apple. Case Schizophrenia Answer! An idea is a less 'forceful' mental state, like the idea one has of an apple while just thinking about use big in essay, it, rather than looking at it. Scaffold Essay! It is not so clear what Hume means here by 'forceful.' He might mean. Don't be afraid of mentioning objections to your own thesis. It is better to bring up an objection yourself than to use big words in essay, hope your reader won't think of it. Explain how you think these objections can be countered or overcome. Of course, there's often no way to deal with all the objections someone might raise; so concentrate on the ones that seem strongest or most pressing.

So it's OK to foreshadowing and men, ask questions and raise problems in your paper even if you cannot provide satisfying answers to them all. You can leave some questions unanswered at the end of the use big words in essay paper. Is Caring! But make it clear to the reader that you're leaving such questions unanswered on purpose . And you should say something about how the question might be answered, and about what makes the use big question interesting and relevant to the issue at hand. If something in a view you're examining is is caring unclear to use big in essay, you, don't gloss it over. Microsoft Monopoly! Call attention to the unclarity. Suggest several different ways of understanding the use big words in essay view. Explain why it's not clear which of high research topics these interpretations is correct. If you're assessing two positions and you find, after careful examination, that you can't decide between them, that's okay. It's perfectly okay to say that their strengths and use big words, weaknesses seem to be roughly equally balanced.

But note that this too is a claim that requires explanation and reasoned defense, just like any other. You should try to provide reasons for this claim that might be found convincing by someone who didn't already think that the high school science research paper topics two views were equally balanced. Sometimes as you're writing, you'll find that your arguments aren't as good as you initially thought them to be. You may come up with some objection to your view to which you have no good answer. Don't panic. If there's some problem with your argument which you can't fix, try to figure out why you can't fix it. It's okay to change your thesis to use big words, one you can defend. For example, instead of writing a paper which provides a totally solid defense of view P, you can instead change tactics and write a paper which goes like this: One philosophical view says that P. This is a plausible view, for the following reasons. However, there are some reasons to case, be doubtful whether P. One of these reasons is X. X poses a problem for the view that P because.

It is not clear how the defender of P can overcome this objection. Or you can write a paper which goes: One argument for P is the use big 'Conjunction Argument,' which goes as follows. At first glance, this is a very appealing argument. However, this argument is faulty, for high school paper the following reasons. One might try to repair the use big in essay argument, by. But these repairs will not work, because. I conclude that the Conjunction Argument does not in the three in the scarlet essay fact succeed in establishing P. Writing a paper of these sorts doesn't mean you've given in to words, the opposition. High School Science Research! After all, neither of these papers commits you to the view that not-P.

They're just honest accounts of how difficult it is to words, find a conclusive argument for P. P might still be true, for all that. Then come back to the three scaffold in the letter essay, the draft and re-read it. As you read each sentence, say things like this to yourself: Does this really make sense? That's totally unclear! That sounds pretentious. What does that mean? What's the connection between these two sentences? Am I just repeating myself here? and use big in essay, so on. Make sure every sentence in your draft does useful work. Get rid of any which don't. School Science! If you can't figure out what some sentence contributes to your central discussion, then get rid of use big it.

Even if it sounds nice. You should never introduce any points in your paper unless they're important to your main argument, and you have the foreshadowing room to use big, really explain them. If you're not happy with some sentence in your draft, ask yourself why it bothers you. It could be you don't really understand what you're trying to say, or you don't really believe it. Make sure your sentences say exactly what you want them to say. For example, suppose you write Abortion is the disorder essay same thing as murder. Use Big Words! Is that what you really mean? So when Oswald murdered Kennedy, was that the same thing as aborting Kennedy? Or do you mean something different?

Perhaps you mean that abortion is a form of murder. In conversation, you can expect that people will figure out what you mean. But you shouldn't write this way. Even if your TA is able to figure out science paper, what you mean, it's bad writing. Words! In philosophical prose, you have to be sure to say exactly what you mean. Also pay attention to the structure of your draft. When you're revising a draft, it's much more important to work on foreshadowing of mice and men essay the draft's structure and overall clarity, than it is to clean up a word or a phrase here or there. Make sure your reader knows what your main claim is, and in essay, what your arguments for that claim are. Make sure that your reader can tell what the point of every paragraph is.

It's not enough that you know what their point is. High Research Topics! It has to be obvious to your reader, even to in essay, a lazy, stupid, and mean reader. If you can, show your draft to your friends or to other students in the class, and mental disorder essay, get their comments and advice. I encourage you to do this. Do your friends understand your main point? Are parts of your draft unclear or confusing to them?

If your friends can't understand something you've written, then neither will your grader be able to understand it. Your paragraphs and your argument may be perfectly clear to use big, you but not make any sense at scaffold letter essay all to someone else. Another good way to in essay, check your draft is to read it out case study schizophrenia answer sheet, loud. This will help you tell whether it all makes sense. You may know what you want to words in essay, say, but that might not be what you've really written. Reading the paper out loud can help you notice holes in monopoly your reasoning, digressions, and use big in essay, unclear prose. You should count on writing many drafts of your paper.

At least 3 or 4!! Check out the school science paper topics following web site, which illustrates how to revise a short philosophy paper through several drafts. Notice how much the paper improves with each revision: Writing tutor for Introductory Philosophy Courses Also, don't begin with a sentence like Webster's Dictionary defines a soul as. Dictionaries aren't good philosophical authorities. They record the way words are used in in essay everyday discourse. Many of the same words have different, specialized meanings in philosophy. It's OK to end a sentence with a preposition. It's also OK to high paper, split an infinitive, if you need to. (Sometimes the easiest way to say what you mean is by splitting an infinitive. For example, They sought to better equip job candidates who enrolled in their program.) Efforts to avoid these often end up just confusing your prose.

Do avoid other sorts of grammatical mistakes, like dangling participles (e.g., Hurt by her fall, the tree fell right on Mary 's leg before she could get out of the way), and the like. You may use the word I freely, especially to tell the reader what you're up to (e.g., I've just explained why. Use Big Words In Essay! Now I'm going to consider an argument that. ). Don't worry about using the verb is or to be too much. In a philosophy paper, it's OK to use this verb as much as you need to. You shouldn't need to essay microsoft monopoly, use these secondary readings when writing your papers. The point of the words papers is to teach you how to analyze a philosophical argument, and present your own arguments for or against some conclusion. The arguments we'll be considering in class are plenty hard enough to deserve your full attention, all by mental disorder, themselves.

Can you write your paper as a dialogue or story? But neither should your papers be too short! Don't cut off an argument abruptly. If a paper topic you've chosen asks certain questions, be sure you answer or address each of those questions. Please double-space your papers, number the pages, and include wide margins.

We prefer to use big words, get the monopoly papers simply stapled: no plastic binders or anything like that. Include your name on the paper. And don't turn in your only copy! (These things should be obvious, but apparently they're not.) You'll be graded on in essay three basic criteria: How well do you understand the issues you're writing about?

How good are the arguments you offer? Is your writing clear and well-organized? We do not judge your paper by whether we agree with its conclusion. In fact, we may not agree amongst ourselves about what the correct conclusion is. But we will have no trouble agreeing about whether you do a good job arguing for your conclusion. More specifically, we'll be asking questions like these: Do you clearly state what you're trying to accomplish in your paper? Is it obvious to the three scaffold scarlet letter, the reader what your main thesis is? Do you offer supporting arguments for the claims you make? Is it obvious to the reader what these arguments are?

Is the structure of your paper clear? For instance, is it clear what parts of use big your paper are expository, and what parts are your own positive contribution? Is your prose simple, easy to of mice and men, read, and easy to understand? Do you illustrate your claims with good examples? Do you explain your central notions?

Do you say exactly what you mean? Do you present other philosophers' views accurately and charitably? Explain this claim or What do you mean by this? or I don't understand what you're saying here This passage is unclear (or awkward, or otherwise hard to use big in essay, read) Too complicated Too hard to case sheet, follow Simplify Why do you think this? This needs more support Why should we believe this? Explain why this is a reason to believe P Explain why this follows from what you said before Not really relevant Give an example?

Try to anticipate these comments and use big, avoid the need for them! Your paper should do some philosophical work. Here are some more interesting things our student could have done in his paper. He could have argued that B doesn't really follow from A, after all. Or he could have presented reasons for thinking that A is false. Or he could have argued that assuming A is an illegitimate move to make in scenes in the letter a debate about use big words, whether B is letter essay true. Or something else of that sort. These would be more interesting and satisfying ways of engaging with Philosopher X's view.

Responding to comments from me or your TA. Your rewrites should try to go beyond the specific errors and problems we've indicated. If you got below an use big words A-, then your draft was generally difficult to read, it was difficult to case schizophrenia, see what your argument was and what the structure of your paper was supposed to be, and so on. You can only correct these sorts of failings by rewriting your paper from words, scratch. (Start with a new, empty window in of mice and men essay your word processor.) Use your draft and the comments you received on it to construct a new outline, and write from that. Keep in in essay mind that when I or your TA grade a rewrite, we may sometimes notice weaknesses in unchanged parts of your paper that we missed the on sharing is caring first time around. Or perhaps those weaknesses will have affected our overall impression of the paper, and we just didn't offer any specific recommendation about fixing them. So this is use big words in essay another reason you should try to improve the whole paper , not just the passages we comment on.

It is possible to improve a paper without improving it enough to scaffold letter, raise it to the next grade level. Sometimes that happens. Use Big! But I hope you'll all do better than that. Most often, you won't have the opportunity to rewrite your papers after they've been graded. So you need to the three letter essay, teach yourself to write a draft, scrutinize the words in essay draft, and revise and rewrite your paper before turning it in to be graded.

Naturally, I owe a huge debt to the friends and professors who helped me learn how to write philosophy. I'm sure they had a hard time of it. If you're a teacher and you think your own students would find this web site useful, you are free to point them here (or to foreshadowing of mice, distribute printed copies). It's all in use big the public good.